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Eselmir and the five magical gifts review

What this striking high fantasy epic adventure gives in rich world-building lore, it partially takes away in pace-crawling exposition.

Read review Feb 2, 2018

Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two review

The second season stays true to the source material, but isn’t likely to build much interest outside of diehard series fans.

Read review Jan 26, 2018

Little Kite review

This sensitively handled examination of substance abuse and childhood trauma flies in the face of traditional gaming themes.

Read review Jan 24, 2018

How to shoot a criminal review

This keyword-based FMV mystery shows investigative potential but misfires with dull videos and questionable design limitations.

Read review Jan 22, 2018

Beat the Game review

Far from traditional, this unique sound-mixing adventure should score highly with would-be amateur music producers.

Read review Jan 17, 2018

The Silver Case review

There's no case to be made for anyone but Suda51's most ardent fans to check out his tedious, impenetrable early visual novel.

Read review Jan 15, 2018



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Sally Face: Episode Three – The Bologna Incident

PC Mac Linux
Feb 13, 2018



What's New? (Mac)
17 Feb
Inspector Waffles being cooked up for release this winter

Downloadable demo available for retro-styled, episodic point-and-click mystery.

15 Feb
Release info acquired for Orwell: Ignorance Is Strength

Political database-driven thriller to launch in three parts Feb. 22nd, March 8th and 22nd.

13 Feb
The Fall: Part 2 – Unbound lands on PC and consoles

Middle installment of sci-fi trilogy out on Win/Mac/Linux, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

13 Feb
Sally Face draws another look on Steam

Third of five episodes, The Bologna Incident, available now as part of season pass DLC.

11 Feb
The Dreamlands: Aisling’s Quest to become reality this spring

First-person, point-and-click fantasy adventure coming to Windows and Mac.


New Releases (Mac)
February 13 2018 Digital

The Fall: Part 2 - Unbound

Platform(s): Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, Linux

Developed by Over the Moon
February 10 2018 Digital

Sally Face: Episode Three – The Bologna Incident

Platform(s): Mac, PC, Linux

Developed by Steve Gabry
February 8 2018 Digital

A Case of Distrust

Platform(s): Mac, PC

Developed by The Wandering Ben