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Stars - 50

Rating by Khan4 posted on Oct 26, 2019 | edit | delete

Broken Sword at its best

This is the pinnacle of what Broken Sword has to offer, on par to me with the first one, with added graphics quality.

A return to 2D with gorgeous graphics, great story, great many puzzles, well-felt humour, scenery, travels, characters, etc, etc. I can’t really find something bad to say about this games. Maybe the characters moving a bit too slow for some places? That was even worse in the first one so who cares.

As a last game they made it what it deserved to be, back to the roots in style.
Playing the series to finish it with this one is a reward in itself, and you won’t be disapointed to have done so.
Well done from the developers who could get rid of all past mistakes to offer an experience just as good as the so much praised original.

All the Knights of the Broken Sword kneel and bow in farewell, as we will forever carry this epic journey in our hearts in every single adventure the future holds for us, ever secretly hoping to be called again some day.
And if the time never comes, so be it, as everything was said and done, for The Goat has finally gotten its due.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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