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It seems adventure game developers finally got the memo: this genre can be multiplayer too! The latest to venture into still-largely-uncharted territory is a two-player co-operative puzzler from Other Tales Interactive called Tick Tock: A Tale for Two.



The question of whether videogames are art can be hotly debated, but Small Island Games' upcoming Haiku Adventure will make a strong case for "yes" next year, both when the game itself is released and when the craft behind it is exhibited at London's William Morris Gallery.



The disappearance of one's mother is bound to take an emotional toll on anyone. But in indie developer Ruben Pereira's upcoming point-and-click adventure The Irrational World of Damien, players will get a say in just what kind of person you wish to be in your desperate quest to find her.



The works of H.P. Lovecraft continue to be more popular than ever, at least among video game designers. The latest such adventure invokes the name of the "master of the horror genre" himself, in the form of OGUREC APPS's Lovecraft Quest – A Comix Game.



PsychoDev's retro-styled Chronicle of Innsmouth proved to be a delightful blend of comedy and horror when it was launched last year. Now the indie Italian developer is back with more Lovecraft-inspired fun in Mountains of Madness, but a little more serious and looking bigger and better than ever. Assuming, that is, that its upcoming Kickstarter is successful.



Many games refuse easy genre categorization, and some defy any attempts to classify them at all. Such is the case of the successfully Kickstarted text-driven thriller unmemory, coming to PC and mobile devices later this year.



Holmes and Watson; Batman and Robin; Jake and the Fatman – world-renowned investigative pairs, all. But now a new, much furrier duo is preparing to take the stage, courtesy of indie developer Cave Monsters' upcoming debut adventure.



Most people play games to escape the tedium of working at the office. But what if the game was about escaping the tedium of working at the office? This ironic challenge is at the heart of 11Sheep's appropriately-titled comic point-and-click adventure The Office Quest.



Solving puzzles may not seem like the most logical mission for the last remaining operative called upon to save the human race, but that's exactly what players will be doing as the titular hero of Returner 77, a former mobile-exclusive sci-fi puzzler that has just been ported to Windows and Mac. 



Adventure games aren't for dummies, so you're going to need to be a whole lot smarter than the protagonist of Megalithic Mainframe's The Idiot's Tale, a new point-and-click comic fantasy adventure now available for download. 



In last year's Lydia, indie Finnish developer Platonic Partnership tackled some dark issues in a very serious way, but they plan to take a more lighthearted approach to other "heavy topics" in their next project, King of Peasants, a "satirical adventure game about prejudice and stupidity." 



Frankenstein lives again! Or at least, he will if you're able to play your part of able assistant in Peeking Peacock's newly-released mobile exclusive Helping Frankenstein. 



It's not our place to pronounce who the devil awaits (if you think you're one of them... repent!), but we can tell you that The Devil Awaits VR is now available for mobile VR devices.



Adventure games are typically played at a leisurely pace, but what if time was of the essence? This is precisely the case in indie French studio Norseman Interactive's Somewhere: The Vault Papers, a mobile-exclusive interactive text thriller with real-time elements that's available now on iOS. 



The end of the world is no laughing matter... but the thought of it sure does lead to some interesting entertainment. The latest to use the apocalypse as a springboard to fun and games is Shapik: The Quest 2, the commercial sequel to a Samorost-style freeware adventure released in 2013.

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