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Dreams, whether they be blissful or nightmarish, are uniquely yours. Aren't they? Not in the land of Oniria Crimes, where humanity has built the world's first dream city. Of course, the optimistically named Palace of Desires is far from perfect: wherever people go, power, politics and crime are rarely far behind. Mixing visual novel-style storytelling with point-and-click mechanics in a distinctive Minecraft-esque voxel world, the upcoming adventure by Spanish developer cKolmos is a classic noir mystery with a twist.



Westmark Manor is the kind of epic, gothic estate that would have quite a story to tell if its walls could talk. Of course, in this case there’s a good chance they actually can, and the tale they’d tell is one of terror, occult rituals, dark secrets, and madness in Nodbrim Interactive’s upcoming Lovecraftian survival horror adventure.



Ask most teens about high school and they'll tell you it's a bit of a nightmare. Well, in Polish developer Genius Slackers' upcoming horror adventure What Happened, it becomes a literal nightmare for one poor student. Once just a regular school, it's suddenly populated by demons, both real and imaginary, that the young protagonist will have to face if he ever wants to reach the light at the end of the tunnel and find a way home. 



In traditional fantasy literature, elfs and orcs have never gotten along. But rarely has the conflict between the two races been quite so distinctive or pronounced as it is in the upcoming visual novel-styled adventure, Antasia Noir.



Harmony is such a fragile thing that is so easily disrupted and so difficult to restore. That is true not only figuratively but literally in indie developer Coutal Games' newly released point-and-click adventure Suli: Fallen Harmony.



Many Lovecraft-inspired stories take place in dreary villages in the American northeast, but sometimes horror can be found in the most scenic of places, as we'll discover later this year with the upcoming release of Out of the Blue's Call of the Sea.



The sick and twisted minds – and we mean that in the best possible way – at Bloober Team are at it again. After not one but two different horror adventures released in 2019 (Blair Witch, Layers of Fear 2), the indie Polish developer is now setting its sights on its "largest and most ambitious project to date" called The Medium.



Comic pirate adventures never go out of fashion in the adventure genre, and the latest game hoping join the ranks is indie German developer Christoph Schultz's upcoming Cleo: A Pirate's Tale, currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. 



Sam & Max who? LucasArts' famed Freelance Police aren't the only buddy cops with adventure games of their own – or at least, they won't be early next year with the upcoming release of Sinking Sheep's Mike & Tyler. 



In 2018, indie Dutch developer HomeBearStudio introduced us to the beautiful fantasy world of NAIRI. But Tower of Shirin was not the end of the adventure, only the beginning, and now players can look forward to the next installment with the announcement of NAIRI: Rising Tide. 



Most adventure game protagonists have sticky fingers out of necessity, but it's rare to find one who enjoys stealing just for kicks or reputation. The titular protagonist of indie developers Verónica Rodríguez and Antonio Carlón's upcoming comic western adventure Lone McLonegan is one of the latter, as we'll find out later this year.



Perhaps the only thing creepier than roaming a dark old house in a video game is doing so in a virtual reality video game. Those brave enough and sufficiently equipped should brace themselves for doing just that, as indie Spanish developer Come Over Gaming's DreamBack VR is due to arrive later this spring.



There have been more than enough tragic reports of real-world horrors coming from Italy of late, so thankfully the announcement of FuocoFatuo's upcoming Deeproot Manor represents a horror experience of a much more welcome kind. 



Cameras are everywhere these days, and it's becoming increasingly difficult for would-be criminals to evade them. Soon you can use this to your adventure in Wreck Tangle Games' upcoming collection of crime mysteries called CAMEO: CCTV Detective.



Independent Macedonian developer Intetic has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the opening act of its debut mystery adventure, The Strange Story of Brian Fisher, and has now released the first chapter for PC via Steam.

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