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Best Adventure Games for Steam Deck - Top Picks and ReviewsBest Adventure Games

Recommendations from the Adventure Gamers staff



If you're an adventure game enthusiast, the Steam Deck is a game-changer. This portable device lets you take your entire Steam game library with you wherever you go, providing the ultimate on-the-go gaming experience. Developed in partnership with AMD, Steam Deck's custom APU delivers outstanding performance, allowing you to easily play the latest AAA games and other high-demanding adventure games.




Aside from its impressive performance, the Steam Deck also boasts an ergonomic design that enhances your comfort during long gaming sessions. The full-size controls are conveniently placed, and the rear is sculpted to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes. Whether you're exploring an open world or solving complex puzzles, you'll enjoy extended play sessions without experiencing any discomfort.




When you're at home, the Steam Deck Docking Station adds even more versatility to your gaming setup. It lets you connect to external displays, peripherals, and power for an even more immersive experience. This feature is especially beneficial if you prefer to play your adventure games on a larger screen.




We've curated a list of adventure games verified to work on the Steam Deck, so you can experience the best possible performance on your device. With the Steam Store's vast selection of adventure games across different genres, including point-and-click, puzzle, and interactive fiction, you'll have endless options to choose from. With Steam Deck's compatibility rating system, you can easily filter your library by rating to find the perfect adventure game for any situation.




In conclusion, the Steam Deck is the ultimate device for adventure game fans. Its impressive performance, ergonomic design, and versatility make it a must-have for any adventure gamer. With access to a vast selection of adventure games on the Steam Store and the ability to play them on the go or at home, the Steam Deck provides an unbeatable gaming experience. So why wait? Get your hands on a Steam Deck today and start exploring new worlds and adventures!

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Best Adventure Games for Steam Deck - Top Picks and Reviews

Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley (2024)

Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley Box Cover

Full of charm, beauty and challenge, Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley is a magnificent embodiment of the famous books series that provided its inspiration.

Twilight Oracle (2024)

Twilight Oracle Box Cover

Twilight Oracle is aimed at those who cherish the point-and-click classics from adventure gaming’s past. It features vividly surreal pixel-art graphics, a fantasy-based story, challenging puzzles and surprisingly delightful writing.

American Arcadia (2023)

American Arcadia Box Cover

American Arcadia features a refreshing tale that shows how to “subvert expectations,” making the plot a standout hit when compared to more mainstream narratives. On top of that, the variance in gameplay and the exceptional presentation act as extensions and support for an already excellent narrative.

The Talos Principle 2 (2023)

The Talos Principle 2 Box Cover

The Talos Principle 2 is a complex puzzle game with an equally multifaceted but engaging narrative featuring rational and religious undertones. There are a couple of control issues, and the unorthodoxy of certain puzzles may be too challenging for some players. This point may also be compounded by the game’s length, which can take 35 hours if only dealing with the main content, with side content adding several additional hours. Still, this is a gorgeous game well worth experiencing and an invigorating treat for puzzle game enthusiasts or philosophy majors.

The Invincible (2023)

The Invincible Box Cover

The Invincible is a successful experiment in bringing a novel to life via the medium of gaming. With compelling dialogue and meaningful narrative, it’s an adventure in every sense of the word, as you trek across a beautiful planet to uncover its mysteries.

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DREDGE (2023)

DREDGE Box Cover

DREDGE is a one-of-a-kind fishing game with an interesting premise that keeps players engaged throughout. Though its ending leaves something to be desired, DREDGE shines in its ability to create an enveloping atmosphere through its appealing art, well-composed music, and entertaining gameplay.

Hollow Cocoon (2023)

Hollow Cocoon Box Cover

Hollow Cocoon takes inspiration from other horror stealth games in all the right ways, with an effectively scary monster and beautiful environments that encourage roaming and lingering.

Jusant (2023)

Jusant Box Cover

Jusant is a thoughtful climbing puzzler with exceptional storytelling that makes for an understated triumph in a year full of high-profile game releases.

Monolith (2023)

Monolith Box Cover

This is a beautifully presented adventure in the classic style that tries to set itself apart with a character-focused, twisty narrative, though it falls prey to some narrative clichés and frustrating puzzles. Overall, Monolith will likely win fans with its high overall production value but isn’t distinctive enough to leave a lasting impression.

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Torn Away (2023)

Torn Away Box Cover

Torn Away is the harrowing story of a child’s journey home from a labor camp during World War II, and every aspect of the game combines to present a bold and affecting narrative.

The Isle Tide Hotel (2023)

The Isle Tide Hotel Box Cover

Wales Interactive has crafted a cleverly told tale within The Isle Tide Hotel. The mystery and choice-based scenarios blend deftly and promote multiple playthroughs, with the full-motion cinematography and performances adding to the experience.

Underground Blossom (2023)

Underground Blossom Box Cover

For Rusty Lake fans, Underground Blossom hits all the right notes, and it can easily serve as a good introduction for those who are new to the series.

Blue Wednesday (2023)

Blue Wednesday Box Cover

Blue Wednesday’s sturdy interface ties together beguiling graphics, outstanding jazz, and challenges that will realistically ground adventure gamers within an intimate, relatable narrative.

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Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The London Case Box Cover

Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The London Case is an engrossing mystery brought to life by realistic graphics, well-executed music, and stellar voice acting.

GYLT (2023)

GYLT Box Cover

GYLT is an atmospheric, beginner-friendly horror experience that channels classic tropes of the genre, but experienced players might need more to sink their teeth into.



STASIS: BONE TOTEM is a frightfully entertaining adventure with a story that carefully blends sacred elements with a dreadful atmosphere while drawing the player into challenges that are not overly difficult. If you are a horror fan or an open-minded gamer curious about the game’s unusual themes, this is an easy recommendation.

My Friendly Neighborhood Box Cover

My Friendly Neighborhood is an old-school survival horror throwback with a delightfully refreshing premise and plenty of fun to be had.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Box Cover

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is another spooky island adventure, and while there are aspects to be enjoyed, it ends up feeling a bit too much like its predecessor.

Firmament (2023)

Firmament Box Cover

As you wander Firmament’s splendid landscapes, the narrative builds to a heartening finale—but be prepared to strenuously exercise your brain along the way.

Amnesia: The Bunker (2023)

Amnesia: The Bunker Box Cover

Amnesia: The Bunker is another Frictional Games classic, pitting players against a truly terrifying foe while providing immersive elements that are constantly engaging. While the AI can leave a bit to be desired, the atmosphere and story will keep players on their toes.

Loretta (2023)

Loretta Box Cover

Despite some maddening mini-games and a finicky autosave feature, Loretta delivers a gripping tale and chilling atmosphere with stunning graphics and music. Horror fans should check it out, but be prepared for some frustration along the way.

Children of Silentown (2023)

Children of Silentown Box Cover

If you’re looking for a creepy mystery adventure game with less emphasis on traditional point-and-click mechanics, Children of Silentown could be for you. However, some bland characters hinder it, and most of the storyline is confined too long in one play area.

Lost in Play (2022)

Lost in Play Box Cover

Lost in Play is an appealing, even mesmerizing adventure game with one of the best settings ever conceived and some very amusing puzzles. There are certain plot threads that are lacking, and the challenges can be arduous, even with the hint system. Still, this is an adventure game that is well worth experiencing.

Pentiment (2022)

Pentiment Box Cover

Overall, Pentiment is a fantastic game with minor flaws that still impresses, even if the twist at the end of the second act is very difficult to accept. Despite being developed by a small team, Obsidian has demonstrated its ability to create an immersive and demanding game that blurs the line between art and gameplay.

The Plague Doctor of Wippra (2022)

The Plague Doctor of Wippra Box Cover

Although the game’s relative brevity and linearity mean Wippra is not a town to explore and become fully involved in, The Plague Doctor of Wippra is still a fun adventure with effective use of historical and medical detail in its puzzles.

Return to Monkey Island (2022)

Return to Monkey Island Box Cover

Return to Monkey Island is a fantastic addition to the series and a great game in its own right. If you’re a Guybrush Threepwood fan or want to revisit the high point of adventures past and present, you owe it to yourself to come back to Monkey Island.

Beacon Pines (2022)

Beacon Pines Box Cover

Beacon Pines is utterly charming yet wonderfully creepy, with a surprisingly thoughtful narrative despite its cute characters and storybook aesthetic.

South of the Circle (2022)

South of the Circle Box Cover

Although it gives the false impression of being a “choices matter” game, South of the Circle is still an excellent narrative experience for those who enjoy games without puzzles. Even if the ending might be disappointing, the stunning graphics and fantastic soundtrack make it a game worth playing.



IMMORTALITY is a complex and fascinating story that draws inspiration from many different film genres. It’s a fantastic game with a lot to offer, even if the limited influence over the story and the random order in which the game’s events are experienced could reduce the story’s impact.

BROK the InvestiGator (2022)

BROK the InvestiGator Box Cover

BROK the InvestiGator is a bold and explosive burst of 90s nostalgia that plumb the depths of the adventure game genre for its best ideas and piles them, one on top of the other, for an unforgettable thrill ride. While it may slightly disappoint as an action game or a playable cartoon, it may just earn a place in the graphic adventure game canon.

Dungeons of Dreadrock (2022)

Dungeons of Dreadrock Box Cover

Dungeons of Dreadrock is a great puzzle adventure game with solid gameplay mechanics, well-balanced difficulty levels, an exciting narrative, and a beautiful art style.

We Were Here Forever (2022)

We Were Here Forever Box Cover

Though its puzzles are not quite as sharp as its predecessors’, We Were Here Forever provides plenty of co-op fun and finally delves into what’s happening in the world.

Stray (2022)

Stray Box Cover

Stray manages to straddle the glee of playing a roguish feline with an absorbing sci-fi story and gorgeously detailed landscapes.

Bugsnax (2022)

Bugsnax Box Cover

You shouldn’t play with your food, but it’s necessary when dealing with the creatures of Snaktooth Island. While the creative design and catchy music are tasty side dishes, Bugsnax‘s main course of monster-catching gets a tad stale before the end.

Ghost on the Shore (2022)

Ghost on the Shore Box Cover

Ghost on the Shore is a quiet exploration game that gets progressively more intense as the plot unravels. With a focus on storytelling, players who enjoy supernatural mystery and period drama will find this to be an intriguing journey.

NORCO (2022)

NORCO Box Cover

NORCO is a one-of-a-kind adventure, expertly written with (almost) perfect artistic direction. The lack of frequent puzzles is made up for by their unusual quality and variety. A must-play for narrative adventure fans.

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit Box Cover

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit is an excellent game with an engrossing story brought to life by well-executed graphics, music, interface, and voice acting.

Letters – a written adventure Box Cover

Letters – a written adventure is a delightful word manipulation game, chronicling one young woman’s life and how language can change it. While it isn’t always as engrossing as it could be, it has charm in spades and should—at least the first time around—engage those interested in story-driven experiences.

FAR: Changing Tides (2022)

FAR: Changing Tides Box Cover

A hybrid of platforming, puzzle-solving, and systems management, FAR: Changing Tides is a visually stunning vehicle-based adventure that exceeds its predecessor in creating an intriguing post-apocalyptic world with light but engaging challenges while also giving you plenty of slower moments to drink in the sights.

Growbot (2021)

Growbot Box Cover

If you’re into style over substance and looking for a fun, low-key adventure, Growbot is the one for you.

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space – Remastered (2021)

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space – Remastered Box Cover

With classic zaniness and puzzle solving and updated production values, Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space marries the best of the old with the new in this modern remaster.

Time Loader (2021)

Time Loader Box Cover

Side-scrolling through a suburban household as a tiny robot in Time Loader provides an immensely satisfying environmental puzzle-platforming experience that more than makes up for the weak endings.

Escape Simulator (2021)

Escape Simulator Box Cover

Escape Simulator’s charming puzzle-filled levels might not replace a real-life escape experience, but its wealth of rooms (including many free community downloads), solo and multiplayer options, and robust level creator easily make it the next best thing.

Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View (2021)

Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View Box Cover

Conway is a linear, tight investigative mystery that despite some flaws tells a compelling story and is worth seeing through to its strong conclusion.

Life Is Strange: True Colors (2021)

Life Is Strange: True Colors Box Cover

Life Is Strange: True Colors paints a pretty picture, creating a story you’ll really want to invest in, with only a slow plot point or two distracting from what is otherwise a great work of art.

Road 96 (2021)

Road 96 Box Cover

Though not entirely successful as a broad narrative experience, Road 96 presents a series of compelling individual character studies whose offbeat sense of humor and heart make for a rewarding road trip.

Unbound: Worlds Apart (2021)

Unbound: Worlds Apart Box Cover

While its story never really soars, Unbound: Worlds Apart presents a brilliant and elegant Metroidvania type of gameplay that challenges both the mind and the reflexes. It’s perhaps a bit too twitchy for your diehard adventure gamer, but anyone who can handle a little action with their puzzles will fall in love with the beautiful art style and fun, finely tuned gameplay here.

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