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Recommended for Linux (randomly selected)

Latest Articles - Linux

Play With Me

review Play With Me

Despite its inviting title and rich atmosphere, neither the story nor gameplay in this Saw-styled escape room puzzler manages to capture the imagination.

Read review Sep 18, 2019

review Neofeud

Rather than clashing, this compelling point-and-click adventure is an eclectic blend of dystopian cyberpunk and hardboiled detective mystery.

Read review Sep 17, 2019

review DARQ

It's short in length and narratively incoherent, but this atmospheric side-scroller is a dream come true for fans of surreal environmental puzzlers.

Read review Sep 13, 2019
The Subject

review The Subject

This maze-like sci-fi puzzler earns a passing grade but trades in richer gameplay opportunity for unwelcome survival elements.

Read review Sep 9, 2019
Fran Bow fourth anniversary giveaway

contest Fran Bow fourth anniversary giveaway

Killmonday games is offering a deluxe physical edition of their acclaimed debut adventure with bonus goodies that only a true adventure game fan can win!

Read contest Aug 20, 2019
Gold Rush! 2

review Gold Rush! 2

Nearly three decades later, the indie sequel to Sierra's renowned historical adventure is seriously undermined by its weak production values and pan-worthy gameplay.

Read review Aug 19, 2019
Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure

review Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure

This Lovecraft-inspired point-and-click adventure summons forth a gorgeous but narratively confusing tale of comedy cosmic horror.

Read review Aug 7, 2019

Game Announcements - Linux

AC-0209 preparing for launch in 2020

First details unveiled for wordless point-and-click sci-fi adventure coming to Windows, Mac and Linux.

Read more Sep 7, 2019

Nordlicht now shining on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

Downloadable demo available for charming point-and-click German student project on itch.io.

Read more Aug 22, 2019

Mind Trap unlocked soon on Steam Early Access

Four-part anthology inspired by The Twilight Zone coming later this year for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Read more Aug 17, 2019

Come Back arrives on PC in episodic debut

First chapter of new series exploring domestic violence available now for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Read more Aug 11, 2019

A Short Hike leads to Steam and itch.io release

Relaxed exploratory adventure now available widely for download on Windows and Mac.

Read more Aug 4, 2019

Kickstarter uncovered for adult-themed The Hotel

Demo available for sexually explicit point-and-click adventure coming to PC next year.

Read more Jul 30, 2019

Kickstarter orchestrated for Blood Opera Crescendo

Demo available for 18th century music-themed investigative thriller coming to PC next June.

Read more Jul 27, 2019

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Community reviews - Linux (randomly selected)

Review of Gone Home

Rating - 5

Rating by JohnS posted on Dec 23, 2015

Worst game ever - no adventure or puzzles

Gone Home is available at: