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All visual novels, by their very nature, give players a somewhat godlike control over the direction of the story. But WILL: A Wonderful World takes that idea one significant step further, as PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch owners can find out for themselves this spring. 



Almost 15 years after the debut of Yume Nikki, and a year since the PC release of the updated reboot called Yume Nikki: Dream Diary, now the cult favourite horror adventure has arrived on Nintendo Switch.



Cyberpunk seems to be making a welcome resurgence in gaming these days. The latest title to delve into a dystopian future of high tech and lowly station is indie developer Insert Disk 22 – at least, they will if they're able to secure the necessary crowdfunding for Born Punk on Kickstarter. 



It's a good thing planets revolve in an orbit, because we completely missed Planet RIX-13 on its first pass when it launched in 2017 on PC. Now, however, the short retro-styled sci-fi adventure has come around again, this time on all three major consoles and PlayStation Vita.



The future of point-and-click adventures looks a little more promising today thanks to the announcement of the upcoming The Blind Prophet.