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The Gardens Between review

This short but lovely time-bending puzzler celebrates the friendship of children as it spirals ever onwards and upwards to a touching finish.

Read review Sep 21, 2018

Gamescom 2018 round-up: Part 2

Our colleagues from Adventure Corner carry the torch through the second leg of our ongoing coverage from Germany.

Read more Sep 19, 2018

Gamescom 2018 round-up: Part 1

Our multi-part coverage of another busy year in Cologne kicks off with nearly a dozen promising adventures.

Read more Sep 17, 2018

Lamplight City review

The rich steampunk world is a definite highlight of Grundislav's new retro-styled mystery, but there's surprisingly little to do throughout its five distinct investigations.

Read review Sep 14, 2018

Lake Ridden review

Blending horror, humour and puzzles, this beautiful first-person adventure has something of an identity crisis with a compelling mystery lurking just below the surface.

Read review Sep 12, 2018

Sally Face: Episode One – Strange Neighbors review

The haunting five-part tale settles in with a promising but lightweight series debut about a troubled boy in a mask named Sal.

Read review Sep 10, 2018

Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars review

The 19th century Lovecraftian mystery is suitably atmospheric, but falls short due to its poor controls and pacing issues.

Read review Sep 7, 2018

New Game Announcements

The Procession to Calvary successfully passes through Kickstarter

Collage-based, comic Renaissance sequel to Four Last Things due next April.

Read more Sep 22, 2018

Darkling Room presents Silent Night

Standalone Christmas-themed adventure set in the "Crown" series coming to PC in December.

Read more Sep 20, 2018

Nine Noir Lives slinking towards 2019 release

First details unveiled for comic cartoon cat mystery coming to Windows PC.

Read more Sep 16, 2018

Silence in Space get stealthy PC release

Retro-styled indie adventure gets "first season" launch on Steam.

Read more Sep 15, 2018

Vinylove now playing in Early Access for PC

Indie one-room adventure about music and memories available on Steam and

Read more Sep 11, 2018

Tango heating up for release later this year on PC

Comic point-and-click adventure to explore rich culture of 1930s Argentina.

Read more Sep 9, 2018

The End of the Sun getting set for 2019 release

First-person adventure inspired by Slavic mythology coming to Windows, Mac and Linux.

Read more Sep 8, 2018

Latest Screenshots on Adventure Gamers


Life Is Strange 2


Life Is Strange 2

An all new 5-episode story in the Life Is Strange universe.
Twin Mirror


Twin Mirror

Call of Cthulhu


Call of Cthulhu

An investigative horror adventure with non-combat RPG elements from Cyanide Studio.



A post-apocalyptic adventure from the creators of STASIS.
Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure


Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure

A hand-painted comedy cosmic horror, or Lovecraft by way of classic LucasArts.
The Poisoned Pawn: A Tex Murphy Adventure


The Poisoned Pawn: A Tex Murphy Adventure

A fan-made new installment of the Tex Murphy series.



A new steampunk adventure from the creators of Myst and Obduction.
3 Minutes to Midnight


3 Minutes to Midnight

Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry


Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry

An all-new Larry adventure set in the 21st century.
BLACKSAD: Under the Skin


BLACKSAD: Under the Skin

A new mystery from Pendulo based on the Spanish comic of the same name.

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My Brother Rabbit launch trailer

Call of Cthulhu commented gameplay video #2

STONE – A Hip Hop Stoner Noir launch trailer

Silent Night teaser

The Gardens Between launch trailer

A Fisherman’s Tale announcement trailer

Paradise Lost teaser #2

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Adventure Gamers Recommendations


Silence offers a captivating mix of innocent delight layered over an undercurrent of wistful sadness, wrapped up in lovely art and music. The story could have done with a bit more flesh on its bones, but it’s filled with nuance and heart.

FAR: Lone Sails

A side-scrolling vehicle adventure with a platformer’s stylish detailing, FAR: Lone Sails is a simple but charming little ride that gradually builds up momentum and never loses its way.

What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of short stories about a cursed family in Washington State.

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