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Ron Gilbert on Return To Monkey Island interview

Cressup Interview: Ron Gilbert
Cressup Interview: Ron Gilbert

Laura Cress, known as "Cressup" on YouTube and Twitch, discusses intriguing details about Ron Gilbert's latest game, Return to Monkey Island. If you haven't played the game, be aware that this video interview does contain SPOILERS - we even finally find out what the secret of Monkey Island is once and for all!


00:00:00 Intro
00:00:59 How Return came to be
00:04:23 How it was kept a secret
00:05:47 Best reaction to the game getting made (from Dominic)
00:07:09 Announcing on April 1st
00:08:10 Which characters didn't make the cut
00:10:15 The beginning of Return to Monkey Island
00:11:20 Were there any other beginning ideas?
00:13:50 What does the beginning mean?
00:18:35 The writer's cut
00:21:16 Melee Town and how it's changed
00:22:40 Fan reaction to the game
00:26:15 Cut content from the game - Cogg Island
00:30:14 Terror Island
00:31:19 Guybrush as a "chaotic neutral" character
00:32:44 Elaine in Return to Monkey Island
00:35:47 LeChuck in Return to Monkey Island
00:41:41 The Secret of Monkey Island finally REVEALED!
00:44:12 No confrontation at the end - why?
00:46:52 The one true ending?
00:49:26 The note from the scarpbook used to be the T Shirt
00:51:00 How Ron felt finishing the game
00:53:21 The Future of Monkey Island 
00:55:35 Return to Maniac Mansion?
00:57:11 Return DLC?
00:59:59 Foreign Voiceovers
01:01:04 A new game where you play as Elaine?
01:03:09 Were any of Guybrush's adventures real?
01:04:48 Ron's favourite David Lynch film 
01:05:30 There's an ending we haven't yet discovered
01:07:15 Captain Madison in Return to Monkey Island
01:09:06 What was the hardest part making the game?
01:11:00 The game's UI
01:14:00 Where was Meathook?
01:16:20 Monkey Island theme park?

Catch more interviews and playthroughs by Laura Cress(up) on Twitch, Twitter and Youtube


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continue reading below
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