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Sol705 campaign

Stars - 50

Rating by Nibiru posted on Apr 29, 2014 | edit | delete

A fine reminder of the the old times

For a long time i havent felt so excited by an adventure game as i am now.This game came at just the right time for me,to get me back on track and make me rejuvenated again.
Where should i begin.
First i want to mention the puzzles,i was really engaged into those from the begining.But i particulary liked those in the part 2 of the game,especialy the one with the Ave Maria song and the one when George decoded Tabula Veritatis.Also the one towards the end of the game with the goat was really funny,those are the kind of puzzles that i want to see more in modern adventures.
The music and sounds were very good,they gave me the Broken Sword 1&2 feeling at times,music was very balanced and somehow mysterious ,just the way i like it to be for this kind of game.
Graphics were very nice,i liked the part near the end,the garden of eden,beautifully drawn background scenery of canyons and huge ancient statues were really spicing the overall impression i had of the game.
And the voice acting was ok for me as well,characters in the story were ok,maybe the villains could have been a little bit more ‘lively’,but George and Nico were fun as always.
Game took me maybe 6 hours or so to finish,but it can go faster,i was in no hurry.
Maybe this game cant be quite up to par with first two parts of the Broken Sword games,it certainly pucks a powerful adventurers punch,and shows the way for the other developers how its done in a lot of departments,especially in the puzzles area.

Broken Sword 5:Episode 1 4.5 out of 5
Broken Sword 5:Episode 2 5 out of 5

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Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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