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Adventure Games for Virtual Reality

Latest reviews for adventure games - VR

A Fisherman’s Tale

review A Fisherman’s Tale

This charming VR exclusive shines like a beacon of originality with its clever worlds-within-worlds premise and associated lighthouse puzzles.

Twilight Path

review Twilight Path

This VR exclusive wends its way through a slick and entertaining puzzle-adventure fantasy experience, though it skids to a stop before quite reaching the end.

Down the Rabbit Hole

review Down the Rabbit Hole

There's not much story to unearth, but this charming little VR adventure is worth digging into for an original take on Lewis Carroll's Wonderland.

Paper Beast

review Paper Beast

Eric Chahi's unique alien world VR adventure unfolds with no story but is littered with memorable moments and wrapped up in plenty of inspired creativity.


Adventure Gamers Community

Community reviews for VR titles  (randomly selected)

Adventure Games Media

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