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Showing the latest articles sorted by date published on Adventure Gamers. You can also view our complete list of top reviewed adventure games, search through or browse our Games Database (A-Z).

Embracelet review Article

Embracelet review

This lovely, low-poly Norwegian island adventure is a storytelling gem that outshines most of its bigger-budgeted contemporaries.

Review score - 4.5 Read the review » Oct 23, 2020
Evan’s Remains review Article

Evan’s Remains review

This lovely puzzle-platformer is a charming blend of story and gameplay, at least until it becomes buried in exposition toward the end.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Oct 22, 2020
Fire Escape review Article

Fire Escape review

Rather than rising to the level of Rear Window, this melodramatic apartment-spying adventure is content to stop at an hour of replayable camp fun.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Oct 21, 2020
The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera review Article

The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera review

While the humour and violence is often tasteless, this scrappy little four-part indie adventure pays back an early investment by getting better as it goes along.

Review score - 3 Read the review » Oct 20, 2020
When the Past was Around review Article

When the Past Was Around review

This lovely, wordless adventure won't pose much challenge but presents an emotionally touching story about love and loss, and all the strings attached.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Oct 19, 2020
The Signifier review Article

The Signifier review

This surreal first-person mystery adventure might leave your head spinning, but it conveys a cleverly layered sci-fi story through a distinctive visual style and unusual gameplay mechanics.

Review score - 3 Read the review » Oct 16, 2020
Syberia: The World Before first look preview Article

Syberia: The World Before - first look preview

A surprise early prologue of Benoît Sokal's new adventure provides a promising glimpse of what comes next for Kate Walker and friends.

Read preview Oct 14, 2020
Welcome to Elk review Article

Welcome to Elk review

This unique adventure based on collected real-life experiences should be warmly received by those who enjoy emotionally powerful story-driven experiences.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Oct 12, 2020
There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension review Article

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension review

There is no review of a non-game that isn't a brilliantly hilarious deconstruction of various genres while still not remaining a delightfully clever outside-the-box adventure at heart.

Review score - 5 Read the review » Oct 9, 2020
The Sierra Adventure excerpt #1 Article

The Sierra Adventure: The Story of Sierra On-Line giveaway contest

The complete written history of Sierra (or as much as will cram into 361 pages) will soon be at the fingertips of five lucky winners!

Read contest Oct 7, 2020
Investi-Gator: The Case of the Big Crime review Article

Investi-Gator: The Case of the Big Crime review

There's little evidence of challenge, but if what's missing in your life is some whimsical fun, you may just find it in this short but sweet animal detective mystery.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Oct 5, 2020
Video Feature Article

Five Top Upcoming Adventure Games of October 2020 video preview

If you're uncertain what's ahead, this month's trailer compilation is a reminder of the promising adventures coming soon that we know you'll love.

View video preview Oct 2, 2020
Lancelot’s Hangover review Article

Lancelot’s Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze review

A visually distinctive, thoroughly irreverent medieval romp is what's on tap in this fun Monty Python-inspired point-and-click comic adventure.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Oct 1, 2020
Erica review Article

Erica review

This PS4-exclusive interactive movie deserves a hand for its slick FMV production, but it's let down by odd pacing and plot choices.

Review score - 2 Read the review » Sep 30, 2020
KAPIA video interview Article

Video interview: KAPIA’s Anna Antonova interview

Joshua Cleveland sits down with one half of the husband and wife team behind the quirky 3D sci-fi adventure currently on Kickstarter.

Read interview Sep 29, 2020

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