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Latest Adventure Games News - Virtual Reality



It’s been said that music has healing properties. In Boston-based ROTU’s upcoming VR puzzle adventure, EOLIA, music’s power will be put to the test on a whole new level.



There’s nothing quite like going to the theater to see a movie on the big screen. Top Right Corner loves the theater experience too, and in their new VR-exclusive game, The Atlas Mystery, players will not only get to explore a historic Hollywood theater, but solve an age-old mystery.



While Ken and Roberta Williams are widely recognized as the pioneers of the graphic adventure with 1980's Mystery House, the first text adventure dates further back to Will Crowther's 1975 Colossal Cave (or ADVENT, or Adventure, as it was commonly known, thus inspiring the genre's name). Never before had Crowther's seminal work and the two legendary Sierra co-founders been connected in any way, but all that's about to change with the upcoming release of Colossal Cave 3D.



Uncovering the mysteries of abandoned space stations is one of the staples of science fiction films. In Labyrinth deLux: A Crusoe Tale, an upcoming new VR puzzle game from German developer Enigma Film, you will find yourself in just such a situation, where you must use the ancient technology available to find your way out.



Political intrigue seems destined to follow mankind wherever it goes, including to the moons of Jupiter, as we'll soon see for ourselves in GIB Games' upcoming VR-exclusive murder mystery, The Callisto.



For virtual reality adventurers, M Theory and Oddboy’s upcoming Wanderer seemingly has it all: a futuristic backdrop, a chatty AI wristwatch, time travel with the ability to traverse great distances and insinuate yourself into significant historical events, and even opportunities to meet famous figures from the past. Oh, but you’ll need to save the world while you’re at it. No pressure.



We often refer to the rhythm of life and living in harmony with nature, using music as a metaphor. But what if music weren't just an analogy, but instead represented the basis of a powerful magic system? That's one of the ideas driving Ionia, the newly released first game in the Rhythm of the Universe series of VR-exclusive action-puzzle adventures by ROTU Entertainment. 



Life in a wheelchair inevitably poses certain physical challenges that others aren't forced to confront, but what if you had the ability to manipulate gravity to even the playing field? Players will be able to do just that as the protagonist of Gravitational, an upcoming VR environmental physics puzzler from Brazilian developer Studica Solution.



The cyberpunk genre often provides a uniquely dystopian glimpse into humanity’s future. Next to continue this tradition is indie Australian developer OD1N Studios’ upcoming N1NE: The Splintered Mind, a planned trilogy set in a world “torn between monopolistic conglomerates and ruthless gangs.”



When we eventually develop an artificial intelligence (AI) able to govern the entire planet, what will we do with it? It could turn out to be the most rational ruler we've ever had and open the door to Utopia, or it could go full Skynet. We'd definitely need to test it super-thoroughly, and indie Brazilian developer Ludact has an idea about what that might look like, as revealed in the early access release of Unbinary. 



When you think of film noir, your first association probably isn't "futuristic VR robot mystery," but that's exactly what we'll be getting later this year in indie Israeli developer Peanut Button's upcoming The Secret of Retropolis.



Masks are probably the last thing anyone wants to think about these days, but it's a whole different kind of face coverings at the heart of Maskmaker, an upcoming virtual reality puzzle-adventure from the creators of A Fisherman's Tale.  



Ever wanted to pilot your own mech? Imagine the power, the size, the awesome technology behind it. And then imagine ... how the heck you're actually going to drive this thing – especially if it's alien and comes with no instruction manual. This is the basic premise behind A Rogue Escape, a VR reimagining of 2019's intriguing sci-fi sim Nauticrawl.



We've probably all dreamed we could fly, but have you ever woken up from that dream to find out you CAN fly? Well, VR gamers will have the chance to do just that with today's release of Visiontrick Media's Mare.



Most escape room adventures are simple affairs that confine you to a single space at a time until you manage to get out. Not so with Flow Weaver, an upcoming VR exclusive that lets you transport yourself to multiple dimensions – or perhaps, transport them to you – in order to break free of your physical contraints.

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