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Latest reviews for adventure games

AdventureX 2019 round-up: Part 1

feature AdventureX 2019 round-up: Part 1

Like clockwork, dozens of narrative games descended on London, and we were there to tell you all about it.

Read more Nov 13, 2019

review Headspun

This unique hybrid is a mind-blowing collision of FMV adventure and resource management, but its rough edges are something to think twice about.

Read review Nov 11, 2019
Moons of Madness

review Moons of Madness

Though light on outright scares, this atmospheric sci-fi thriller set on Mars may be the most cosmic Lovecraftian horror adventure ever, and a compelling one at that.

Read review Nov 8, 2019
MADievals hands-on

preview MADievals hands-on

Don't let its serious aesthetic fool you: the first Early Access chapter of this zany point-and-click adventure is sure to put a happy grin on your face.

Read preview Nov 6, 2019
The Great Perhaps

review The Great Perhaps

Maybe this beautiful side-scrolling adventure would have been better if it had delved more deeply into its dual-timeline mechanics and other promising ideas.

Read review Nov 4, 2019
Upcoming Games – November 2019 trailer compilation

video preview Upcoming Games – November 2019 trailer compilation

Curious about what this month has in store? Gamewalker weaves another video tapestry of white-hot adventure games knocking at the door.

View video preview Nov 1, 2019
Sierra classic thrillers giveaway

contest Sierra classic thrillers giveaway

In partnership with GOG.com, this Halloween we're handing out treats of various classic Sierra thrillers to 13 (un)lucky winners.

Read contest Oct 31, 2019

New and upcoming adventure games

Prologue for When the Past Was Around is here now, free

Full version of hand-drawn bittersweet tale of love and letting go coming to PC next spring.

Read more Nov 12, 2019

First details come to light for Lantern

Hand-drawn point-and-click adventure in development for PC and Android devices.

Read more Nov 10, 2019

Eye of the Temple looking at 2020 release

Virtual reality-exclusive 'action-adventure' unveiled for SteamVR compatible headsets.

Read more Nov 9, 2019

WWII civilian audio history brought to life in Brukel for Windows PC

Interactive reminiscence of survivor's stories marks 75th anniversary of Belgium’s liberation from German occupation.

Read more Nov 8, 2019

Demo blazes trail to 3D puzzler PlanetRealm

First details unveiled for ‘puzzle-solving treasure hunt between tiny planets’ coming in 2021.

Read more Nov 7, 2019

Phoenix Tales rises on Steam

Fantasy adventure/RPG hybrid with turn-based combat elements available now for Windows PC.

Read more Nov 6, 2019

Cutish looking better than ever with updated rerelease

Demo and full game Myst-style 3D puzzler available for download for Windows PC through itch.io.

Read more Nov 5, 2019

What are (point and click) adventure games?

Adventure games are all about stories, exploring worlds and solving puzzles. Adventure games focus on puzzle solving within a narrative framework, generally with few or no action elements. Other popular names for this genre are “graphic adventure” or “point and click adventure”, but these represent only part of a much broader, diverse range of games.

Adventure Gamers is the #1 source for comprehensive coverage of the Adventure Game genre, our Adventure Games database has details of over 5000 Adventure Games! Use the Discover feature, to search through our database to uncover hidden gems that match exactly your preferences, or directly search the database based on specified keywords.

We provide the latest Adventure Game reviews, an overview of the very best Adventure Games to date, more then 10 years coverage of our yearly re-occuring Adventure Game Awards (Aggie Awards), as well as covering new Adventure Games as they are announced. Looking for the very best all-time adventure games? Be sure to checkout our Top 100 All-Time Adventure Games list!

Want to know more about Adventure Games? Read our What are Adventure Games article, to get a more elaborate description on Adventure Games. Stay up to date on the latest by subscribing to our weekly newsletter, following us on Twitter or on Facebook.

Popular Adventure Games


Beyond a Steel Sky


Beyond a Steel Sky

A long-awaited sequel to the 1994 Revolution cyberpunk classic in full 3D.
Beautiful Desolation


Beautiful Desolation

A post-apocalyptic adventure from the creators of STASIS.



The first non-point-and-click adventure from Amanita Design.



A new steampunk adventure from the creators of Myst and Obduction.
Syberia: The World Before


Syberia: The World Before

Blacksad: Under the Skin


Blacksad: Under the Skin

A new mystery from Pendulo based on the Spanish comic of the same name.
Technobabylon: Birthright


Technobabylon: Birthright

A 3D sequel to Wadjet Eye's and James Dearden's acclaimed sci-fi adventure.
The Poisoned Pawn: A Tex Murphy Adventure


The Poisoned Pawn: A Tex Murphy Adventure

A fan-made new installment of the Tex Murphy series.
3 Minutes to Midnight


3 Minutes to Midnight

A classic-styled, comic point-and-click adventure about a 1940s small-town conspiracy.
Someday You’ll Return


Someday You’ll Return

A horror-driven story adventure from the creator of J.U.L.I.A. Among the Stars.
Based on reader feedback and the staff's assessment of preview material and press demos. Hover titles for details.

Adventure Gamers Community

Community reviews  (randomly selected)

Review of Art of Murder: FBI Confidential

Rating - 25

Rating by emric posted on May 22, 2012

not overly poor, but certainly not a standout either. awful english translation/localisation effort.

Review of DARQ

Rating - 30

Rating by My Dune posted on Aug 18, 2019

So short, but good

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