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Life is Strange 2: Episode 1 review

Life Is Strange 2: Episode 1 – Roads review

The second full season hits the ground running with an immersive first episode featuring a whole new cast, story, and branching narrative possibilities.

Read review Jan 18, 2019
Shenmue review

Shenmue flashback review

Finally ported and rereleased with its sequel, we take our best shot at this ambitious, pioneering genre-blender with a two-in-one review.

My Brother Rabbit review

My Brother Rabbit review

Bucking the usual casual trend, this beautiful, puzzle-filled scavenger hunt is a short but charming little family-friendly adventure.

Read review Dec 6, 2018
The Shapeshifting Detective review

The Shapeshifting Detective review

Random killers and multiple personas form the basis for this slick, replayable FMV mystery from the creators of Doctor Dekker.

Read review Nov 8, 2018
Another Sight

Another Sight review

Its slick production values are the cat’s meow, but this ambitious puzzle-platformer ends up biting off more than it can chew.

Read review Nov 7, 2018
Conarium review

Conarium review

The high point of this atmospheric 3D horror is its rich Lovecraftian lore, but the gameplay experience supporting it falls flat.

Read review Oct 26, 2018
Path to Mnemosyne review

Path to Mnemosyne review

This black-and-white puzzler is uniquely compelling with its infinite zoom presentation, though its abstract story and familiar puzzles aren't quite so memorable.

Read review Oct 25, 2018

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Sole to alight on PC and Xbox One next spring

Press demo offers first-hand impressions of meditative exploratory-based adventure.

Read more Dec 23, 2018

Keep the name Memorrha in mind in 2019

Beautiful 3D puzzle-adventure coming to Windows and Mac next summer.

Read more Nov 17, 2018

Nine Witches being brewed up for 2019 release

Pixel art 2D action-adventure set during World War II in Nazi-oppressed territory.

Read more Oct 28, 2018

Playable demo attracting interest in Relicta

Gravity and magnetism-based physics puzzler coming to PC and Xbox One next year.

Read more Oct 17, 2018

Amanita Design developing Creaks

New game from acclaimed Czech studio the first to break away from point-and-click.

Read more Oct 9, 2018

Harvester of Dreams: Episode 1 becomes reality on Early Access

Demo available for point-and-click steampunk adventure on PC and Xbox One.

Read more Oct 7, 2018

Path to Mnemosyne leads to launch on PC

Minimalist "hypnotic" adventure with infinite zoom to follow later on consoles.

Read more Sep 27, 2018

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Review of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Rating by Niclas posted on May 12, 2013

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