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Latest Adventure Games News page 10



It's a good thing planets revolve in an orbit, because we completely missed Planet RIX-13 on its first pass when it launched in 2017 on PC. Now, however, the short retro-styled sci-fi adventure has come around again, this time on all three major consoles and PlayStation Vita.



Remember when phones used to be for calling people? Now they're maps, cameras, calculators, web browsers, you name it. But Strange Telephone goes one step further than that. In HZ3 Software's surreal retro-styled adventure, you can make calls to transport yourself to random different worlds. Of course, then you'll somehow find your way back home. 



Most videogame campaigns on Kickstarter are largely for production costs, but Japanese developer Amata is taking a different approach, seeking additional funding for marketing their upcoming escape-the-room VR adventure, Last Labyrinth.



Bloober Team's Layers of Fear franchise is about to get a whole second layer, as the Polish developer has pulled back the curtain on an upcoming sequel to its 2016 psychological horror adventure. 



You probably don't normally associate video games with part of the healing process from broken relationships, but filling that void is precisely the aim of indie developer Fire Mammoth with The Goodbye Room: Escape Your Ex, an upcoming "tender and queer first-person adventure" in search of crowdfunding on Kickstarer. 



While many would probably appreciate the benefits of implanting a computer chip in their brains to permanently banish memory loss, others might question the wisdom of allowing such an invasive procedure, especially under the watchful eyes of omnipotent megacorporations. Such is the futuristic backdrop of dont_forget_me, an upcoming cyberpunk point-and-click adventure now seeking funds on Kickstarter.



Some games fall squarely into one type of adventure or another, while others draw a little bit of influence from multiple sources. The latter is most definitely true of Stories of Feallan: Journey of a boy named Igil, an indie Russian title by Graphium Studio that is currently seeking crowdfunding through Indiegogo.



Usually adventure games come to mobile devices after their PC counterparts, but every once in a while it's the other way around. Following the 2014 launch of Panmorphia on iOS and Android devices (and its desktop port two years later), now indie developer LKMAD's magical puzzle series is back with a sequel called Panmorphia: Enchanted.



Usually when we use the word "retro," we're referring to games that mimic the pixel art classics from the early '90s, but indie German developer Hypnotic Owl is going back even further with The Pepper Prince, a five-part series of short fairy tale installments presented in rhyme and ASCII graphics. 



Losing both of one's parents in a car crash would be devastating enough, but finding yourself lost in a supernatural forest immediately afterwards is even worse. And yet, as we'll discover later this year with the release of Made From Strings' surreal Moonrise Fall, in loss we can sometimes discover new beginnings in the most unlikely of places. 



The new year brings new games to look forward to, and one of the first out of the chute is indie developer Black Mouse's VR exclusive, Profundum.



Normally it's best to prevent a fire from roaming freely through a forest, but it's okay when that fire is you and you're really just trying to get back home, as in Hello Games' upcoming short adventure, The Last Campfire. 



What do you know about Indonesian folklore horror? Chances are, unless you've had some firsthand experience with the region and its culture, the answer is probably "not much." But that's about to change with the release of Pamali, a first-person 3D horror anthology that has debuted on Steam with the first of four installments, "The White Lady."



Each new announcement shines a little light on an upcoming adventure, but rarely quite so literally as in the case of indie developer Gossamer Games' upcoming Sole.



Paintings live on long after their creators are deceased, but what if an artist dies mysteriously before finishing her greatest work and only you can help put her soul to rest? This is the premise behind indie developer Ator Neba's upcoming first-person adventure, Blind Souls.

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