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Adventure Games for iPhone and iPad

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Latest reviews for adventure games - iPhone / iPad

Krystopia: Nova’s Journey

review Krystopia: Nova’s Journey

This puzzling sci-fi sequel shines brighter than its predecessor with increased gameplay variety and character interaction, though it fades in the end with another lack of closure.

Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey

review Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey

This vibrant isometric sci-fi adventure is clearly for puzzle fans who enjoy a challenge, though it's undermined somewhat by repetitive gameplay.

Buck Bradley Comic Adventure 2: The Sand and the Techno-pyramid

review Buck Bradley Comic Adventure 2: The Sand and the Techno-pyramid

The first commercial installment in this graphic novel-styled series is beautiful but ultimately ground down by weak writing and a number of mounting design issues.


review Stela

This brief side-scroller doesn't stand quite as tall as its more acclaimed inspirations, but it's a solid atmospheric puzzle-platformer in its own right.

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Adventure Gamers Community

Community reviews for iPhone / iPad titles  (randomly selected)

Adventure Games Media

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