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Latest Adventure Games News page 9



Judgment is coming for living a life of sin, and it doesn't even require God to deliver it – according to indie developer Noam Matam Rotam, at least, in his newly-released psychological horror puzzler Forgiveness.



A game set entirely in a single house may seem somewhat confining, but not when you get to travel through time to experience multiple variations of it, like we can do now in BinaryBox Studios' newly-released horror adventure Apartment 327.



You'd think saving the world from a creature mystically summoned to our dimension might earn an FBI agent a vacation, but the star of Evil Grog Games' Lovecraftian freeware adventure Curse of the Old Gods is right back at it in an upcoming commercial sequel called The Jester and the Madman, which is currently seeking support through Kickstarter. 



Most detective mysteries boil down to players doing the legwork while the hero makes the deductions and solves the actual crimes. Not so in Games By Bees' Investi-Gator and the Case of the Big Crime, a collection of comedic episodic adventures that is currently seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter. 



The geeks are taking over the world! Or more accurately, they may soon be the last people standing, at least according to indie French developer Adipson Studio's newly-released 3 GEEKS.



Red Candle Games left us seriously unnerved but thoroughly delighted with their debut release of Detention in 2017. Now the indie Taiwanese developer has released another Asian-flavoured horror adventure, though Devotion looks a whole lot different than its predecessor.  



If you're looking to take a trip, you can do so today in more ways than one in Innovative Underdogs' newly-released point-and-click indie adventure, The Antidote.



Dozing off on the train may seem like a good way to pass the time, but not so much when you wake up to discover you're arrived in an alternate dimension. Whoops! Players will need to confront just such a scenario in GRUNND, an upcoming narrative-driven adventure from indie developer Neoteric Rites.



High seas pirates may seem like a thing of the long-lost past (at least in the traditional sense), but perhaps that's not as true as we've been led to believe? We may just find out differently with the release of the very alliteratively-named Traces and Trails: The Tomb of Thomas Tew. 



Sometimes the greatest feats can be accomplished by the smallest, least likely heroes. Such will be the case in Goldborough Studio's upcoming Yami – or will if the indie developer can secure the necessary funding through Kickstarter to complete the game.



The dystopian future of Earth may be a cyberpunk mess in the Neofeud universe, but the future for the series itself is looking pretty darn good with the first details unveiled for Silver Spook Games' upcoming Neofeud 2.



If you hate mazes, stop reading now, but if the thought of a labyrinthine adventure appeals to your masochistic tendencies, then you'll be thrilled to hear about the PC launch of Mr. Maze.



Sometimes it's hard to know where science fiction ends and fantasy begins (or vice versa), and that will be particularly true in the newly-released "fantasy mystery puzzle VR game" The Last Letter. 



People from "hill" towns really seem to be cursed – first Silent Hill, now White Hill. While the former is well known to many, the latter is entirely new but now open to visitors in Red Mount Media's newly-released side-scroller, Ellen. 



Cyberpunk seems to be making a welcome resurgence in gaming these days. The latest title to delve into a dystopian future of high tech and lowly station is indie developer Insert Disk 22 – at least, they will if they're able to secure the necessary crowdfunding for Born Punk on Kickstarter. 

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