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Adventure Games for iPhone and iPad

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Latest reviews for adventure games - iPhone / iPad


review Overboard!

Casting aside the traditional whodunit formula, inkle's splashy new adventure is a delightfully fun and highly replayable shipboard murder blame game.

Machinika Museum

review Machinika Museum

Though coming up a little short on production value, this sci-fi-tinged The Room-style puzzler exhibits all the other positive qualities as its acclaimed inspirations.

Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game

review Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game

Though it takes a few strange turns, this scenic surrealist road trip adventure gets a thumbs-up for its eclectic characters and stories.

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins

review Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins

Though the limited use of the license is enough to make you weep, this found phone investigation is otherwise another rock-solid adventure from the creators of SIMULACRA.

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Adventure Gamers Community

Community reviews for iPhone / iPad titles  (randomly selected)

Adventure Games Media

Latest Trailer - iPhone / iPad Adventure Games

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