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PlayStation Adventure Games

Latest reviews for adventure games - PlayStation


review Nubla

The esteemed artwork of Madrid's Thyssen-Bornemisza belongs in a museum, not in a short, easy and non-educational puzzle-platformer like this.

Spirit of the North

review Spirit of the North

This open world fox adventure looks and sounds great, but it lacks the sly gameplay and backstory to bring the experience to life.

Beyond Blue

review Beyond Blue

There’s no real gameplay to speak of, but this beautiful marine adventure should make for a whale of a few hours of exploring for ocean lovers.

Eclipse: Edge of Light

review Eclipse: Edge of Light

This alien world VR adventure makes for a bit of jetpack-boosted fun, but the novelty quickly passes without much gameplay or story to support it.

A Fold Apart

review A Fold Apart

This short but charming paper-based adventure about long-distance relationships wraps story and gameplay together beautifully.

Arise – A Simple Story

review Arise – A Simple Story

This emotionally symbolic examination of a lifetime of memories is elevated by its gorgeous visuals, challenging time-manipulation puzzles, and thought-provoking themes.


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