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Sometimes it's hard to know where science fiction ends and fantasy begins (or vice versa), and that will be particularly true in the newly-released "fantasy mystery puzzle VR game" The Last Letter. 



Most videogame campaigns on Kickstarter are largely for production costs, but Japanese developer Amata is taking a different approach, seeking additional funding for marketing their upcoming escape-the-room VR adventure, Last Labyrinth.



You probably don't normally associate video games with part of the healing process from broken relationships, but filling that void is precisely the aim of indie developer Fire Mammoth with The Goodbye Room: Escape Your Ex, an upcoming "tender and queer first-person adventure" in search of crowdfunding on Kickstarer. 



The new year brings new games to look forward to, and one of the first out of the chute is indie developer Black Mouse's VR exclusive, Profundum.



While Supermassive Games is best known for its cinematic horror adventure Until Dawn on PlayStation 4, and is currently working on the multi-platform The Dark Pictures anthology, quietly the team was also partnering with Google to produce the newly-released Daydream exclusive Shattered State. 



Virtual reality continues to be a go-to source for modern puzzlers, the latest being Secret Location’s newly-released Transpose. 



You've heard of thinking outside the box? Well, get ready to think inside the cube in Neverout, a Portal-esque puzzler that has just been ported to new platforms. 



Last year Charm Games gave us FORM, an abstract virtual reality puzzler set largely in a world of darkness filled with mechanical devices. For their next act, the indie developer has turned on the lights for more a more fantastical adventure, the newly-released Twilight Path. 



With the advent of virtual reality, it seems like the artificial world is more lifelike than ever, and that goes double for Chiaro and the Elixir of Life, an upcoming VR-exclusive sci-fi/fantasy adventure that was recently funded through Kickstarter. 



Slowly but surely, virtual reality is beginning to absorb the kind of first-person exploratory puzzlers that were once the near-exclusive domain of standard PC displays. The latest such game to hop on the VR bandwagon is Aspyr Media's Torn, a "dark-science fiction mystery inspired by The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror" (the TV show, not the game). 



Cloud-connected personal assistants aside, it will probably be some time before the robots come for our jobs in earnest. But the upcoming sci-fi adventure ManMade aims to explore what our lives might be like if the AI revolution really does take a turn for the worse, and how the very people who helped create it might be driven to rebel against a world of their own making.



First-person VR lets players see the world the same way that their in-game avatar sees it, putting us right into the character’s shoes and immersing us in the sights and sounds of the virtual universe. Putting a spin on the standard formula, Italian studio Tiny Bull is using the same technology not to enhance visual immersion, but to limit it in their upcoming narrative-driven psychological thriller, Blind.



Real-time adventures are a tough thing to pull off, which is probably why we get so few of them and The Last Express continues to be so beloved two decades after its release. But now Tequila Works is hoping to break into that space with The Invisible Hours, a murder mystery whodunit designed in the style of "immersive theater."



It's not our place to pronounce who the devil awaits (if you think you're one of them... repent!), but we can tell you that The Devil Awaits VR is now available for mobile VR devices.



As gamers we are used to picking up the pieces of a post-apocalyptic world, but what if we could save humanity in the midst of its cataclysmic destruction? Virtual reality players now have the opportunity to do just that – at least in part – thanks to the launch of Innocent VR on HTC Vive.

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