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Normally the worst things you have to worry about on a camping trip are bugs and bad weather, but these are the least of the concerns for the protagonist of solo developer and composer Jeff Winner's Horror Story: Hallowseed, a psychological first-person thriller available now through Early Access.



Compared to more flamboyant courtroom drama fare like the Ace Attorney series, it might seem far less glamorous to set players behind the scenes, piecing together evidence and preparing documents that will ultimately determine whether someone is prosecuted or let go. But it becomes a lot more interesting when it includes actual battles against the accused, using the very documents you are preparing. This is the unique premise of Legal Dungeon, an “interactive novel adventure game” that was recently released for Nintendo Switch following its earlier debut on PC.



If you missed out on the pixel art adventure Retrace when it was launched on PC early last year, you've now got a second chance as the game has been ported and rereleased as Retrace: Memories of Death on consoles. 



If you think Leisure Suit Larry is raunchy, wait'll you get a load of Space Rescue: Code Pink, a cartoony but much more explicit sex romp adventure available now through Steam Early Access.



Waking up with no memories would be daunting enough for anyone in the best of circumstances. Discovering that the fate of the entire world rests on your shoulders with only a day to save it is a whole different kind of pressure. That's precisely the challenge that awaits in indie developer Trim Triangle's upcoming fantasy adventure, Therefore.



All children are frightened by the unseen horrors lurking right underneath them as they sleep each night, and all adults know there's nothing there to fear. Or is there? In the newly released horror adventure Darkness Under My Bed, indie developer Desert Fox may have just proven that kids know more than their parents after all.



For most of us, getting home from work is a mundane, everyday experience completely devoid of drama. Quite the opposite is true for the protagonist of The Plane Effect, an upcoming dystopian adventure from Innovina Interactive and Studio Kiku.



When family relationships are strained, a bonding activity can sometimes help to reduce the tension and repair frayed ties. But how might you fare if a vacation intended to heal your relationship turned into a life-and-death struggle for survival? This is the premise of My Father My Son, an upcoming dual-character platforming adventure by Polish developer Blinkclick Games.



The pandemic has been wreaking havoc on single people's love lives, and now art is mimicking life in Romantic Distancing, the spiritual successor to last year's character-driven romcom adventure, Half Past Fate.



Questioning the meaning of life is a very human occupation, but that doesn't mean we're the only ones pondering such deep philosophical issues. Case in point: the little mechanical protagonist of indie developer Greewook Studio's upcoming point-and-click sci-fi adventure, Ultreïa.



Masks are probably the last thing anyone wants to think about these days, but it's a whole different kind of face coverings at the heart of Maskmaker, an upcoming virtual reality puzzle-adventure from the creators of A Fisherman's Tale.  



While adventure games have traditionally been solo experiences, more and more developers have recently begun dipping their toes into multiplayer waters. The latest such studio to do so is the creator of the Cube Escape and Rusty Lake series, whose upcoming The Past Within is the first you will be able to enjoy playing with a friend.



Big Brother is watching ... the squirrels? Yes, something is up with the bushy-tailed rodents in Melmoth Forest, and it's your task to figure out what in NUTS, the recently released Firewatch-style spy adventure. 



If there’s one thing cats are known for – besides their innate ability to sense impending productivity and then nap in the place most likely to derail said productivity – it’s their insatiable curiosity. The latter trait will be on full display in indie developer Marginal act’s upcoming anthropomorphic animal mystery, This rain will never end.



While Doctor Who may be most at home on TV, that hasn't prevented the popular BBC time-traveling franchise from making the leap to videogames on occasion. The latest such interactive adventure is The Lonely Assassins, a "found phone" mystery from Kaigan Games, the creators of Sara Is Missing and the SIMULACRA series, coming next month to PC and mobile devices. 

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