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The creators of The Unholy Society ask what would happen if "The Exorcist, Preacher, and Constantine had a baby?" We're hoping they mean figuratively, but in any case we'll find out later this year when CAT-astrophe Games releases their debut adventure on PC and consoles. 



Pulse Entertainment's Bad Mojo showed us in 1996 that being an insect can be a lot fun (in a game, that is). Now indie Polish developer Ovid Works is revisiting the concept in their upcoming Kafka-esque environmental puzzler Metamorphosis.



Spike Chunsoft has developed quite a reputation in recent years for quirky, riveting Japanese mystery adventures. Next up on their schedule isn't another Danganronpa or Zero Escape installment, but rather an all-new adventure called AI: The Somnium Files, which is due to arrive this summer. 



All visual novels, by their very nature, give players a somewhat godlike control over the direction of the story. But WILL: A Wonderful World takes that idea one significant step further, as PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch owners can find out for themselves this spring. 



Almost 15 years after the debut of Yume Nikki, and a year since the PC release of the updated reboot called Yume Nikki: Dream Diary, now the cult favourite horror adventure has arrived on Nintendo Switch.



Cyberpunk seems to be making a welcome resurgence in gaming these days. The latest title to delve into a dystopian future of high tech and lowly station is indie developer Insert Disk 22 – at least, they will if they're able to secure the necessary crowdfunding for Born Punk on Kickstarter. 



It's a good thing planets revolve in an orbit, because we completely missed Planet RIX-13 on its first pass when it launched in 2017 on PC. Now, however, the short retro-styled sci-fi adventure has come around again, this time on all three major consoles and PlayStation Vita.



The future of point-and-click adventures looks a little more promising today thanks to the announcement of the upcoming The Blind Prophet.



Do you ever get the feeling that different sides of your personality are wrestling for control within you? Well, in Superstring's Headspun, a unique FMV/adventure hybrid due out later this year, that concept will take on a very literal interpretation.



Vancouver is a gorgeous Canadian coastal city filled with people... but the same most definitely cannot be said about the "dystopian retrofuturistic" Vancouver of EggNut's successfully crowdfunded stealth adventure, Backbone.