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Life Is Strange 2: Episode 1 – Roads review

The second full season hits the ground running with an immersive first episode featuring a whole new cast, story, and branching narrative possibilities.

Read the review » Jan 18, 2019

Moon Castle review

This Myst-style adventure offers a serious challenge, though it'll leave even the most ardent puzzle fan howling at the many technical issues.

Read the review » Jan 16, 2019

Here They Lie review

This PlayStation horror exclusive is rich in disturbing atmosphere, but honestly there's very little gameplay or comprehensible story resting deep within it.

Read the review » Jan 14, 2019

Nelson and the Magic Cauldron review

Though it could use more seasoning, this traditional indie adventure brews up a pleasant little inventory-laden, point-and-click experience.

Read the review » Jan 11, 2019

Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk review

The visual novel series from Japan is back with a new mystery anthology, but even the pretense of gameplay is found lacking this time around.

Read the review » Jan 9, 2019

Lupus in Fabula review

This charmingly quirky side-scrolling puzzler blends Flemish Renaissance, time displacement, fantastical monsters and more for an enjoyable bite-sized adventure experience.

Read the review » Jan 7, 2019

Beyond the Sky review

This delightful fairy tale adventure will win you over with its storybook-style charm and help overcome any fear of challenging logic puzzles.

Read the review » Jan 4, 2019

The Red Strings Club review

It sets a low bar for interactivity, but this dialogue-heavy cyberpunk sim serves up an intriguing narrative experience.

Read the review » Jan 2, 2019

A Month of Movies: January 2019 releases video preview

New year, new month, new adventure games to look forward to, as highlighted in Gamewalker's latest trailer compilation.

View video preview Dec 31, 2018

Toonstruck flashback review

Great Scott! It's a rare AG re-review for a digital re-release of a classic animated adventure that deserves to be a hit.


An FMV Christmas 2018: Season’s Greetings

Do you see what we see? It's more than 25 top developers personally wishing the adventure community a very happy holidays on film.

Read more Dec 24, 2018

Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Elements hands-on preview

With Himalaya's long-awaited adventure-RPG nearly upon us, we've conjured up an early look and found it really rocks so far.

Read preview Dec 21, 2018

Gray Dawn review

Holy smokes, this heavily religious-themed, first-person horror adventure is equal parts gorgeous and disturbing.

Read the review » Dec 19, 2018

Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna review

This slick-looking sci-fi adventure launches with promise, but stalls abruptly before it can stick the landing, with free DLC promised to finish the story later on.

Read the review » Dec 17, 2018

Shenmue flashback review

Finally ported and rereleased with its sequel, we take our best shot at this ambitious, pioneering genre-blender with a two-in-one review.

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