Interviews by Adventure Gamers

We talk with the minds behind the scenes, exploring the people, teams and companies behind the adventure games.

Goodwolf Studio – Code 7 interview

Adventure Corner nabbed some behind-the-scenes time with the creators of the text-based hacking adventure. Here is the transcript of that meeting.

Read interview Nov 2, 2018

Robert Penney makes Fictional Bad Games interview

Fulfilling our quest for behind-the-scenes insight, the designer of several genre spoof videos offers his two cents about his hilarious YouTube creations.

Read interview Aug 27, 2018

Sam Dyer – The Art of Point-and-Click Adventure Games interview

We booked some Q&A time with the man behind the upcoming coffee table compilation of stunning genre art and interviews.

Read interview Jun 22, 2018

Tom Veauclin – The Council interview

What goes on behind closed doors of the acclaimed five-part narrative adventure-RPG? Big Bad Wolf's Creative Director has the answers.

Read interview Jun 13, 2018

Jan Kavan – Someday You’ll Return interview

The co-creator of J.U.L.I.A. is back with a new game to talk about, the Czech studio's most ambitious title yet.

Read interview May 22, 2018

Christopher Brendel – Stonewall Penitentiary interview

A chat with the man behind the Storycentric Worlds series unlocked the secrets of his new prison-based whodunit.

Read interview May 15, 2018

Adventures in Germany and Beyond round table (Part 2) interview

Gather round while the three Jans of Daedalic, KING Art and Deck13 complete their in-depth discussion of all-things-adventure in Deutschland.

Read interview Mar 14, 2018

Adventures in Germany and Beyond round table (Part 1) interview

German Creative Directors Jan Theysen, Jan Müller-Michaelis and Jan Klose get together to talk candidly about the state of the genre.

Read interview Mar 12, 2018

Chris Bateman – Discworld Noir interview

Nearly two decades have passed since the cult classic was released, but it's always a perfect time for a retrospective with the game's writer/designer.

Read interview Dec 15, 2017

Outsider Games Gone Wilde! interview

With their Kickstarter in its home stretch, we chatted with CEO Stephen Downey about the Jazz-era supernatural mystery Jennifer Wilde.

Read interview Oct 13, 2017

Video interview: Theo Waern, Mathias Johansson (The Journey Down) interview

Two of the men behind the masks were caught on camera with our friends from Adventure Corner at gamescom.

Read interview Oct 4, 2017

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm interview

Our gamescom demo and video interview with Deck Nine producer David Hein forecast sunny skies for the three-part prequel miniseries.

Read interview Sep 6, 2017

Martin Kreuch – Black Mirror interview

With the series reboot just around the corner, we took a good long look at what to expect with THQ Nordic's producer at gamescom.

Read interview Sep 1, 2017

Josef Fares interview

With a new game on the way, we gave the director of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons no way out of an in-depth discussion about each.

Read interview Aug 25, 2017

Paul Conway, Dave McCabe – The Darkside Detective interview

With their debut adventure just released, the game's artist and writer shine some light on their retro-styled comic paranormal mystery.

Read interview Jul 28, 2017

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