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Latest Adventure Games News - PlayStation



Social media is already a (way too) big part of our lives, but that's nothing compared to a future when entire virtual networks become available to lose ourselves in entirely. One vision of just such a future is coming soon in the form of Extra Coin, a new adventure from the Italian creators of The Wardrobe.



Polish science fiction author Stanisław Lem’s works, such as Solaris, tend to be mysterious and philosophical in tone, so it may be a little surprising that no major adventure game adaptations of his work have surfaced over the years, given the genre’s affinity for such themes. However, that oversight is soon to change with the announcement of The Invincible, a horror game inspired by Lem’s novel of the same name, primed to launch next year.



Playing psychological horror games without freaking out can be hard enough without the protagonist being on the verge of losing his or her mind as well, but we'll have to contend with both sets of challenges when indie developer Twisted II Studio's Dark Fracture debuts on Early Access early next year.



Music has always been an integral part of gaming but is often a fairly reactive or complementary element. Rarely does the soundtrack influence the action, but this unusual mechanic is the driving force behind Of Bird and Cage, an upcoming narrative adventure game by Capricia Productions, showcased at gamescom 2020 and set to debut next year.



Most adventure games allow players to have some impact on their surroundings, but few let players help shape the world itself, as will Sunhead Games' Carto when it's released later this year.



Stranga Games has previously graced us with two self-funded adventures, Just Ignore Them and My Big Sister, but the solo indie developer's next game is going to take a little financial help to become reality.



In the real world we only get one shot at life, so we need to make the most of our opportunities and choices and hope for the best. In videogames, however, we're sometimes offered a do-over, as in Armature Studio's upcoming PlayStation exclusive, Where the Heart Is. 



A group of students, camping in the woods, alone in the dark among the whispering trees. If you're thinking that sounds a lot like a set-up for a horror story, well, you'd be absolutely right. Re:Turn – One Way Trip is an upcoming 2D horror adventure by London-based indie developers Red Ego Games that combines unspeakable evil, time travel and mystery into a spooky ride.    



Cross-country road trips are fun. Or at least, they can be when you're not pregnant and on the run with enemies both on your tail and standing in your way. Then again, maybe that makes it more fun. That's certainly what Red Thread Games believes, as they've just formally unveiled their next title, an "alternate-future Neo-Western" action-adventure game called Dustborn.



When you find yourself lost in a surreal world filled with puzzles, the only way out is to keep moving forward. At least, that's very much the case with the suitably titled Ever Forward, an upcoming 3D platforming adventure from Pathea Games, creators of the acclaimed sandbox RPG My Time at Portia.  



The Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson we've come to know and love are distinguished middle-aged gentlemen with years of experience under their belts. But how did such an impressive legacy begin? Next year we'll get a glimpse of part of that answer, as Frogwares today unveiled a prequel adventure in their long-running series, called Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. 



Dreams, whether they be blissful or nightmarish, are uniquely yours. Aren't they? Not in the land of Oniria Crimes, where humanity has built the world's first dream city. Of course, the optimistically named Palace of Desires is far from perfect: wherever people go, power, politics and crime are rarely far behind. Mixing visual novel-style storytelling with point-and-click mechanics in a distinctive Minecraft-esque voxel world, the upcoming adventure by Spanish developer cKolmos is a classic noir mystery with a twist.



Thank goodness advanced civilizations leave no instruction manuals behind when they become extinct. Otherwise, where would be the fun in figuring out how everything works? The latest game to embrace this familiar formula is KOStudios' Illusive Gate, a Myst-style adventure currently seeking funding through Kickstarter.





While Jack the Ripper still gets the most attention among famous unsolved murders, the Zodiac isn't far behind. The latest attempt to determine the identity of the never-caught serial killer in California in the late '60s and early '70s is Punch Punk Games' upcoming stealth thriller, This is the Zodiac Speaking. 

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