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Latest Adventure Games News - Android



Ever feel like you might die of old age before completing some of the tougher adventure game puzzles you encounter? Well, that feeling just might have a little more validity in indie Finnish developer Jesse Makkonen's upcoming Heal.



Is there anything more guaranteed to lead to trouble than an unexpected inheritance from a deceased relative in an adventure game? It's a truism that will soon prove accurate once again in indie developer Fotros Games' upcoming point-and-click title, Lantern. 



Seeing is believing, but what if sight is not an option? This is the question Purple Jam are keen to answer with their inaugural audio game, Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story, which is currently raising funds through Kickstarter.



Beards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you'll get to try on a variety of different types next summer if indie developer Cleardot Games is able to secure Kickstarter funding for the upcoming RPG-styled adventure Who Stole My Beard?



Lots of adventure games task players with solving murders, but covering them up? That's a whole different story – or in the case of Blyts' newly-released Nobodies, eleven different stories.



Is a game still a game if it doesn't have a player? We'll find out later this year when Playerless: One Button Adventure by indie Polish developer Moonlit arrives on PC, consoles and mobile devices.



While Germany and Poland as a whole are well known for their prolific adventure game production, the same can't be said of the central European region of Lusatia in particular. Helping address that imbalance is Krabat and the Secret of the Sorbian King, a comedic historical adventure based on popular Sorbian legends that is now available for PC and mobile devices.



People spend way too much time glued to their phones, but it's okay when doing so just might help solve the case of young person's suspicious and untimely death, as will be the case in October with the release of SIMULACRA 2.



For their last adventure, the indie husband and wife developers at Brain&Brain created an interactive Scandinavian folklore called Burly Men at Sea. Their next game, however, will take place much farther west on much drier land when Wooden Nickel is released next year. 



A trip to see the aurora borealis is a worthy journey in its own right, but all the more so when it comes in a charming-looking family adventure like Nordlicht, a two-person German student project that is available now for PC and Android devices.



The first taste may be free, but the rest is gonna cost ya'. No, this isn't a commentary on drug addiction, but rather the reality of Escape Lala 2, a newly-released commercial fantasy follow-up to the 2018 escape-room freeware adventure.



The Roaring Twenties weren't all about jazz, flappers, and a booming post-war economy; they were also characterized by Prohibition, Tommy guns and senstational crimes. Guess which aspects make for a better game? German developer Sunlight Games certainly believes it's the latter, as they intend to prove soon enough with their upcoming adventure Gangsters 1920.



Cyberpunk seems to be making a welcome resurgence in gaming these days. The latest title to delve into a dystopian future of high tech and lowly station is indie developer Insert Disk 22 – at least, they will if they're able to secure the necessary crowdfunding for Born Punk on Kickstarter. 



Remember when phones used to be for calling people? Now they're maps, cameras, calculators, web browsers, you name it. But Strange Telephone goes one step further than that. In HZ3 Software's surreal retro-styled adventure, you can make calls to transport yourself to random different worlds. Of course, then you'll somehow find your way back home. 



Usually adventure games come to mobile devices after their PC counterparts, but every once in a while it's the other way around. Following the 2014 launch of Panmorphia on iOS and Android devices (and its desktop port two years later), now indie developer LKMAD's magical puzzle series is back with a sequel called Panmorphia: Enchanted.

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