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Life is Strange 2: Episode 1 review

Life Is Strange 2: Episode 1 – Roads review

The second full season hits the ground running with an immersive first episode featuring a whole new cast, story, and branching narrative possibilities.

Read review Jan 18, 2019
Moon Castle review

Moon Castle review

This Myst-style adventure offers a serious challenge, though it'll leave even the most ardent puzzle fan howling at the many technical issues.

Read review Jan 16, 2019
Nelson and the Magic Cauldron review

Nelson and the Magic Cauldron review

Though it could use more seasoning, this traditional indie adventure brews up a pleasant little inventory-laden, point-and-click experience.

Read review Jan 11, 2019
Lupus in Fabula review

Lupus in Fabula review

This charmingly quirky side-scrolling puzzler blends Flemish Renaissance, time displacement, fantastical monsters and more for an enjoyable bite-sized adventure experience.

Read review Jan 7, 2019
Beyond the Sky review

Beyond the Sky review

This delightful fairy tale adventure will win you over with its storybook-style charm and help overcome any fear of challenging logic puzzles.

Read review Jan 4, 2019
The Red Strings Club review

The Red Strings Club review

It sets a low bar for interactivity, but this dialogue-heavy cyberpunk sim serves up an intriguing narrative experience.

Read review Jan 2, 2019
Toonstruck re-review

Toonstruck flashback review

Great Scott! It's a rare AG re-review for a digital re-release of a classic animated adventure that deserves to be a hit.

Game Announcements - PC

The Goodbye Room: Escape Your Ex introduced on Kickstarter

Experimental game about overcoming heartache coming to PC and VR devices later this year.

Read more Jan 20, 2019

Remember to check out dont_forget_me Kickstater

Demo available for narrative-driven cyberpunk adventure coming to PC later this year.

Read more Jan 19, 2019

Stories of Feallan begins journey on Indiegogo

Demo available for visual novel-adventure hybrid coming to Windows and Mac.

Read more Jan 17, 2019

First taste of The Pepper Prince comes with “Seasoning 1” release

Five-part short ASCII-designed fairy tale adventure in rhyme debuts on Windows PC.

Read more Jan 12, 2019

Moonrise Fall appears on horizon

Surreal pixel art adventure about loss and new beginnings coming to PC in 2019.

Read more Jan 6, 2019

The Last Campfire to roar to life in 2019

First details unveiled for fantastical short adventure from the creators of LostWinds.

Read more Dec 30, 2018

Indonesian horror in spotlight with PC launch of Pamali

First of four folklore-based installments arrives with "The White Lady" on Steam.

Read more Dec 29, 2018

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Review of Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within

Rating by Lucien21 posted on May 27, 2012

Bring Back Curry

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