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Recommended for Nintendo – Switch / Wii / DS (randomly selected)


Latest Articles - Nintendo

The Bradwell Conspiracy

review The Bradwell Conspiracy

It's rough around the edges, but there's plenty of style and substance to this timely single player adventure that feels like a two-player co-op experience.

Read review Nov 18, 2019

review Headspun

This unique hybrid is a mind-blowing collision of FMV adventure and resource management, but its rough edges are something to think twice about.

Read review Nov 11, 2019
Outlast 2

review Outlast 2

The horror sequel has plenty more atmospheric jump scares, but a weak story and balance issues should prevent it from becoming the cult hit its predecessor was.

Read review Oct 23, 2019

review Wandersong

Everything works in delightful harmony in this pitch-perfect musical side-scroller with platforming elements that is sure to lift your spirits.

Read review Sep 23, 2019
Yume Nikki – Dream Diary

review Yume Nikki – Dream Diary

This reimagining of a 15-year-old cult freeware hit represents an intriguing jump to 3D whose design decisions can't quite stick the landing.

Read review Aug 12, 2019
The Sinking City

review The Sinking City

Frogwares' Lovecraftian action-adventure is somewhat dragged down by its own ambition, but ultimately emerges as an enjoyably atmospheric thriller.

Read review Jul 12, 2019
Close to the Sun

review Close to the Sun

An otherwise decent Tesla-inspired thriller is held back somewhat by watered-down gameplay and horror elements.

Read review Jun 3, 2019

Game Announcements - Nintendo

Fractured Minds comes together on PC and consoles

Interactive exploration of mental illness available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Read more Nov 16, 2019

Countdown begins until Murder By Numbers

Visual novel-style, '90s-themed 'Hollywood whodunnit' coming to PC and Switch in 2020.

Read more Nov 14, 2019

Tangle Tower constructed for PC, Switch and iOS on Apple Arcade

Murder mystery puzzler from the creators of Detective Grimoire available now for download.

Read more Oct 22, 2019

Felix the Reaper dances onto PC and consoles

Musical romantic comedy puzzler available now on Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Read more Oct 21, 2019

Localized update of YU-NO unbound

Remake of 1996 Japanese time-traveling adventure available now on PC, PS4 and Switch.

Read more Oct 12, 2019

First details give account of Dragon Audit

Comedic 3D fantasy adventure coming to PC, PS4 and Switch next year.

Read more Sep 24, 2019

Some Distant Memory drawing closer on PC and Switch

Hand-drawn adventure about reconstructing pre-apocalyptic memories coming later this year.

Read more Sep 15, 2019

Latest Screenshots - Nintendo Adventure Games


Community reviews - Nintendo (randomly selected)

Review of Kentucky Route Zero: Act III

Rating - 45

Rating by Joakim posted on Mar 22, 2016

Exceptinal, but not for everyone