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review KURSK

The self-proclaimed 'adventure-documentary' about the real-world Russian sub disaster looks authentic but is sunk by its lifeless story and turgid gameplay.

Read review May 22, 2019
Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders

review Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders

This ancient Chinese murder mystery with thorny political entanglements is a highly compelling investigative adventure loosely stemming from real historical events.

Read review May 17, 2019
Herald: Book I & II

review Herald: Book I & II

The first half of this four-part interactive period drama cruises right along with memorable characters, immersive setting and compelling slow-burn story.

Read review May 15, 2019
Hypnospace Outlaw

review Hypnospace Outlaw

Don't sleep on this thoroughly unique, often hilarious, meticulously crafted ode to the early days of the Internet.

Read review May 13, 2019
The Mystery of Woolley Mountain

review The Mystery of Woolley Mountain

This comic time travel romp is a charming, distinctly British point-and-click adventure with far more peaks than valleys.

Read review May 10, 2019
Guard Duty

review Guard Duty

Those on the lookout for a classic-styled comic adventure will find much to like in this sci-fi fantasy journey through two vastly different timelines.

Read review May 6, 2019
Heaven’s Vault

review Heaven’s Vault

The only translation issues will be your own in inkle's substantial, beautifully written archeological adventure with its own ancient language to decipher.

Read review May 3, 2019

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Demons Never Lie about a Kickstarter campaign

Demo available for voxel and low-poly adventure about selling one's soul for a second chance.

Read more May 19, 2019

Backwoods setting pen to paper for Morriton Manor

Creators of Unforeseen Incidents receive funding grants for RESORT and a new comedic adventure.

Read more May 11, 2019

First details delivered for Echidna’s Daughter

Globetrotting point-and-click mystery coming to Windows and Mac by 2021.

Read more May 8, 2019

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack on track for 2020 release

First details unveiled for comic time-travelling point-and-click adventure.

Read more May 7, 2019

New details flow out of Cascadia Quest

Sierra-styled text-driven adventure from the creator of Snail Trek coming early next year.

Read more May 5, 2019

First details unearthed for Trash Diamonds

Retro-styled puzzle-adventure coming to Windows and Mac in 2020.

Read more Apr 28, 2019

Drawn Down gearing up for Windows PC in June

Demo available for futuristic mystery originally released for iOS and Mac.

Read more Apr 27, 2019

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Review of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers – 20th Anniversary Edition

Rating - 5

Rating by zane posted on Oct 15, 2014