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Latest Adventure Games News - iOS



While adventure games have traditionally been solo experiences, more and more developers have recently begun dipping their toes into multiplayer waters. The latest such studio to do so is the creator of the Cube Escape and Rusty Lake series, whose upcoming The Past Within is the first you will be able to enjoy playing with a friend.



Big Brother is watching ... the squirrels? Yes, something is up with the bushy-tailed rodents in Melmoth Forest, and it's your task to figure out what in NUTS, the recently released Firewatch-style spy adventure. 



While Doctor Who may be most at home on TV, that hasn't prevented the popular BBC time-traveling franchise from making the leap to videogames on occasion. The latest such interactive adventure is The Lonely Assassins, a "found phone" mystery from Kaigan Games, the creators of Sara Is Missing and the SIMULACRA series, coming next month to PC and mobile devices. 



"Mistico" means "mystical" in Spanish, but you'd be forgiven for thinking it really means "Myst-like" on the basis of solo developer M9 Games' recently released mobile adventure by that name. 



The best part of any whodunit is the big reveal in the parlour at the end. But ... what if the detective doesn't actually know who the killer is? This is the dilemma in Simon Christiansen's Death off the Cuff, a 2014 text adventure that has just been upgraded and released in a remastered version.



What exactly happens to all the airplanes and sea vessels that disappear in the famed Bermuda Triangle? That may forever remain a mystery, but you can find out for yourself what happens to one in particular in Yak & Co's isometric adventure, Down in Bermuda.



Adventure is everywhere if you’re willing to look for it. You don’t have to be a pirate, a princess, or a space explorer to embark on a grand journey; if you’re curious, passionate, and willing to get your hands dirty, you can find excitement in even the most laid-back locale, and you might even manage to make the world a little better in the process. That’s the premise behind Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, now available for PC and through Apple Arcade.



You've heard of the whodunit? Well, Giiku Games' newly released Fateful End: True Case Files is more of a whogonnadoit, and the victim in question will be you if you're unable to solve it in time. 



There must be a lot of pressure for the grandson of Dracula to live up to his famed elder's legacy, especially if you have no particularly helpful supernatural powers. But the titular star of Champy the Useless Vampire will get his chance to shine soon enough if indie Swedish developer True Ascension is able to raise enough funds on Kickstarter. 



An astronaut's work in space is never done – or rather, a "kosmonavte" in the case of indie developer LKMAD's recent mobile release of Kosmonavtes: Academy Escape.



Establishing contact with an alien race and saving the world is child's play when compared to the real challenges of teenagers: surviving high school. We can now be reminded of that fact in rather amusing terms in indie developer Space Indie Studios' newly released point-and-click sci-fi adventure, Sol 705.



In 2018, indie German developer Manuel Schenk brought us the quirky little comic adventure Nelson and the Magic Cauldron. Now Schenk hopes to bring Nelson back for brand new adventure, subtitled The Journey, though once again he's going to need a little Kickstarter magic to make it happen.



Many sci-fi adventures point to machines as the inevitable downfall of humanity. But in indie developer Sea Monster Media's upcoming sci-fi comic adventure Dexter Stardust, one lone robot may just might hold the secret to our survival – with a little help from a most unlikely human hero, that is. 



It seems there's a common belief that the surest sign of intelligent life on other planets is whether they leave us a treasure trove of puzzles to solve once we get there. Fortunately for adventure fans, this is true once again in indie developer Antler Interactive's newly released Krystopia: Nova's Journey.



Successfully getting through an adventure game often involves thinking outside the box. Not so in OGUREC APPS' MechCube: Escape, a point-and-click sci-fi adventure in which you must literally think inside the box. 

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