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Latest Adventure Games News - iOS



Of all the challenges facing us today, one of the most absurdly perilous may just be navigating the tricky waters of political correctness. Next year, if indie Australian developer David Longo is able to raise enough funds through Kickstarter for his upcoming debut adventure, players will get to choose how to do that very thing in a satirically amusing way in Political Quest. 



It's been nearly 30 years since we last saw Laura Bow, but she looks like she hasn't aged a day. In fact, the classic Sierra heroine has been given a serious makeover for an all-new adventure by indie developer NineZyme Entertainment, who have just pulled back the curtain on Laura Bow and the Mechanical Codex. 



Amanita Design has been relatively quiet about its upcoming Creaks (which has slipped now to 2020), but perhaps one reason why is that the acclaimed Czech developer was busy making the newly-released Pilgrims on the sly.



Beards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you'll get to try on a variety of different types next summer if indie developer Cleardot Games is able to secure Kickstarter funding for the upcoming RPG-styled adventure Who Stole My Beard?



Lots of adventure games task players with solving murders, but covering them up? That's a whole different story – or in the case of Blyts' newly-released Nobodies, eleven different stories.



Apple Arcade is here, and it's bringing some adventure games with it. One of the first such titles is Murder Mystery Machine, an episodic title from BAFTA award-winning multimedia studio Blazing Griffin.



Is a game still a game if it doesn't have a player? We'll find out later this year when Playerless: One Button Adventure by indie Polish developer Moonlit arrives on PC, consoles and mobile devices.



While Germany and Poland as a whole are well known for their prolific adventure game production, the same can't be said of the central European region of Lusatia in particular. Helping address that imbalance is Krabat and the Secret of the Sorbian King, a comedic historical adventure based on popular Sorbian legends that is now available for PC and mobile devices.



People spend way too much time glued to their phones, but it's okay when doing so just might help solve the case of young person's suspicious and untimely death, as will be the case in October with the release of SIMULACRA 2.



For their last adventure, the indie husband and wife developers at Brain&Brain created an interactive Scandinavian folklore called Burly Men at Sea. Their next game, however, will take place much farther west on much drier land when Wooden Nickel is released next year. 



The first taste may be free, but the rest is gonna cost ya'. No, this isn't a commentary on drug addiction, but rather the reality of Escape Lala 2, a newly-released commercial fantasy follow-up to the 2018 escape-room freeware adventure.



To be deprived of one's dreams is always a horrible prospect, but it's all the more terrible when one's dreams have the power to create worlds. This is the fate that threatens to befall the inhabitants of indie Austrian developer Phantom Fox Interactive's upcoming Children of Lumera.



The Roaring Twenties weren't all about jazz, flappers, and a booming post-war economy; they were also characterized by Prohibition, Tommy guns and senstational crimes. Guess which aspects make for a better game? German developer Sunlight Games certainly believes it's the latter, as they intend to prove soon enough with their upcoming adventure Gangsters 1920.



If your loved one were kidnapped, how far would you go to rescue them? That's a choice that PC gamers can join mobile players in making when the desktop port of Studio Hazy's Drawn Down is released this summer.



It's been a long time coming, but at long last fans of Revolution's classic dystopian cyberpunk adventure Beneath a Steel Sky can look forward to a sequel, as the acclaimed UK studio today unveiled the first details of Beyond a Steel Sky, due out later this year. 

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