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Adventure Game coverage

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Latest reviews for adventure games

A Secretive World Called Neyyah

interview A Secretive World Called Neyyah

A conversation with Aaron Gwynaire on the upcoming first-person point-and-click adventure game from the solo developer.

Gerda: A Flame in Winter Hands-on

preview Gerda: A Flame in Winter Hands-on

A sneak peek at an upcoming Nordic adventure with a thought-provoking story, enchanting graphics, and some unusually creative gameplay.


review Wanderer

Time is on your side in this clever and alluring sci-fi-VR puzzler, whose chief drawback is frequent backtracking.

Leprechaun Shadow

review Leprechaun Shadow

The charmingly noir-tinged third Sir Typhil adventure is the biggest so far, though it comes up short whenever it veers too far into RPG territory.

Highly Likely

review Highly Likely

It's pretty much certain that you'll find this gorgeous but gameplay-deprived side-scroller a tedious slog with your hand held the entire way (except when you need it).

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit

review Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit

Its thoughtful story, well-written dialog and voice acting, beautiful graphics and sound make this game a must-play for adventure game fans.


review NeonLore

Though missing the mark in terms of consistent quality, this game's thesis does come through, and NeonLore will undoubtedly appeal to cyberpunk fans.

The Works of Mercy

review The Works of Mercy

This short, surreal psychological thriller is D.O.A. thanks to its fatally flawed story and lack of gameplay depth.

The Adventures of the Black Hawk

game announcement The Adventures of the Black Hawk

An adventure game clearly inspired by the classic adventures of LucasArts of the 90s, will this instantly take you back 30 years?


review Catsperience

Those expecting to experience the story through the perspective of a cat will find that its tame reality ends up being more about codes and combinations.

Half Past Fate

review Half Past Fate

Now's the perfect time to treat yourself to a pair of heartwarming character-driven rom-com adventures, the first of which is still blissfully pre-pandemic.

The Shattering

review The Shattering

Although light on puzzles and other challenges, this is a gripping story and worthwhile experience, even if it's an emotionally difficult one.


review Bloodshore

This interactive battle-royale action movie stays true to its core, unfortunately the underwhelming narrative and shallow characters make its core crumble.

Lost at Sea

review Lost at Sea

It takes on a bold concept, and through well-designed puzzles provides a memorable experience. If only for the parts that feel underdeveloped, the game could have been unforgettable.

New and upcoming adventure games

New trailer delivered for FunnyPizzaLand 2 - Game Announcement

New trailer delivered for FunnyPizzaLand 2

Uncover the truth behind the legend of PIZZALAND in this upcoming prequel, and save the dark comedy world in this funny point & click adventure

A new take on the classic genre announced - Game Announcement

A new take on the classic genre announced

Atmospheric narrative future-noir thriller Let Bions Be Bygones features a retired hardboiled detective taking his last case among the lowest parts of the dystopian city-planet, Terrahive

New trailer emerged for STASIS: Bone Totem - Game Announcement

New trailer emerged for STASIS: Bone Totem

Slated for a Q4 2022 release, the sequel to 2015's STASIS teases new gameplay in it's latest videos

Forgotten Fables: Wolves on the Westwind released on iPad, iPhone and PC - Game Announcement

Forgotten Fables: Wolves on the Westwind released on iPad, iPhone and PC

Your adventure starts today, embark on a perilous journey on board a ship of Thorwal raiders in this epic tale

Voodoo Detective now available on PC and Mobile - Game Announcement

Voodoo Detective now available on PC and Mobile

Highly anticipated story-rich 2D point-and-click adventure released today on Steam, Epic, iOS, Android, macOS

President rocking 2023 release - Game Announcement

President rocking 2023 release

Classic point & click adventure with retroish pixel art design, President Rocket Game, slated for 2023 release. 

Trailer surfaced for psycho-thriller REVEIL - Game Announcement

Trailer surfaced for psycho-thriller REVEIL

A narrative first-person game that focuses on story, puzzles, and exploration. Find out what’s going on inside Walter Thompson and his dark past at the Nelson Bro’s Circus.

New English trailer excavated - Game Announcement

New English trailer excavated

New trailer for Deponia and Broken Sword inspired title, The Adventures Of Bryan Scott, teases upcoming Demo.

Body and Soul reuniting in Goetia 2 - Game Announcement

Body and Soul reuniting in Goetia 2

The long-awaited sequel is now available, explore a dark & unknown Venice in this point-and-click adventure  

Eternal Threads get rolled out in time - Game Announcement

Eternal Threads get rolled out in time

Timeline manipulation game now out for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Simon The Sorcerer returning to his Origins - Game Announcement

Simon The Sorcerer returning to his Origins

Official prequel to the legendary Simon's adventure saga to be released next year

Hand-crafted adventure Phonopolis announced - Game Announcement

Hand-crafted adventure Phonopolis announced

New title by Amanita Design, the Czech indie collective behind renowned titles such as Machinarium and Creaks has been teased on Steam.

Narrative puzzler Recursive Ruin now available - Game Announcement

Narrative puzzler Recursive Ruin now available

Free-roaming first-person adventure can be found on Steam, Epic Games and GOG

Ready to set sail? Get your initial bearing - Game Announcement

Ready to set sail? Get your initial bearing

Venture through the vast world of ice beyond the high seas, earning a first taste of what it takes to keep your crew alive in the demo for The Pale Beyond.

Underwater puzzle-adventure Silt to release June 1st - Game Announcement

Underwater puzzle-adventure Silt to release June 1st

Soon, dive into the harrowing ocean abyss and unravel long-forgotten mysteries, as the game will be released on Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One consoles. 

Voodoo Detective gameplay summoned - Game Announcement

Voodoo Detective gameplay summoned

The first 50 minutes of the gameplay revealed of highly anticipated upcoming Voodoo adventure (spoiler warning) 

Demo available for your computer - Game Announcement

Demo available for your computer

The upcoming narrative game Your Computer Might Be At Risk can now be experienced. Described as a mix between a point-and-click and a first-person game with freedom of movement

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Popular Adventure Games


Return to Monkey Island


Return to Monkey Island

A brand new Monkey Island installment from series creator Ron Gilbert.

Latest walkthroughs and hints

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Adventure Games Media

Latest Screenshots


Adventure Gamers Community

Community reviews  (randomly selected)

Review of Shiver

Rating - 15

Rating by My Dune (Nov 1, 2017)

Discussions on the forums

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What game have you just finished?

Last reply by chrissie on 27 May at 03:56 pm (1275 replies)

What are favorite adventure games that did something unique?

Last reply by cozyhome on 27 May at 01:24 pm (24 replies)

Voodoo Detective - Traditionally animated 2D adventure w/ Peter McConnell doing the OST.

Last reply by Lady Kestrel on 27 May at 12:58 pm (32 replies)

Return to Monkey island by Ron Gilbert : FOR REAL in 2022

Last reply by meteor on 27 May at 07:03 am (257 replies)

AG Community Playthrough 72 - Gemini Rue

Last reply by Vegetable Party on 26 May at 08:14 pm (67 replies)

Stasis: Bone Totem

Last reply by Chris Bischoff - The Brotherhood on 26 May at 03:47 pm (30 replies)

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What are popular adventure game companies?

When we talk about adventure games, it's impossible to not mention LucasArts, Sierra On-line or Infocom. They really set the early day standards for Adventure Games. Popular modern examples are Daedalic Entertainment, Revolution, Telltale Games, DONTNOD and other companies.

What are promising new adventure games?

Based on traffic on our adventure game website, you should really keep an eye on Return to Monkey Island, STASIS: BONE TOTEM, Simon the Sorcerer: Origins, The Expanse: A Telltale Series, Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, Phonopolis, The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me, Star Trek: Resurgence, Colossal Cave 3D, IMMORTALITY, we cover them all!

What are popular adventure games right now?

Popuplar and trending adventure games of this week are: Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit, Voodoo Detective, Leprechaun Shadow, Gerda: A Flame in Winter, Highly Likely, Wanderer, NORCO, Syberia: The World Before, Forgotten Fables: Wolves on the Westwind.

What are (point and click) adventure games?

Adventure games are all about stories, exploring worlds and solving puzzles. Adventure games focus on puzzle solving within a narrative framework, generally with few or no action elements. Other popular names for this genre are “graphic adventure” or “point and click adventure”, but these represent only part of a much broader, diverse range of games.

We provide the latest Adventure Game reviews, an overview of the very best Adventure Games to date, more then 10 years coverage of our yearly re-occuring Adventure Game Awards (Aggie Awards), as well as covering new Adventure Games as they are announced. Looking for the very best all-time adventure games? Be sure to checkout our Top 100 All-Time Adventure Games list!

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