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State of Mind review

We're left feeling ambivalent about the transhumanist sci-fi adventure that hinders fascinating themes with an unfocused story, and a unique presentation with underwhelming gameplay.

Read review Aug 15, 2018

The Birdwatcher review

The 13th Carol Reed adventure provides another scenic Swedish tour, but a compelling investigative mystery is largely missing along the way.

Read review Aug 13, 2018

Dead Secret Circle review

Our two-in-one review finds the murder mystery sequel a better rounded experience than its less ambitious but promising predecessor.

Read review Aug 10, 2018

Unavowed review

We swear, this superb dark urban fantasy possesses so many fine qualities that it may be Wadjet Eye's best adventure yet.

Read review Aug 8, 2018

The Initiate review

A promising new puzzle series gets started by substantially expanding the Escape Room formula to an entire suburban home.

Read review Aug 6, 2018

Shrug Island: The Meeting review

There's no feeling indifferent about the beautiful watercolor art and music coming together in this short but relaxing, meditative experience.

Read review Aug 1, 2018

Code 7: Episode 1 – Threading review

This unique cyberpunk thriller finds the right combination of hacking sim and text adventuring with visual and audio enhancements.

Read review Jul 30, 2018


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Life Is Strange 2

An all new 5-episode story in the Life Is Strange universe.


State of Mind


Twin Mirror


Call of Cthulhu

An investigative horror adventure with non-combat RPG elements from Cyanide Studio.



A post-apocalyptic adventure from the creators of STASIS.


The Poisoned Pawn: A Tex Murphy Adventure

A fan-made new installment of the Tex Murphy series.


Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure

A hand-painted comedy cosmic horror, or Lovecraft by way of classic LucasArts.


Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry

An all-new Larry adventure set in the 21st century.



A new steampunk adventure from the creators of Myst and Obduction.


Lamplight City

A historical supernatural mystery from acclaimed indie creator Francisco Gonzalez.
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Adventure Game News

Wailing Heights rises again on consoles

Port of musical point-and-click supernatural adventure now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Pendula Swing launches right on time on Steam

First episode of seven-part fantasy series free; second available as commercial DLC.

Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes spotted on iOS

Daedalic's comic point-and-click sequel to The Breakout available now on the App Store.

The Darkside Detective back in spotlight with Season 2 teaser

New anthology of comic supernatural mysteries coming to Kickstarter early next month.

2064: Read Only Memories didn’t forget about Switch

Nintendo "Integral" port of cyberpunk narrative adventure arrives with exclusive side story.

The Walking Dead is Done Running with final season debut

First episode of four-part series available today on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.



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