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Latest Adventure Games News - Virtual Reality



Being isolated and lonely is often unpleasant in real life, but it can make for a compelling virtual experience, such as in Recluse Industries' newly released PSVR exclusive, Separation. 



When Lewis Carroll wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, even he probably couldn't have conceived of something like virtual reality ever coming to fruition. But some 150 years later that's exactly what's happened, and soon players can descend Down the Rabbit Hole themselves in VR.



Myths in pop culture are often associated with larger-than-life champions, pitched battles, and frenetic combat between men and beasts, but around the world there are countless examples of legends where the smallest of actions and unlikeliest of heroes have the greatest significance. EQQO, an adventure game inspired by “ancient Ethiopian legends,” is centered around just such a story, and is now arriving on Nintendo Switch after releasing last year on mobile VR and Android devices.



Eclipses are relatively rare, but if you wait long enough one is sure to come back around. Fortunately, this is also true of White Elk's Eclipse: Edge of Light, a former VR mobile exclusive that has just arrived on PC and consoles. 



Twin Peaks has always displayed a rather tenuous grip on reality, and now, nearly 30 years after its television debut, the popular David Lynch/Mark Frost franchise is ready to present gamers an equally tenuous grip on virtual reality with the release of Twin Peaks VR. 



Ever gone to sleep after wrestling with a puzzle and actually dreamt about it? Well, in Hypnotic Ants Studio's upcoming DREAMO you'll have no other choice than to solve the problems plaguing your subconscious in your sleep.



Archeology may be a largely academic pursuit in real life, but the exploits of tomb raiding spelunkers and obtainers of rare antiquities have been jazzed up with a little more excitement in popular entertainment. This will be true once again in indie Danish developer Rune Skovbo Johansen's upcoming room-scale VR action-adventure Eye of the Temple.



Technology is great, isn't it? It advances so fast and adds so much to our lives... until it all goes disastrously wrong. You can find out for yourselves just how wrong it can go for one unfortunate family in Kamile: The Fall, a short interactive drama in five parts that has just debuted on Early Access.



iNK Stories' 1979 Revolution: Black Friday cast players in the role of an unbiased photojournalist covering the "electrifying" events taking place in the midst of Iran's uprising. In the newly-released VR "companion piece" Blindfold, players will see for themselves what it means to be captured and interrogated for doing just that. 



You just can't escape Groundhog Day. Not really. Bill Murray may have managed it back in 1993, but the time-looping curse of Punxsutawney is ready to strike again in next month's VR exclusive Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son.



Losing a beloved pet can be a devastating experience, and finding one can be darn near impossible. Not so in Fast Travel Games' upcoming The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, however, which looks to be a delightfully charming virtual reality rescue experience. 



A young girl who mysteriously disappeared some twelve years ago. A mountaintop observatory standing guard at the edge of the world. An enigmatic journal hinting at an incredible connection between the two, and a wondrous world beyond the boundaries of imagination. These are just the first few breadcrumbs to follow in Coatsink’s newly-released VR adventure, Shadow Point.



Adventure gamers are pretty used to simplified controls, but what's even easier than point-and-click? How about a game where you use only your eyes (and head) to interact? VR owners have the opportunity to experience just such a game for themselves in Tale of the Fragmented Star – Single Fragment Version, which has just been ported to PlayStation VR after its PC release last year. 



You're sitting in a rowboat on a peaceful river. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a summer's afternoon, doesn't it? Not necessarily to Belgian developers Mantis, whose upcoming VR title Journey for Elysium casts you in the role of an unnamed warrior, killed in battle and now floating underworld-bound on the River Styx. Guided by a mysterious companion known as "the passenger", you must undertake a journey across time, history and myth to find the titular paradise, and ultimately redemption, in an "epic story inspired by Greek-Roman tragedy" currently seeking funding through Kickstarter.



Being a giant or a ghost would be enough to terrify most people, but both? That's precisely the challenge that will confront players in April in the aptly-titled PlayStation VR exclusive puzzle-adventure Ghost Giant.

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