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Walkthrough for Amnesia: The Bunker - Comprehensive Guide

Essential Tips for Success

Remember, the game does not provide an auto-save feature. To preserve your game progress, you must save it manually by engaging with the save lamp located in the save room. It is crucial to save your game frequently to prevent loss of progress upon dying.


  • It's important to keep the generator running consistently to avoid a significant increase in the game's difficulty level when it's inactive.
  • It's best to avoid making any unnecessary noise as it may draw the monster's attention.
  • Your inventory automatically categorizes codes, notes, and photos into different sections as soon as you pick them up.


Overcoming Barriers and Obstructions

Most wooden structures (like doors) can be demolished using several methods:

  • Toss a weighty brick at it twice
  • Propel a grenade towards it
  • Ignite an explosive barrel near it
  • Lure the monster to destroy it

Metal doors with keyholes can only be accessed using the matching key.

Padlocks can be obliterated using several methods:

  • Toss a heavy brick at it twice
  • Propel a grenade towards it
  • Ignite an explosive barrel near it
  • Discharge your weapon at it
  • Employ the chain cutters on it

To bypass ventilation grates, a wrench is required.

To break a chain, chain cutters are the only tool that works effectively.

Variability of Game Elements

Multiple aspects of the game vary with each playthrough. Here’s a summary of the randomized elements:

  • All four-digit codes for lockers and doors are randomly created and their placement may also vary
  • The distribution of most resources and items is randomized
  • The placement and type of traps are also randomized

The game also features two optional "key items," namely the lighter and the gas mask, which empower players with additional ways to tackle obstructions. On your first playthrough, the codes to the lockers holding these items will be in a fixed location, but for successive runs, they'll be found near a randomly placed corpse.

Progressing Through the Initial Sequences

To navigate through the first locked wooden door:

  • Pick up the brick near the door and hurl it at the door twice.

To navigate through the second locked wooden door:

  • Pick up the grenades lying near the door and employ one to blast open the door.

To navigate through the wooden blockade:

  • Method 1: Load your gun with a bullet and fire at the explosive barrel situated near the blockade.
  • Method 2: Hurl one of the previously found grenades at the blockade.

If you run out of your brick, grenades, or bullets, replacements should spawn where you initially discovered them.

Journey to the Admin Office

Upon awakening in the bunker, your primary objective is to reach the Admin Office, which serves as the main save room in the game.

Your first encounter will be with "the smoking soldier", positioned inside the kitchen near the officer's mess hall.

  1. Accept the firearm offered by him
  2. Locate the ammunition for your new weapon in the neighboring pantry

Make your way past the locked door situated in the hallway adjacent to the mess hall.

  1. Option 1: Use your firearm to blast the padlock
  2. Option 2: Hurl a brick at the padlock (bricks can be found near the smoking soldier's seat)

Proceed downstairs, unlock the door straight ahead, and step into the Admin Office.

Unearthing the Admin Office Door Code

To exit the Admin office, you will need to discover the 4-digit code that operates the door lock.

Navigate your way to the generator room, which is directly connected to the Admin office.

Inspect the dog tag of the deceased soldier found near the generator.

  1. Interact with the dog tag
  2. Turn the dog tag over to reveal the code inscribed on the reverse side

Apply the code to the keypad on the Admin office door to unlock it.

Unlocking the Sublevels

Using the Lockdown Wheel In the initial phase of the game, only the hub-level is accessible to you. To access other sublevels such as the Arsenal, Soldier Quarters, Prison, and Maintenance, you'll need to discover a second lockdown wheel to unlock the lockdown gates.

Locate the lockdown controls situated outside of the Mission Storage.

  1. Try turning the wheel and observe how it breaks

Find a method to gain entry into the Mission Storage.

  1. Option 1: Dislodge the unsteady grating to the right of the doors and crawl through the ventilation shaft
  2. Option 2: Shatter one of the wooden doors

Seek out the lockdown wheel.

  1. Examine the lockers at the farthest end of the Mission Storage room. You'll find a lockdown wheel inside a locker marked "Delisle". Now, you'll need to track down Delisle to obtain the locker's code.

Track down and enter Delisle's room.

  1. Delisle's room is identified on the map in the Admin Office
  2. Make your way into the room either via the vent in the adjacent Lounge or by breaking down the wooden door

Retrieve the code from Delisle's corpse.

  1. Check the dog tag near the body. Don't forget to flip it over to view the code inscribed on the back.

Extract the lockdown wheel from the locker.

  1. Return to the Mission Storage.
  2. Enter the code into Delisle's locker to unlock it.
  3. Retrieve the lockdown wheel.

Head back to the lockdown controls located outside of the Mission Storage.

Position the wheel in its place and turn it to unseal the gates to all of the sublevels.

Acquiring the Wrench

In order to gain access to the Warden's office in the prison, you'll need to procure a wrench. This tool can be found in a locker within the Mission Storage, labeled "F Stafford". Your task is to locate Foreman Stafford to obtain the code for this locker.

Foreman Stafford can be traced back to the Pillbox in the Maintenance sublevel. Here are the steps you need to follow to find him:

Make your way into the Maintenance sublevel.

Locate the workshop and navigate through "the rat tunnel".

Bypass the locked door that leads into the Pillbox.

  1. Option 1: Utilize a key.
    1. Head to the Chapel
    2. Find the priest in the confession booth
    3. Adjacent to the priest, you'll discover the key for the Pillbox door
    4. Return to the Pillbox and unlock the door using the key
  2. Option 2: Force your way in.
    1. Shatter the door that leads to the ammunition storage (located next to the Pillbox)
    2. Demolish the wooden barrier separating the ammunition storage from the Pillbox

Retrieve the code from Stafford.

  1. Investigate the dog tag near the body in the Pillbox. This code corresponds to the locker housing the wrench.

Return to the Mission Storage and unlock Stafford’s locker using the code found in the Pillbox.

Collect the wrench.

Acquiring the Chain Cutters

The chain cutters are stored in the cell occupied by the German prisoner. In order to secure the chain cutters, follow these steps:

Obtain the wrench (refer to previous step).

Unlock the grating leading to the Warden’s Office.

Ensure that the generator is operational to supply power to the cell doors.

Open the cell housing the German prisoner. Now, the commotion is likely to attract the monster. However, it's crucial to hurry to the cell and retrieve the chain cutters before the power cuts off and the cell doors close once more.

Securing the Detonator Handle

Once you possess the chain cutters (refer to the previous step), you can sever the chain securing the gate, leading to the water-filled storage area, which in turn grants access to "the Roman tunnels".

After cutting the chain, proceed into the water-filled storage area.

Drain the water:

  1. Activate the power switch situated deeper within the storage area.
  2. Start the pump located near the gate where you cut the chain. Remember, the pump requires both the generator to be running and the switch to be turned on.

When the water has been drained, navigate toward the far end of the storage area. Here, a metal box and a plank are obstructing your access to the tunnels:

  1. Remove the plank.
  2. Push the metal box aside.
  3. Proceed into the tunnels.

Initially, you'll encounter a small camp where you can save your game using a save lamp, similar to the one in the Admin office.

Continue into the Roman tunnels and deal with the sightless, deranged soldier lurking there:

  1. If you manage to eliminate him, you can procure his shotgun.
  2. If you're adept enough, you can sneak past him without resorting to violence.

Regardless of how you deal with the enemy, it's crucial to enter the room containing the detonator handle and seize it. You'll need to break down at least one door to gain access to the room with the handle.

  1. OPTIONAL: In the room with the detonator handle, there's a hidden passage leading out to a crater. Here, you can discover a dog tag (with a code) and a rabbit doll that can be deployed against the monster later on.

Once you've acquired the detonator handle, make your way back to the bunker:

  1. Push a couple of boxes (one small and one large) near the ledge where you previously descended. Use them as stepping stones to jump up and retrace your steps all the way back to the bunker.

Acquiring the Code for the Arsenal Door

To gain entry into the main part of the Arsenal, you will need to procure the code for the door. This code is transmitted via radio by one of the officers, hence, you need to reach the Communications Room within the Soldier Quarters. Here's what you need to do:

Enter the Soldier Quarters sublevel.

At the far end of the initial corridor, you will find the door to the Communications Room, which is locked with a key. Adjacent to this door is a sign marked "Security", pointing towards the right.

Locate and enter the Security Room:

  1. Follow the "Security" sign to find the Security Room.
  2. Break down the room's door.
  3. Open the key box inside and read the note it contains.
  4. The note will bear the signature of a person (this changes with every playthrough).

Find the key near the bed of the person who penned the note:

  1. Search the two barracks for the bed labeled with the name matching that on the note discovered in the Security Room.
  2. Optional: If you require help, the Clerk’s Office (first room of the sublevel) has a sketch showing which bed is assigned to which soldier.
  3. Once you've found the bed, search it. The key should be either on the bed or in the "postal box".

Use the key to unlock the Communications Room.

Upon entering the Communications Room, you'll find the radio lacks power. You now need to trace the power flow leading to the radio, as the power switches are daisy-chained.

Navigate to the Utility Room:

  1. Pass through Barracks B and into the corridor leading to the Mess Hall.
  2. Proceed to the Break Room.
  3. Shoot (or use a brick to break) the padlock securing the gate into the adjoining Utility Room.

Once you're in the Utility Room, flip the switch located on the wall to ON.

Return to the Communications Room and power on the radio:

  1. Make sure the generator is operational.
  2. Ensure the switch on the wall inside the Communications Room is activated.
  3. Press the button on the radio to hear the broadcasted code.

Obtaining the Dynamite in the Arsenal

The dynamite you need is located in the Arsenal. However, in order to gain access to this area, you first need to procure the code for the Arsenal door (refer to the step above). After obtaining the code, you can unlock the door that leads to the main part of the Arsenal. Next, navigate through the "labyrinth" and find your way into the Explosives Storage through the "back" entrance.

Destroying the Exit

Follow these steps to create a hole near the exit:

  • Place the dynamite into the wooden box located near the exit
  • Insert the detonator handle into the detonator
  • Interact with the detonator

This action will cause an explosion that opens up a hole in the ground, close to the exit. You will need to jump down into this hole to proceed.

The Ultimate Showdown

In the expansive final confrontation zone, you'll be pitted against the monster. You can conclude the game in one of two ways:

  • Dodge the monster while buying sufficient time to overcome the "wall" (achieved by pushing the adjacent crates) and reach the exit.
  • Lure the monster to plunge into the chasm below.

Here are a few tips:

  • The bridge layouts are produced randomly
  • Wooden bridges can be shattered either through explosive devices or by employing a shotgun

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