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We talk with the minds behind the scenes, exploring the people, teams and companies behind the adventure games .

Papetura interview Article

Papetura: Behind the Paper Art interview

Interview with Developer Tomasz Ostafin

Read interview Feb 8, 2023
Cressup - David Fox Article

An Interview with David Fox interview

Exploring the Career and Insights of Adventure Game Designer David Fox

Read interview Dec 23, 2022
Syberia: The World Before Article

Lucas Lagravette - Syberia: The World Before interview

Get ready to hear from Lucas Lagravette, game director and lead writer of Syberia: The World Before, as we learn what sets Syberia apart from other adventure games.

Read interview Dec 15, 2022
Cressup Interview: Ron Gilbert Article

Ron Gilbert on Return To Monkey Island interview

Cressup talks to the legendary video game developer Ron Gilbert all about his latest game, Return to Monkey Island. If you haven't played the game there ARE spoilers.

Read interview Oct 16, 2022
Afterdream Article

Afterdream Developer Interview: What Inspired the Unique 2D Horror Game? interview

The DISTRAINT developer discusses his latest solo creation: an eerie, mysterious adventure with a shadowy, alluring art style.

Read interview Aug 28, 2022
Cressup interview: Dominic Armato Article

An interview with Dominic Armato interview

Cressup talks with Dominic Armato, voice of Guybrush Threepwood, about The Curse of Monkey Island, Return to Monkey Island and more!

Read interview Jul 12, 2022
Cressup interview: Noah Falstein Article

An interview with Noah Falstein interview

Cressup talks with Noah Falstein about Return to Monkey Island, 30 years of Indiana Jones, and the Fate of Atlantis.

Read interview Jun 28, 2022
Splittown Article

Juha Keränen, Mats Kyyrö – Splittown interview

We talk with the team of two behind Splittown about their upcoming point-and-click adventure inspired by 90s classics.

Read interview Jun 6, 2022
Voodoo Detective Article

Eric Fulton, Eric Ackerman – Voodoo Detective interview

We talk with the Short Sleeve Studio co-founders (and longtime friends) on their recent release of the point-and-click sensation -- Voodoo Detective.

Read interview Jun 1, 2022
Neyyah Article

A Secretive World Called Neyyah interview

A conversation with Aaron Gwynaire on the upcoming first-person point-and-click adventure game from the solo developer.

Read interview May 27, 2022
Ron Gilbert, Dave Grossman – Return to Monkey Island interview Article

Ron Gilbert, Dave Grossman – Return to Monkey Island interview

Hot on the heels of the biggest adventure game announcement in years, we chat with the legendary men behind the monkeys in search of their secrets – including the first in-game images!

Read interview Apr 14, 2022
Tom Stossno – The Adventures of Bryan Scott interview Article

Tom Stossno – The Adventures of Bryan Scott interview

With its release still over a year away, we went digging for some early behind-the-scenes treasures from the highly promising Broken Sword-inspired indie.

Read interview Sep 24, 2021
Video interview: Mat Van Rhoon, Big Finish Games Article

Video interview: Mat Van Rhoon, Big Finish Games interview

Tex Murphy's past, present and future are all explored in depth with the creative director of the upcoming 25th Anniversary remaster of The Pandora Directive.

Read interview Jun 25, 2021
Video interview: Al Lowe Article

Video interview: Al Lowe interview

The Sierra legend talks sxx, sax, and other saucy subjects in a fun half-hour chat with Weird Adventure Gaming's Joshua Cleveland.

Read interview Jun 14, 2021
A Video Chat with Roberta Williams Article

A Video Chat with Roberta Williams interview

The legendary game designer and now first-time book author sits down with us to talk Sierra, Farewell to Tara, and much more.

Read interview Mar 12, 2021

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