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Walkthrough for GrandMa Badass

Solution for the Prologue


Grandma is 90 years old and her memory is sometimes faulty.
So it becomes disturbing when she wakes up in the morning to find her hungry cat Marius in her paws, never letting go of her to get his due

Main objective

Here you have to find the cat's food. But once you've discovered the package, you'll realise that you'll have to go out and buy some for him in town. But your cat Marius doesn't like it and blocks your way out. The main objective: to isolate Marius so that he can leave the house. And it's not enough to try to trap him in a room...
That would be too easy!
You have to set a trap for him.


*for the Versailles achievement: press the switch (1/8) on the wall to turn on the wall lamp above the chair
*for the Golden Cushion achievement (rare): Sit in chair 1/22

Head to the right to exit the room and go to the living room.

Take the picture on the dresser.
Open the drawer on the right to find a pin for sewing.

*for the Versailles achievement: press the switch (2/8) on the wall to turn on the wall lamp
*for the Golden Cushion achievement (rare): Sit in chair 2/22

Go to the right to reach the corridor.

Search the purse on the dresser, to find your wallet with 3 euros in it.
Open the middle drawer of the dresser to find a light bulb (for the Versailles achievement).

*for the Versailles achievement: press the switch (3/8) on the wall to turn on the wall lights

Head into the toilet.

Move a little to the left to see the switch and turn on the room by clicking on it. (*for the Versailles achievement: (4/8)

Collect your cane and the toilet brush.
Return to the living room.
Use the cane on the vase with flowers on the table.
Retrieve the blue key from the floor.

*for the Dj Grandma achievement: activate the phonograph. Once the music plays, tap the phonograph with your cane.
Head left to return to your room.
Use the bulb on the large lamp (*for the Versailles achievement: (5/8)
Activate the large lamp to turn on the light bulb. (*for the Versailles achievement: (6/8))
Open the wardrobe door.
Use your cane on the blue box among your things.
Pick up the yellow key.
Go back to the living room
Use the yellow key on the bookcase door.
You will get a piece of cloth.
Place this cloth on the spring on the sofa.
Go to your hallway.
Use the blue key on the secret drawer of the small table, to the right of the front door.
You will get some sewing thread.
Combine the thread with the needle.
Enter the bathroom.
Move a little to reveal the light switch.
Turn on the room by clicking on it. (*for the Versailles achievement: (7/8)
Take the toothbrush from the sink.

Go outside and visit the last room in your house, down on the right.
The kitchen!
Turn the room on by clicking the switch on the wall (*for the Versailles achievement: (8/8)

*for the Golden Cushion (rare) achievement: Sit in the chair: 3/22

Retrieve an olive from the jar.

*for the detective achievement: open all the cupboard doors in the kitchen, the oven and the microwave. To open inaccessible doors at height, use your cane.

Return to the living room and use your paraphernalia to sew on the fabric on the sofa.
Place the olive on the cloth to prepare your trap.
At last you are free of Marius.
Now you can go out and buy his food and start chapter 1.


Solution for Chapter 1 (part 1/2)


Grandma is going to have to go into town to buy some kibble.
Yes...but she kind of forgot that she was in a lockdown period because of the COVID19 and that she absolutely cannot take a bus without a mask.

Main objective

Grandma's main objective is going to be to find a way to make a mask for the Covid, so that she can get on the bus and go into town.



First, go to the left to get an important mask making plan.

To get this plan, poke the bush with your cane.
Then hit with your cane the sex pervert who will then drop a first part of the solution to make a mask.
Get this document which will go into your notebook.

*for the Golden Cushion (rare) achievement: Sit on the bench: 4/22

Go upstairs via the stairs to the neighbour who is sleeping against the railing.
Cane him on the buttocks to get him to drop the leaflet stuck to the pipe.
You can pick it up later.

*for Kick Ass success): cane him 9 more times: 10/10

For now, go into the neighbour's flat.
In the living room, get the chisel stuck in the chair and the rubber band around the neck of the bottle.
Go to the next room.
Under the desk chair is the second part of the document to help you make a mask.
Look at it to understand the technique you will have to tackle now.

Search the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers to the left of the screen.
You will find a stapler.
Use the scissors on the clean blue shirt on the chair.
You get a piece of fabric.
Cut the elastic with the scissors. Assemble the rubber bands with the fabric.
Use the stapler on the fabric with the rubber bands.

[That's it! You have a mask and you can go to town!

Go out of the flat and get the flyer that fell on the dumpster on the right.
Go back to the left to get to the bus stop.
Click on the bus sign.
The bus will take you to the city, but you will be charged 1 euro for the journey...
You only have 2 euros left for your packet of croquettes...


On the map in the bus, click on the green area.
Once in town, in front of the bus shelter on the main street, go to the right to go to the convenience store.

*for the Golden Cushion achievement (rare): Sit on the bus shelter bench: 5/22

Enter Raoul's Supérette.
Search the bin for vitamins (stimulants)
Click on the bag of kibble behind the shopkeeper.
This one is 3 euros and you don't have enough money to take it. Raoul doesn't want to know...
Click on the door to leave and Raoul calls you back.

[He offers you a deal: bring a mysterious bag to a certain Kevin in the bad parts of GroussinTown.

Accept the deal by taking the package and return to the bus shelter.

Get on the bus and click on the yellow area to go to the districts.
Once there, head into the café across the street.

*for the Golden Cushion achievement (rare): Sit on the bench: 5/22


When you arrive at Kevin's café, everyone is fast asleep.
And there's no Kevin on the horizon!

Take the pot of hot coffee from the small table against the wall.
Use the stimulants on the coffee pot. You get Boost coffee.
Pour this coffee into each blue cup of each client. (all 3 cups)
Hit each customer with your cane to wake them up.
They drink and start making music.
Once the 3 musicians are in action, Kevin appears behind the bar counter.
Give the package to Kevin and go out to take the bus back.

Go back to Raoul who then fulfils his commitment by giving you your packet of croquettes.
Go back to the bus and go home to feed Marius...(pink area on the map in the bus)
And there...it's the drama...
Your house has been completely burgled and your cat Marius is missing.


The first thing to do is to search every room in the house to see if Marius is hidden.
Go to the bathroom.
Then go to the bathroom opposite.
Get the little plastic duck on the floor.
Go to the kitchen.
Then go to the living room.
Pick up the LP record on the floor.
Go to your room.
Go back to the living room.
A moment of nostalgia, before seeing Grandma determined to investigate and find her cat.

You will now have to go back to town to report the burglary.
Leave your house and take the bus back to town (green area on the map in the bus)

This time turn left to go to the police station.
But before you do this, you will stop at Lola's shop on your way (Lola Shop)
Enter the shop, search the drawer at the bottom left of the display to get a hairbrush.
Go to the back of the shop and get the plastic cup from the display.
Exit and continue to the left to get to the police station.

Enter the police station.

*for the Golden Cushion (rare) achievement: Sit in the single chair: 6/22
*for the Golden Cushion (rare) achievement: Sit in the double chair: 7/22

Head to the reception area.
Use the empty cup on the machine and its bottle filled with fresh water.
You get a cup filled with water.
Talk to the agent Mireille Mathias.
She asks you for a photo of your cat Marius.
Give her the photo you have of you and your cat.
She calls the police commissioner who will then invite you to come to his office to talk about the missing cats case.

Once in the police commissioner's office, take the pen from the jar on his desk and leave the room.
The police commissioner directs you back to the boss of the RagnaRock nightclub for your investigation and reveals that there are more than 80 files on missing cats in the city in the last few weeks...

*for the Golden Cushion (rare) achievement: Sit in the chair at the entrance to this office: 8/22

Exit the police station and go back to Lola's shop (Lola Shop).

Give the flyer to Lola.
She offers you an autograph and asks for a pen.
Give her the pen. Get the autograph.
By the way, if you want to see if Lola has any real natural arguments, use the cane on her...

Leave the shop and go to the other end of the street (after Raoul's mini-market).
You arrive in front of the RagnaRock club.
Enter the club.

Solution for Chapter 1 (Part 2/2)


When you enter, you realize that the owner of the establishment is at the back of the disco, and that the passage is blocked by dancers.

Main objective

You'll have to clear the dance floor to get to the boss and ask him about the missing cats.

Give the autograph to Lola's fan bouncer, so he'll let you through.

*for the Playlist achievement: hit the DJ's turntable with your cane 3 times: 3/3

Head into the club's bathroom.
Unscrew the loose door handle on the 3rd door.
Place the handle in the hole of the 2nd door.
Open the door and collect the laxative.
Use the laxative with the cup filled with water.
Search the toolbox and take the pipe spanner.
Leave the toilet and give the cup to the DJ.

The DJ leaves his post in a hurry.
Once the turntable is free, use your vinyl record on it.
This will scare everyone away...except the boss.

Talk to the boss.

*For success Cross the cane: cane the boss 1/1
*for the success Golden Cushion (rare): Sit on the chair: 9/22

The boss informs you that there would be a traffic of cats to make furs in Russia. He suggests you get in touch with a hacker who can offer you a fake passport to go there.

Go out and take the bus back to the bad areas.

Move a little to the right to see the entrance to the abandoned convenience store.
Go into the shop.

Use the toothbrush, toilet brush and hairbrush on the strange statue.
Open the small rack in the display case.
Place the duck toy in the grid.
Place the pipe spanner in the small hole in the counter (under the cash register)
Turn the pipe spanner.
A secret passageway opens.
Enter, go to the end and fiddle around to find a switch at the end of the room, in the dark.
(or press the Space key to find it faster)

Flip the switch....


Solution for Chapter 2


For this chapter 2, the shortest of the game, you take on the role of Superintendent Jean-Léon Renaud.
Following a deal with Mauricette and her cookies, the commissioner will investigate the disappearance of Grandma and try to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Main objective

To find useful information to try and find out what happened to Grandma and to get as far as possible in the investigation.


Click on the 2 boards on the wall to get 2 post-its (small pink note and small yellow note) with codes written on them.
Merge the 2 post-it notes to make only one code.
Search the files on the desk to get your police card.
Get Grandma's file from the bookcase on the left of the screen, then the phone book from the one on the right.
Click on the pull tab on the right wall, which rolls up the flip chart with the information scribbled on it about the cat investigation.
Use the full code on the safe and search it.
You then get your Magnum 357 back.
Leave the office.
Go right on the dealer and use the phone book on it to hit him.
Retrace your steps to continue the investigation.
Use the phone book on Raoul. Talk to him.
Go out to continue the investigation.
Go to the boss and his bodyguard.
Take the fork stuck in the table.
Talk to the boss. He asks you to bring him a dog in exchange for the information.
Go out to continue the investigation.

*for the Hot4thedog achievement: use the Magnum 357 on the dog: 1/1

Head to the back left. Turn on the radio to change the music and distract Gerard the Viandard.
Use the fork on the steak on the grill and give the meat to the dog who will follow you around.
Go back to the right to continue the investigation and give the dog to the Boss.
Talk to him.
Leave the restaurant. You then arrive at the abandoned mini-mart.
Show the file to the Geek who sweeps up.
End of the investigation of Commissioner Jean-leon Renaud.


Main objective
To free you from the handcuffs.

*for success I'M your father: try to grab the cane on the TV from a distance: 1/1

Search the box at your feet. You will find a ball of wool and two batteries.
Use the ball with the batteries to make a makeshift grappling hook.
Throw the grappling hook at the cane 3 times to make it fall and then again when it is on the ground, to make it slide to you.
Use the cane on the top drawer of the desk. You will then get a paper clip.
Use the paper clip with the handcuffs in your inventory.
Go and search the cardboard box on the shelves to the right.
You find scissors.
Use these scissors on your makeshift grapple to free the piles and get a piece of string.
Go to the board on the wall, with lots of documents.
This is the answer to the riddle of the electronic equipment on the desk.
You will find 3 numbers highlighted, to be read in the traditional reading direction, so from left to right.

  • the 1 circled on a shopping list (number 1)
  • the underlined spelling error to indicate FOUR (number 4)
  • the highlighting of 2 on the "Kill this 2 guys" news article (number 2)

So you get 1 4 2.

Use the electronic equipment on the desktop.
Open the empty battery slot on the radio.
Place the batteries in the slot. The radio turns on.
Use the right (next frequency) button until you reach frequency 142(142.66)
Click on the small button just above to validate the frequency.
A platform appears.
Click on the box to go down.
Once the platform stops, tap the box with your cane.
Repeat once. The box opens.
Click on it to start the puzzle.
Click once on the large electronic component to place it horizontally.
Click 3 times on the yellow electronic component.
Give a final stroke on the box to restart the platform one last time.


Solution for Chapter 3 (Part 1/2)


Main objective

Your mission will be to get out of these escape rooms in one piece to find freedom.


Go far left to retrieve the matchbox with a single match inside.

*for the Granny 100,000 volts achievement: Use the scissor in the card reader: 1/1

Head to the right of the screen, to the pile of items.
Pick up the wax beads on the sofa and search the pile of books on the small TV.
You will get a green post it with the number 2

Enter the next room.
*for the Golden Cushion (rare) achievement: Sit in the chair: 10/22
*for the Golden Cushion (rare) achievement: Sit on the sofa: 11/22

Open the white and blue striped curtain and take the empty tin can.
Continue to the right, into the next room.

Search the red briefcase just outside the entrance for a padlock key.
Open the doors of the chest of drawers to find a wooden bowl.
Use the keys on the locker lock and open it.
Use the chisel on Dolly Dolls to puncture her and reveal a first aid box.
Search the box to retrieve a covid 19 test.
Go back to the previous room and head for the microwave oven.
Open the oven.
In your inventory, use the wax beads with the small empty bowl.
Place the bowl in the microwave and wait.
You will get some hot liquid wax.
Leave the room by going left.
Use the covid test on the oil puddle on the floor in front of the crashed platform.
You get a lubricated cotton swab. Use it on the can.
Pour the wax into the can and then the piece of string.

You have just made a homemade candle which will be the key to the exit of this 1st escape room.
Go back to the bottom right, to the room where you found the covid test in the cupboard and its lock.
Place the candle on the candlestick and light it with your match.
Wait for the laser to turn off and enter the next room.


Use the chisel on the strange little screw in the middle of the room, on the wooden board wall. (space bar if needed)
Search the small cache that reveals itself to you to find a pink post it with the number 4
Use the cane on Captain Hishiro 2 times in a row to make him drop the last 2 post-it notes.
Collect these little notes to get the blue 6 and yellow 9.

*for the Good Night Captain Hishiro achievement: give a last cane blow on Captain Hishiro: 3/3

Open the small chest next to the big wooden barrel.
Enter the combinations corresponding to the colours: 2 6 9 4
You get a whistle.
Use this whistle on Coco (or on you) to start the bell sequence.


The principle is simple. You have to manage to hit each bell that comes down to your height with your stick, in a loop several times, to make the cranks go down several notches.
The trick is not to run around, but to aim the cursor at the bells at the edge of the screens.

Be careful, each time a bell comes down, you have a limited time to click on it. If you are not fast enough, the puzzle will start over.

Take your cane.
Click on the left bell.
Do not move. The parrot moves to the crank and the right bell goes down and the left bell goes up.
Take your stick again and aim at the right bell at the edge of the screen.
The left bell goes down and the right bell goes up.
Hold your stick still and do the same as with the right hand bell, aiming your cursor at the bell to click on it in time.
Do this again with the right hand bell and you are free!

You have now achieved the "Parrot Trainer" achievement

Enter the next room.


This puzzle requires a minimum of knowledge in swords but is not impassable if you know at least 1 of them.

Small ester eggs in this room: search the dresser drawer on the right to find a 33T vinyl of GAME OF CATS by News Cats on the Block.
Use the vinyl on the turntable and enjoy the moment

Main objective

You will have to place in a precise order, 4 swords in the 4 slots of the Iron Throne.

  • On the left armor you have the sword ANDURIL (this is Aragorn's sword in the Lord of the Rings saga).
  • On the right armour you have the sword EXCALIBUR (the legend of King Arthur)
  • On the right wall you have the sword DAMOCLES (the danger above his head)
  • The 4th sword is not really a sword as it is the fatal weapon, namely your wooden cane.

To find out the order of placement of the swords in the slots, simply look at the banner on the right wall, made up of 4 images that correspond to the placement of the 4 slots.

On the banner:

  • Top left: Pendragon's emblem (Excalibur).
  • Top right: a strange ring (Anduril)
  • Bottom left: a Danger logo (Damocles)
  • Bottom right: a tree branch (your cane).

Take each sword and place it in the slot that corresponds to the place indicated.
EXCALIBUR > top left slot
ANDURIL > top right slot
DAMOCLES : bottom left slot
YOUR CANE : bottom right slot.
The mechanism is activated.
Click on the scrap throne to move to the next room.


Solution for Chapter 3 (Part 2/2)


Collect your cane from the Scrap Throne.
Use it on the cardboard box with a green lid on the pile of other boxes on the right.
Search the box for a handcuff key.
Retrieve the sledgehammer from the box and enter the next room on the left.
Click on the out-of-service coin slot on the "Energy Boost" can dispenser.


4 symbols scribbled on the case and 4 different coloured wires.

  • bird (coconut parrot)
  • pair of handcuffs
  • hamburger
  • cannabis leaf

Each piece of wire is linked to a key image. Click on each key symbol to change to another symbol.
The goal is to match the symbol of each wire, in order, with the original symbols.

  • The blue wire is the first parrot symbol - click on the right hand symbol for the whistle.
  • The red wire is the second handcuff symbol - do not touch the right hand symbol as it is already on the key.
  • The black wire is the third hamburger symbol - click on the right-hand symbol for the spatula.
  • The green thread is the fourth and final cannabis symbol - click on the right-hand symbol for a turd (cannabis merda!)

The machine is fixed and delivers a can of Energy Boost.
Take it!


Take a sip of the Energy Boost can
Use the sledgehammer on the broken lever to safely advance to the Commodore 64 computer. But the laser is still active and prevents you from continuing.
Use the handcuff keys on the handcuffs.
Use the open pair of handcuffs on the TV stand to block the laser.
Take another sip of the Energy Boost can and use the sledgehammer on the computer to destroy it.
The Laser is deactivated and you can move to the next room on the left.


To solve this puzzle you must place objects to reach a certain weight on the scale.
This precise weight is determined by 2 clues: above the scale, on the wall, is written the word Z.O.B.Y.
On the left you have a sign that explains that each letter corresponds to a number that adds up to a final number that will be the weight to reach on the scale.

So you have to find out what value each letter corresponds to.
These letters are actually shown on the boxes in the first basement room (where the throne is) and on the wall in the laser room.

  • Z: indicated on the wall of the laser room = 5
  • O: indicated on a card in the first room on the right = 0
  • B: indicated on a card in the first room on the right = +
  • Y: indicated on a card in the first room, on the big wooden boxes = 1

So you have your weight here: 5 0 + 1 = 51 kg

To reach the 51 kg follow the procedure:
Collect all the items on the furniture.
Green plant + bookcase 1 + alarm clock + lamp + bookcase 2
All the furniture is normally emptied.
[Break all the furniture present with a sledgehammer, including the TV.
Warning: you must take a shot of Energy Boost each time you destroy a new piece of furniture... and yes! Granny is not young anymore!

Breaking all the furniture will also allow you to unlock the Masse Attack achievement (5/5)

To break the furniture that supports the TV, simply collect the TV debris on you and place it on the scale.
With the debris from the TV, the scale is at 15 kg.
Place the pieces of furniture one by one to reach a total of 41 kg (see screenshot above).
Add the 2 piles of books and the lamp on the scale to reach 51 kg.


You are locked in a crate.
Use the Energy Boost can on Grandma (middle of the crate)
Use the cane on the lid of the crate to free Grandma.
Take the axe hanging on the wall and use it on the security strap of the red suitcase on the right to cut it.
Search the case for keys. (the 3 geeks key)
Use the spanner on the left toolbox. Take the screwdriver.
Take the travel bag as well.
Use the screwdriver on the lid of the petty cash box.
Follow Marius to the cockpit on the left.
In the cockpit, take the square tablecloth and the map behind the co-pilot's chair.
Examine it to better understand the procedure for making the parachute that follows.
Use the axe on the small lock and search the cache.
You will find a deflated unicorn inflatable buoy.
Take the can of tuna that Marius is sniffing on the left.
Cane the pilot, then operate the joystick on the middle plane to make it free fall.
Get out of the cockpit.

Make a parachute for Grandma and the cats to escape from the crashing plane

Use the axe on the rope on the box.
Use the screwdriver on the tablecloth to drill 4 holes. Use the rope with the tablecloth.
Then use this tablecloth with the travel bag.
Grandma will then put it on the floor by herself.
Take the can opener from the crate and use it on the tuna can.
Place the opened can of tuna in the bag.
The cats are in place!
Use the unicorn buoy on the fire extinguisher on the wall to inflate it.

Click on the exit door of the plane to jump!

Solution for Chapter 4 ( Part 1/2)


You are now lost and alone on an island, which doesn't seem so deserted...

Pick up the punctured tyre in the water.
You notice an animal symbol on the rock to the left: a bird's head, a monkey's body and a flower in the noggin.

Open the stranded pink suitcase to give Grandma some dry clothes.
Continue to the right to advance through the island.
Take the Floral Tiki mask hidden in the bushes and the Monkey Tiki mask buried in the sand against the boat.
Use the axe on the fishing line on the boat to retrieve it.
Pick up the small stone on the ground in front of the boat.
Go right to continue your exploration.
Pick up the Eagle's Tiki mask from the bushes.
A large wooden door blocks your way on the right.

You will have to place the masks on the posts in a specific order.
This order is defined by the drawing you noticed on the beach when you arrived on the island.

So place :

  • the Eagle Tiki mask on the first post
  • the monkey Tiki mask on the second (middle) post
  • Floral Tiki mask on the third pole

Continue to the right.
Landorch offers you a fishing plug in exchange for a coconut.
Pick up the flour sack at the foot of his hut and cross the bridge to the right.
Collect the starter wrapped around the bridge post and continue to the altar with the tribal mask.
Collect the wooden bowl and the rubber band wrapped around the torch on the right.
Continue to the left, past the large round door without bothering with it for the moment.
You will arrive at a locked treasure chest.
Take the small old pot hidden in the grass and go down to the south of the screen.
Activate the broken branch on the tree and then use the rubber band with the piece of wood you just took to make a slingshot.
Use the stone with the slingshot to get a loaded slingshot.
Head to the right of the screen to continue your visit to the island.
Collect the fishing rod holder from the hen on the hay stack.
Continue to the right.

*for the Grandma the Menace achievement: use the axe on Bubble, then on Bobble: 2/2

Retrieve the bamboo cane just in front of Bobble.
Go back to the intersection where you found the piece of wood on the tree, but don't go back up yet.
Go left to meet Gratt'cul the boar.

*if you do the Scratch'Q achievement: it is important to do a manipulation now.
You must attack Gratt'Q with a bamboo, a sharp object (your axe), a garden object (the hoe you don't have yet), the lethal weapon (your cane) and finally...with a pointed object.
That sharp object is the fishing rod holder you just found at the foot of the hen on her hay pile.
-Use the axe on Gratt'Q: 1/5
-use the bamboo on Gratt'Q: 2/5
-use your cane on Gratt'Q: 3/5
-use the fishing rod holder on Gratt'Q: 4/5

Go back to the bridge.
Use the flour bag with the wooden bowl. Then use this bowl with the canal water to make dough.
Also use the pot with the water to fill it.
Go back up past the bridge, past Landroch's shop and continue left to get back to the small boat.
Use your loaded slingshot on the coconut above the boat.
Collect the coconut AND the stone. Use the stone with the slingshot again.
Return to Lanroch at his hut.
Give him the coconut and he will exchange it for the cork.


You have everything you need to catch a fish to give to Bubble at the camp to let you through.
Go back to the bridge, cross it and stop by the hole in the ground, in the sand.
Place your fishing rod holder in the hole.
Use the fishing line with the plug.
Use this fishing line obtained with the bamboo rod.
Use the fishing rod with the paste in your bowl.
Place the fishing rod with the bait on the fishing rod holder.
Wait 15 seconds for a fish to bite the hook.
Pull back the rod when you see that you have a catch! (the rod bends, the line tightens and the cork sinks)

[You have just caught a nice fish!
Go back to the left, go down and meet Bubble at the camp on the right.
Give him the fish to let you pass and continue your exploration to the right, heading for the barn!


Solution for Chapter 4 ( Part 2/2)


You are now lost in the depths of the not deserted island!
Don't worry! Follow the guide!

In front of the barn and before you go in, get the hose from the tree trunk, the hoe handle from the front of the barn and the strange little red berries.
Enter the barn.

*for the False Hope achievement: use the cane on the generator (especially: before placing the starter or you will miss the achievement): 1/1

Open the TV cabinet drawer to get a new patch.
Also take the stuffed fox.

*for the Golden Cushion (rare) achievement: Sit on the chair: 12/22
*for the Golden Cushion (rare) achievement: Sit on the couch: 13/22

Place the starter on the generator.
You now need gas to get it running.

Exit the barn and head right.
A fence on the ground reveals an access you can take.
Enter to go to the ♥♥♥♥♥ camp.
On the way to the dump, take the empty gas can.
Once you are in front of the camper, use the patch on the sticky sap dripping from the tree.
Use the sticky patch from the punctured unicorn buoy.
Enter the camper and head for the high cupboard.
[Cane the wardrobe door 9 times in a row to knock off the taped key.
Pick up this small yellow key and use it on the dresser drawer.
You get a strange talisman.
Then use the pipe on Luke who is sleeping on the floor and snoring like a locomotive.
Use the repaired buoy on the pipe (at his feet)
Take the inflated buoy and get out of the camper.
Give the buoy to Sandoz and then take the carved piece (1/4) from the folding seat.

Go back to the entrance of the path (on the grid on the ground)
Now go to the right.
Pick up the hoe without a handle stuck in the log.
Use it with the hoe handle to get your gardening tool working.
Use the talisman on the strange carving in front of the wooden door at the entrance to the cave.
Enter the cave and head to the far right, to GrandAlf the Blue.

*for the Grandma Frogger achievement: Attack GrandAlf with your cane: 1/1

Give the wild berries to GrandAlf who will then prepare a mixture that turns into oil.
Use the empty can on the oil to fill it up and go back inside the barn.
Fill the generator with the oil.
Put the starter motor in and the generator will start.

You can now turn on the TV to solve the Barn's riddle.


As soon as you turn on the TV, a Simon game starts.
The TV brings up a series of 4 colours.
[You have to click on the coloured cushions on the sofa and the armchair, in the same order as indicated on the screen.

Be careful, if you make a mistake, the game starts again from scratch.

Sequence 1:

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green

Sequence 2:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

Sequence 3:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green

Sequence 4:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red

Retrieve the chest key attached to the chain that goes down.

Exit the barn and go left to retrace your steps to the hens.
Use the stuffed fox on the hen on high.
Retrieve the carved coin she was brooding over (2/4)
Use the hoe on the carrots to get a carrot.
Continue to the left and back to the treasure chest at the top.
Use the key to open the chest.
Take a bar of soap.

*for the Bubble achievement: eat the bar of soap: 1/1

[Don't forget to take a new bar of soap if you eat it.

Go back down and head to the right to see Bubble this time (in blue).
Use your pot of water on the hook above the campfire.
Talk to Bubble who will give you an empty bubble tube.
Use the soap with the pot and the water boiling on the fire.
Use the empty tube in the pot to fill it with soapy water.
Give the filled tube to Bubble so he can give you a new carved piece (3/4)
Go back to the left to return to the boar.

*for the Gratt'Q achievement: use the gardener's hoe on gratt'Q to unlock the achievement: 5/5

Use the loaded slingshot on the bucket to distract the boar.
Go left and grab the rope tied around the tree.
Go back and place the rope on the branch above the boar.
Place the carrot on the rope to attract the boar.
Go back to the left and pick up the carved piece hanging from the rope (4/4)

You now have the 4 carved pieces.
Go back up and head right to the round door and the two pulls.
Place the 4 pieces in the centre of the wheel.
Pull twice on the left pull and then 3 times on the right pull to trigger the mechanism.

Enter the cave.
Get on the cart and let it carry you to the entrance of Beach Umbrella Corp.


Solution for Chapter 5 (Part 1/2)


Grandma is really going to have a day in hell!

Your main objective will be to block the front door of Beach Umbrella Corp.
Search the cart to find the slingshot.
Take the stone on the ground and use it with the slingshot.
Use the slingshot with ammunition on the camera.


Head to the far end of the corridor on the right.
Hit the breaker to turn on the light and return to the front door.

Use the cane on the screen.

*for the Grandma Vandal achievement: break all the B.U.C. screens you find: 1/10

Pick up a shard of glass.
Then use the cane on the computer screen to disable the lock on the right door.
Head towards this door and enter.
Use the piece of glass on the tourist hostage to cut his bonds.
Exit the room and turn the lights back on with the circuit breaker.
Enter the room again.
When the Zombie turns around to go to the back of the room on the right, run to the locker door to open it and retrieve the fallen card. (Level B pass for the lift)
Leave the room and go to the lift to use the card on the magnetic card reader on the wall.
Press the doorbell and go and hide behind the big green plant, waiting for the very stupid Zombie to play with the doorbell.
You can now take the lift.

The best way is to go through the floors in order, from -1 to -5
Go to floor -1.


*for Grandma Vandal achievement: break the screen: 2/10

Enter the main lab on the left.
Take the terry towel to the sink.
Pick up the picture on the desk, among the books, and then the small blue key it was hiding.
Pick up the broom brush on the board.

*for the Golden Cushion achievement (rare): Sit on the stool: 14/22

Note the number 6954 written on the board (behind the glass jar).
Click on the control box of the water dispenser.

The first puzzle appears.
A 4-digit lock is presented to you.
The number 3692 is written directly above the mechanism.
Of course, this is not the right code. To find the right code, simply look down to see a diagram of 4 squares with arrows that actually show you where the numbers are in reality to get the right code.

the 2nd in the place of the first, so: 6
the 4th in the place of the second, so: 2
the 1st in the place of the third, so: 3
the 3rd in place of the last, so: 9
Enter the code 6239 and click on the button to validate the code.
You get a bottle of water.
Get it and go out to the second room of the floor: the infirmary.

In the infirmary

*for the Golden Cushion (rare) achievement: Sit in the chair next to the medicine cabinet: 15/22

Retrieve the broomstick that acts as a makeshift safety barrier for the vibrating body bag bed.
Exit, enter the lift and go to floor -2.


*for Grandma Vandal achievement: break the screen: 3/10

Enter the computer room on the left.

*for the achievement Grandma Vandal: break the screen: 4/10

Go to the back right, to the end of the room.
You can take the B.U.C. map on the wall, even if with this solution it won't really be useful.

Take the retro video game "Cruise for a Corpse" under the screen of the last PC.
Use the computer on and enter the code you found on the board in the lab: 6954.
You will hear a small mechanism in the background: the safe in the room has been opened to reveal an audio tape. Take it.
To save space in your inventory, use the brush with the broom handle and the broom with the terry towel as a mop.

Leave the room.
[Enter the security room on the right.
Get the retro video game "Time Travellers" from next to the PC tower.

Exit, enter the lift and go to floor -3.


*for Grandma Vandal success: break the screen: 5/10

Enter the gym on the left.
Simply collect the empty blue bucket next to the zombie blocked by the barbell and exit to the other room on the floor: the canteen.

[In the canteen
Go directly to the buffet at the bottom left and take the raw beefsteak.

Go back to floor -1, go to the main lab and open the water tap in the sink.
Use the bucket to fill it with water, close the tap.

Exit, enter the lift and go to floor -4.

Solution for Chapter 5 (Part 2/2)


*for the hit Grandma Vandal: break the screen: 6/10

Enter the Director's office on the left.

In the director's office

*for Grandma Vandal success: break the screen: 7/10

Head to the library at the back of the room.
There are rows of video game boxes on the shelves.
Look at the shelf of red boxes and the shelf of orange boxes.
Each has an empty slot.

Place the retro game "Time Travellers" in the empty slot of the red boxes.

Now hit the zombie's head on the ground with your cane four times.
This will end up on the synthetic golf green on the right and trigger a cache in the director's office.
Collect the retro game "Operation Stealth".
Place this retro game "Operation Stealth" in the empty orange box slot.

Go out and go to the right room: the meeting room.

In the meeting room

*for the Grandma Vandal achievement: break the screen: 8/10
*for the success Golden Cushion (rare): Sit in the left chair: 16/22
*for the achievement Golden Cushion (rare): Sit on the right chair: 17/22

Place the retro game "Cruise for a Corpse" in the empty white box slot on the dresser just inside the entrance.
A picture on the wall moves to reveal a hidden safe key.
Take this key, go out and return to the manager's office on the same floor.
Use the key on the safe and take the key to the medicine cabinet.

Exit, enter the lift and go to floor -1.
Go back to the infirmary, use the cabinet key on the medicine cabinet. Open it and search it for a box of sleeping pills.
Use the sleeping pills with the water bottle.
Go back to the security room (floor -2) and give the bottle to the guard.
Go to the back of the room, click on the briefcase on the desk and use the small blue key on the 2 locks to open it.

Take the level A pass card and the pen. Use the pen with the audio tape to rewind it. (a nod to the 80's). Put the tape in the case's player and press the only button that works (play). Listen to the melody.

Get out, enter the lift and go to floor -5.


*for the Grandma Vandal achievement: break the screen: 9/10

Go to the right room, use the pass level A card on the box and enter lab 2.
You see 4 characters with a lever at their feet.
Give the raw beefsteak to the zombie dog. You then see a 5 lever at the back against the wall.
Go towards this wall but stop in front of the puddle of blood.
Use your broom with the mop on the bloodstain to clean the floor, so that it is not slippery at all.
Return to the level of the locked character named Kratos.

Each lever plays a piece of the tune you heard on the audio tape, but in no particular order.

To get past the musical lever puzzle: simply operate each lever in the order of the music.

  • 1st lever to be activated: the one of Kratos (hero of the game God Of War)
  • 2nd lever, the one against the wall.
  • 3rd lever, Cyprien's.
  • 4th lever, Super Raph's.
  • 5th lever, Rodolphe's.

A drawer opens.
Get the fuse inside, go out and go to the other room on the floor after using the level A pass on the box.
Enter the room, walk past the zombies in the cell and use the fuse with the electricity meter.

Then use your level A pass card on the exit door box.


Search the cart for the slingshot, pick up the stone on the ground, use the stone with the slingshot and aim for the matchbox on high.
Retrieve the box, the stone and a stick of dynamite from the crate.
Place the dynamite in the crack in the wall and light the fuse with the matches.

Get out of the cave.
Once against the helicopter, use the stone with your slingshot and use the slingshot on the pilot (Captain Hishiro). Pick up the other stone on the ground towards the aircraft and repeat the operation.

The pilot falls asleep on the lever of the helicopter which takes off.
Use your cane on the helicopter to leave the island.


Solution for Chapter 6 (Epilogue)


Grandma is getting close to her goal. But it's not over yet...

*for Golden Cushion (rare) success: Sit on the bench: 18/22

Pick up the suspicious parachute on the ledge and go right to reach the Rooftop.

*for the Golden Cushion (rare) achievement: Lie down on the deckchair: 19/22

Jump off the roof through the only possible exit.
Head to the far left of the screen, past the automatic door of the Beach Umbrella Corp headquarters and into the construction site.

Pick up the radio on the fence and backtrack to the automatic doorway.
Enter to reach the reception area.

*for the Golden Cushion (rare) achievement: Sit on the leather sofa: 20/22

Give the radio to the security guard.
Retrieve the battery that bounced off the sofa and use it with your slingshot.
Use the slingshot on the clock above the security guard's head.
Search the pile of magazines on the sofa for a janitor's badge.
Get out and go back to the building site.
Show your badge to Paul the site manager who will let you pass and use the scaffolding as you wish.
Go to the bottom left to get the empty bucket.
Use the platform.
At the first stop, click on the green button on the box to GO UP.
Once on the top floor, move a little to the right and take the special fire key.
Click the red button on the box twice to go back down and exit the platform.
Go to the far right to the fire hydrant.
Use the special fire key on the hydrant, then the bucket on the water.
Use the key on the hydrant again to close it, go back to the platform, go inside and this time go up to the top floor with the window open.


Enter through the window.

*for the Grandma Vandal achievement: break the screen on the wall: 10/10

Search the green plant to discover a first piece of paper with a code.
Take the piece of paper.
Click on the picture of Kiki (the dog). The door to the toilet remains ajar.
This is an opportunity to place the bucket of water on top to play a joke on Lucette who is watching you.
Go back and click a second time on Kiki's board.
The bucket spills on Lucette and you have free rein!
Click a third and final time on the board to find a new piece of code.
Take it and enter the toilet.
Examine the strange brick on the wall behind the bathtub, just above the two candles.
You find the third and final piece of paper for the encrypted code.

Go back to the small cabinet with the lock.
Open your notebook to see the code pieces.
This is the last puzzle, but not necessarily the easiest to understand without a solution.

Here is the explanation of the code to open the 4 digit lock.

  • 1st code underlined: 1-4. This means that the 1st code of the lock is 4
  • 2nd code underlined: 2-9. This means that the 2nd padlock code is 9
  • 3rd code underlined: 3-4. Here it is a trap which does not mean that the 3rd code is 4, because it would be missing one. No, it's actually the series of the last 2 codes.

So we have the padlock code: 4-9-3-4
Enter this code on the padlock to retrieve two shotgun shells.
Open the door to the Major's office.
It's locked but the boss comes out and slams it shut, knocking the shotgun out.

Use the round on the shotgun and the shotgun on the door.
Enter the office.

*for the Golden Cushion (rare) achievement: Sit in the chair: 21/22
*for the Golden Cushion (rare) achievement: Sit on the couch: 22/22

Arm the rifle a second time with the last round and use the weapon on the chandelier.
This will trigger the ending cinematic.

End of the game!

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