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Adventure Games for Nintendo

Latest reviews for adventure games - Nintendo

Spirit of the North

review Spirit of the North

This open world fox adventure looks and sounds great, but it lacks the sly gameplay and backstory to bring the experience to life.

The Academy: The First Riddle

review The Academy: The First Riddle

It's held back somewhat by a limited mechanics and lack of gameplay integration, but otherwise this charming fantasy puzzle-fest passes the fun test with flying colours.

In Other Waters

review In Other Waters

This sim-styled exploration of an alien ocean is richly imaginative and thoroughly engaging, delving deep into themes that are sure to hit close to home.

Eclipse: Edge of Light

review Eclipse: Edge of Light

This alien world VR adventure makes for a bit of jetpack-boosted fun, but the novelty quickly passes without much gameplay or story to support it.

A Fold Apart

review A Fold Apart

This short but charming paper-based adventure about long-distance relationships wraps story and gameplay together beautifully.

The Unholy Society

review The Unholy Society

It's hard to divine much worth recommending in this short side-scroller cursed by a faulty combat system and lack of other gameplay.

Murder by Numbers

review Murder by Numbers

Count on solving an abundance of Picross puzzles in this colourful visual novel-styled mystery adventure in 1990s Hollywood.


review Woven

Though not a seamless experience, it's easy to cotton to this charming animal adventure in an open fabric world.

The Complex

review The Complex

While its gameplay is decidedly simple, this choice-driven FMV thriller is a riveting interactive movie with impressive production values and replayability.

Planet RIX-13

review Planet RIX-13

There's no escaping its short length and lack of challenge, but this lite sci-fi adventure provides a charming, quick-paced exploration of a retro-styled alien world.

Edgar: Bokbok in Boulzac

review Edgar: Bokbok in Boulzac

There's no real challenge here to be chicken of, just plenty of whimsical weirdness and a few pesky bugs in this quirky French adventure.

New and upcoming adventure games - Nintendo

Re:Turn – One Way Trip making way toward September release - Game Announcement

Re:Turn – One Way Trip making way toward September release

Demo of side-scrolling horror adventure available this week only as part of Steam Game Festival.

Ever Forward getting closer with demo release - Game Announcement

Ever Forward getting closer with demo release

Third-person platforming adventure from the creators of My Time at Portia coming to PC this summer.

First details uncovered for Oniria Crimes - Game Announcement

First details uncovered for Oniria Crimes

Dream plane voxel adventure coming to PC, consoles and mobile devices in October.

Announcement spotlight shines on Antasia Noir - Game Announcement

Announcement spotlight shines on Antasia Noir

Visual novel-styled blend of fantasy, noir and dieselpunk coming to PC next spring.

First details illuminate The Night is Grey - Game Announcement

First details illuminate The Night is Grey

Point-and-click 'revivalist take on trauma' coming to Windows, Mac and Switch in 2021.

First clues to Sarawak uncovered - Game Announcement

First clues to Sarawak uncovered

Text-based 'literary mystery game' coming to Windows, Mac and Linux in early 2021, with mobile versions to follow.

Commander ‘85 now recruiting on Kickstarter - Game Announcement

Commander ‘85 now recruiting on Kickstarter

Blend of adventure, sci-fiction thriller, survival elements and hacker simulator coming to PC and consoles later this year.

Dordogne to begin welcoming visitors in 2021 - Game Announcement

Dordogne to begin welcoming visitors in 2021

Hand-painted watercolour narrative adventure unveiled for PC and Switch.

This is the Zodiac Speaking announces fall arrival - Game Announcement

This is the Zodiac Speaking announces fall arrival

Narrative-driven stealth thriller based on real-world serial killer coming to PC and consoles September 24th.

Arrog to find life on PC and Switch this summer - Game Announcement

Arrog to find life on PC and Switch this summer

Enigmatic black and white puzzler to get downloadable release on Steam and Nintendo eShop in July.

MazM: Jekyll and Hyde takes new form on PC and Switch - Game Announcement

MazM: Jekyll and Hyde takes new form on PC and Switch

Interactive storybook adventure based on Robert Louis Stevenson classic available now on Steam and Nintendo eShop.

Spirit of the North to materialize on PC and Switch this spring - Game Announcement

Spirit of the North to materialize on PC and Switch this spring

Animal-based exploratory adventure inspired by Nordic folklore originally launched on PS4 in November.


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