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A Month of Movies: April 2019 releases video preview

Oh, the tales the videos tell in Gamewalker's giant compilation of trailers for April's upcoming adventures.

View video preview Apr 1, 2019
Unknown Fate review

Unknown Fate review

Look before you leap into this surreal 3D puzzle-platformer, as its suffers a few misfires in its Portal-like approach.

Read review Mar 18, 2019
Torn review

Torn review

While not particularly deep, this VR-exclusive, physics-based scavenger hunt is a rip-roaring good time while it lasts.

Read review Jan 30, 2019
Here They Lie review

Here They Lie review

This PlayStation horror exclusive is rich in disturbing atmosphere, but honestly there's very little gameplay or comprehensible story resting deep within it.

Read review Jan 14, 2019
Blind review

Blind review

Its haunting atmosphere and echolocation-based mechanics make it worth seeing this VR exclusive through its few missteps in the dark.

Read review Oct 4, 2018
Dead Secret review

Dead Secret review

Our two-games-in-one review reveals all you need to know about the short but eerie murder mystery series debut.

Read review Aug 10, 2018
Dead Secret Circle review

Dead Secret Circle review

Our two-in-one review finds the murder mystery sequel a better rounded experience than its less ambitious but promising predecessor.

Read review Aug 10, 2018

Game Announcements - VR

Tale of the Fragmented Star shines again on VR

Virtual reality-exclusive adventure uses only sight to overcome obstacles.

Read more Apr 2, 2019

Journey for Elysium begins on Kickstarter

Story-driven, black and white mythological VR adventure targeting November release.

Read more Mar 17, 2019

Ghost Giant to materialize in virtual reality in April

PlayStation VR exclusive puzzle-adventure to get both physical and digital releases.

Read more Mar 12, 2019

The Last Letter delivered to VR devices

Fantasy puzzle-adventure available now for download on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Read more Feb 10, 2019

Last Labyrinth makes way to Kickstarter

Japanese VR adventure due to launch in the second quarter of 2019.

Read more Jan 26, 2019

The Goodbye Room: Escape Your Ex introduced on Kickstarter

Experimental game about overcoming heartache coming to PC and VR devices later this year.

Read more Jan 20, 2019

Profundum to get meaningful release on VR this month

First-person steampunk puzzler coming soon to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Read more Jan 5, 2019

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Review of Kona

Rating - 35

Rating by Overmann.ita posted on May 25, 2017

Good atmosphere makes this game better than the sum of its parts

Kona is available at: