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Adventure Games for iPhone and iPad

Latest reviews for adventure games - iPhone / iPad

The Last Campfire

review The Last Campfire

This charming and surprisingly emotional environmental puzzler will warm your heart if never overly tax your brain.

The White Door

review The White Door

One's enjoyment of this largely black and white, split-screen puzzler depends on whether you see its unapologetic weirdness as a feature or a serious knock against it.


review Florence

This short comic book-styled interactive romance is easy to fall in love with, but parting too soon will be such sweet sorrow.


review Heal

Though it suffers somewhat from extreme narrative ambiguity, this side-scrolling puzzler is a thoughtful and entertaining exploration of old age and memory loss.


Adventure Gamers Community

Community reviews for iPhone / iPad titles  (randomly selected)

Adventure Games Media

Latest Trailer - iPhone / iPad Adventure Games