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Latest Adventure Games News page 6



Adventure gamers are pretty used to simplified controls, but what's even easier than point-and-click? How about a game where you use only your eyes (and head) to interact? VR owners have the opportunity to experience just such a game for themselves in Tale of the Fragmented Star – Single Fragment Version, which has just been ported to PlayStation VR after its PC release last year. 



If you could talk to a future version of yourself, what would you say? And what if that future you is responsible for a horrific event, and only (the present) you can hope to talk them (you) out of it? If your head is spinning already, then get a load of Your Future Self, an "experimental text adventure" recently released by indie UK developer Contortionist Games.



A mysterious spaceship crash lands in the wilderness, and a squad of elite soldiers is sent to investigate. Sounds like the setup to a squad-based shooter or RPG, doesn't it? Not to Serbian developer Eipix Interactive, whose upcoming Lightstep Chronicles instead presents a stunningly-realised world but eschews action in favour of thoughtful conversations and light puzzling.



Learning a new language is never easy. And most of us probably wouldn't consider it "fun" in the traditional sense. But the indie Danish sister/brother team of Sascha and Simon Altschuler at Tideshell Studio hopes to make mastering a brand new language a central part of an entertaining adventure experience in the upcoming Noon's Journey.



If you like your adventures games to be solitary experiences, then you'll really enjoy Through Abandoned, a three-part indie trilogy that is now complete with the launch of the final installment, The Refuge. 



It's been a long time coming, but at long last fans of Revolution's classic dystopian cyberpunk adventure Beneath a Steel Sky can look forward to a sequel, as the acclaimed UK studio today unveiled the first details of Beyond a Steel Sky, due out later this year. 



While head movement can be an integral part of new VR experiences, it's rare for a game on a traditional monitor to incorporate that kind of motion control. But that's precisely what indie developer LimboLane has done with their upcoming experimental adventure, Smile for Me.



Next time someone claims you need therapy, now you can simply nod, thank them, and look forward to the launch of Confused Pigeon Studios's upcoming Therapy, which is currently seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter. 



Archeologists tend to dig up ancient artifacts like primitive tools, burial chambers, and even dinosaur bones. But what will our distant future descendants make of the items they dig up from our times? We'll find out later this year with the release of Pirita Studio's comic point-and-click adventure, Mutropolis. 



Next time you come home from a hard day at the office and declare your job a nightmare, better think again. You don't know workplace nightmares until you've tried indie developer Baroque Decay's Yuppie Psycho, a retro-styled survival horror adventure coming soon to PC.



You're sitting in a rowboat on a peaceful river. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a summer's afternoon, doesn't it? Not necessarily to Belgian developers Mantis, whose upcoming VR title Journey for Elysium casts you in the role of an unnamed warrior, killed in battle and now floating underworld-bound on the River Styx. Guided by a mysterious companion known as "the passenger", you must undertake a journey across time, history and myth to find the titular paradise, and ultimately redemption, in an "epic story inspired by Greek-Roman tragedy" currently seeking funding through Kickstarter.



The first day at a new school is always a challenge. It's even more challenging when you keep reliving the same day over and over, Bill Murray style, as you will in indie developer Moloch Media's newly released Mars Underground.



Being a giant or a ghost would be enough to terrify most people, but both? That's precisely the challenge that will confront players in April in the aptly-titled PlayStation VR exclusive puzzle-adventure Ghost Giant.



Presenting a very literal meaning to the term "marked for death," PC players will soon be able to find out for themselves what console players have known for a while when the mature-themed visual novel-styled horror adventure Death Mark is released in April.



Childhood reminiscence is a wonderful thing, but how we view the events of our early years is different when we grow up than it was back in our youthful, carefree days. Indie developer Brian Wilson of Wakefield Interactive aims to explore those different perspectives in Where the Bees Make Honey, a "puzzle-adventure about reflection and nostalgia" that is due to launch shortly on PC.

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