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Video interview: Mat Van Rhoon, Big Finish Games interview

Video interview: Mat Van Rhoon, Big Finish Games
Video interview: Mat Van Rhoon, Big Finish Games

Why did Big Finish Games pull out of their role in creating The Poisoned Pawn? What can we expect out of the recently announced 25th anniversary remaster of The Pandora Directive? Is there a conclusion to the Tex Murphy series being written?

In my recent interrogation of Mat Van Rhoon, we got to the bottom of such questions and more in a way that would make Tex himself proud.  As a key member of the Tesla Effect team and one of the driving forces behind the Pandora Directive remaster, Mat offers a unique insider’s perspective. His excitement and passion never lets up from start to finish, and his candor in answering some difficult questions made for a captivating interview.

As an added bonus, stay tuned right to the end for exclusive early access to a part of the musical score from the upcoming game that will no doubt add some new life to those old nostalgic memories. (For your convenience, you can also listen to it on its own.)

Speaking of nostalgia, big box collectors unite! Mat chose this occasion to drop the news about the Tex Murphy Ultimate Collection big box set in the works. Yes! Big Finish Games is in the process of creating an absolutely incredible looking bundled release of Under a Killing Moon, The Pandora Directive (original version) and Overseer for those who backed the Tesla Effect project on Kickstarter. Better yet, the team is hoping to make the set available later on to those of us who simply need to have big boxes of our favorite adventure games in our collection.

All this and much more is covered in this video packed with behind-the-scenes insight and stories, so grab a cup of coffee, take off your trench coat and fedora and settle in, because it’s time to talk Tex Murphy.


To follow the progress of The Pandora Directive – 25th Anniversary Edition, check out the ongoing detailed updates on the developer's website. For more videos from Joshua Cleveland, be sure to follow his Weird Gaming Adventure channel on YouTube.


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