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Latest Adventure Games News page 6



Did the lost island of Atlantis every really exist? And if so, what actually happened to it? The answers to these questions, at least according to the upcoming VR adventure Ryte: The Eye of Atlantis, is a resounding "yes" and "you'll soon find out!"



Social media is already a (way too) big part of our lives, but that's nothing compared to a future when entire virtual networks become available to lose ourselves in entirely. One vision of just such a future is coming soon in the form of Extra Coin, a new adventure from the Italian creators of The Wardrobe.



If you instinctively equate the letters ABC with "always be closing," then indie Canadian developer Naturally Intelligent's Dirty Land: Thrill of the Sale is for you. But for that to happen, the upcoming narrative adventure inspired by classic sales films from the eighties and nineties will first need to close its own deal on Kickstarter. 



What is it about old eccentric relatives who not only leave you an unexpected fortune upon their deaths, but make you jump through crazy hoops to claim it? Well, thank goodness they do, at least in the gaming world, as is the case once again in indie developer Crimsonite Games' newly released puzzler Gordian Rooms: A curious heritage.



There can surely be nothing more terrifying to a parent than to have their child abducted – except perhaps having to pursue that child into a world "full of demonic and deformed characters and locations" that reflect one's own tormented psyche. This is the daunting task that will face players next year in Unholy, a stylish upcoming stealth-horror from Polish studio Duality Games. 



Polish science fiction author Stanisław Lem’s works, such as Solaris, tend to be mysterious and philosophical in tone, so it may be a little surprising that no major adventure game adaptations of his work have surfaced over the years, given the genre’s affinity for such themes. However, that oversight is soon to change with the announcement of The Invincible, a horror game inspired by Lem’s novel of the same name, primed to launch next year.



Curiosity may not always kill the cat, but it could certainly get one lost. Such is the fate of the feline star of Johan Scherft's upcoming casual indie adventure, Milo and the Magpies.



A well-placed cloth can cover a multitude of sins, but in the upcoming adventure Hadr, it can (and must) actually make things disappear!



Step aside, April Ryan. It's time for a new protagonist able to bridge parallel worlds. Or at least, it soon will be if indie developer Miguel H. Death's Nocturnal Visitors is able to reach its modest crowdfunding goal.



Regardless of culture, no good ever comes from the dead lingering in the spirit world instead of moving on. In indie developer Misty Mountain Studio's upcoming The Rewinder, it will be up to you to figure out why some spirits are unable to be reincarnated and help them to do so through the use of a helpful time-altering mechanic. 



Playing psychological horror games without freaking out can be hard enough without the protagonist being on the verge of losing his or her mind as well, but we'll have to contend with both sets of challenges when indie developer Twisted II Studio's Dark Fracture debuts on Early Access early next year.



With their mysterious locales, brain-bending obstacles, and promise of glittering treasures, adventure games often strive to provide a more relaxed alternative to the swashbuckling escapades of the likes of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones while still retaining the atmosphere that makes their exotic settings so enticing to explore. Following in these time-honored footsteps is the upcoming Palladium: Adventure in Greece, currently in development by NLB project.



It's hard to put one's finger on, but there just seems to be something magical about the power of music. This will be even more true – very tangibly so – in indie German developer Hanging Gardens Interactive's upcoming Sonority.



Music has always been an integral part of gaming but is often a fairly reactive or complementary element. Rarely does the soundtrack influence the action, but this unusual mechanic is the driving force behind Of Bird and Cage, an upcoming narrative adventure game by Capricia Productions, showcased at gamescom 2020 and set to debut next year.



Though the term "witch hunt" may be used primarily for political purposes these days, there was a time when such crusades were very real. We'll soon get to participate in one such literal witch hunt (albeit in a fictional story as the hunted rather than the hunter) in indie developer Haunted Lantern Games' upcoming Coven.

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