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Walkthrough for Lost Lands: Dark Overlord

Lost Lands: Dark Overlord - General Tips:

  • This guide will not mention each time you have to zoom into a location
  • We will use the acronym HOP for Hidden-object puzzles. Interactive items will be color-coded and some will be numbered; please follow the numbers in sequence.
  • The HOP lists may be random; our lists may vary from yours.
  • Use the map to check objective locations and fast travel to previously unlocked locations.
  • Select the journal for clues and story updates.
  • Select the scroll for your task list.

Lost Lands: Dark Overlord - Walkthrough:

  • Get the living stone: Give the life potion to the mountain spirit
  • Alchemist laboratory: Zoom table and place the recipe there
  • Dragon’s blood & also copper powder > Bowl
  • Snake scales in the mortar, use pestle and select it
  • Pearl in the mortar, use pestle and select it
  • Pestle on bowl, put there the living stone and also the lunar tears, use the pestle and get the antiphilosopher’s powder
  • Demon statue: antiphilosopher’s powder on demon

Chapter 1 – Tree Portal

  1. Take the Trowel
  2. Take the Knife
  3. Use the knife on the rope and get the Fishing rod
  4. Use the fishing rod in the holder and get the wooden disc
  5. Go forward
  6. Take another wooden disc
  7. Use the trowel on the dirt and get another wooden disc
  8. Remove the wood (tree) and place the 3 wooden discs in the slots
  9. Restore the drawing

Chapter 2 – Forest of Fireflies

  1. Select Jimmy
  2. Take the dried twig
  3. Take the dagger
  4. Use the dried twig on the birds to get an owl
  5. Go forward
  6. Get the door knocker with the owl
  7. Take the weight
  8. Back out
  9. Use the door knocker on the door
  10. Get into the tree
  11. Talk to Uri and get the map
  12. Take the oil and also the butterfly net
  13. Lift the rug and then take the red disc
  14. Read the recipe
  15. Take another weight
  16. Open the curtain > trigger a hop > play the hop
  17. Receive the head and go outside the tree
  18. Put the head on the door: There are 2 heads, select each one twice and enter
  19. Take another weight
  20. Back out (2 times)
  21. Put the 3 weights on the scale and then cross the bridge
  22. Select Timmy
  23. Take the Pondweed and go forward
  24. Finally select Timmy

Chapter 3 – Misty Swamp

  1. Talk to Uri
  2. Take the bark
  3. Select the flower, but use the dagger on the root and get the flower root
  4. Get the fireflies with the butterfly net
  5. Get the Lily with the dagger
  6. Select the box
  7. Puzzle solution: 3C, B, A, 4C, B, A, 4C, B, A, 3C, B, A, C, B, and finally A
  8. get another red disc and go to the forest
  9. Put the fireflies in the lantern
  10. Zoom debris and get the Hop, play the Hop and get the claw hammer
  11. Go to the swamp
  12. Use the claw hammer on the bolts to get an oar
  13. Use the oar on the cage to get an empty bottle and a page with a constellation
  14. Get the tree sap (dagger on empty bottle)
  15. Get the mushrooms with the dagger
  16. Examine the table (in Uri’s cottage)
  17. Put the pondweed, the bark, the mushrooms and the flower root in the bowl, then use the pestle
  18. Put the Lily in the holder, use the bowl and the tree sap there and get the enchanted lily
  19. Use the enchanted lily on the pad (swamp)
  20. Talk to the lake spirit
  21. Take the arrow with rope and place it on the crossbow to get the loaded crossbow
  22. Use the loaded crossbow on the gangplant and enter the ship
  23. take the red octagon and the brush
  24. Oil on the winch and select it
  25. Take the mechanism part (use dagger on the rope)
  26. Open the book and use the page with a constellation on it and open the correct cells acording to the paper
  27. get another red disc and go outside the tree
  28. Place the 3 red discs on the door, solve the puzzle and enter the passage
  29. Read the note and take the stick
  30. use the stick on the rock, but don’t forget to note the clue
  31. Use the brush on the moss (outside the ship) and note another clue
  32. Remove the cloth (captain’s cabin) and note another clue
  33. Take the purple octagon
  34. select the lock and put the mechanism part there
  35. Set the arrows acording to your clues (Longer – anchor, medium – ship, short – rudder)
  36. Open the shell to get the pearl
  37. Give the pearl to lake spirit (swamp) and go forward

Chapter 4 – Dwarven Caves

  1. Take the stool leg
  2. take the long plank (outside – water)
  3. Get the hop (zoom > cart), and play the hop to get a crystal
  4. Place the long plant on the gap
  5. Talk to Uri (upstairs)
  6. Take a Sapphire with the owl
  7. Get the Teddy bear and an Emerald, the tongs and the breadcrums
  8. Use breadcrumbs & butterfly net in water to get a fish
  9. Use the fish on the pelican (outside-water) to get a key
  10. Key in the lock, turn it and enter the cottage
  11. Take another stool leg
  12. Get the gold octagon with tongs
  13. Get the mosaic piece (dagger > pillow)
  14. Take the clock hand and get the clie
  15. Put the clock hand on clock and set it per the clue
  16. get the fish figurine and put it on the box
  17. Puzzle solution: all in the center, from biggest to smallest, once solved, take the bird figurine
  18. Put the 2 stool legs on the stool, and take it
  19. Place the stool on the floor (cottage)
  20. Take the picture and the stick
  21. place the stick in the hook, select it 3 times and get a boat hook
  22. place the mosaic piece on the mosaic (Uri’s Cottage) and solve the puzzle
  23. Zoom into the center to get a hop, play it and receive a crystal
  24. Put the picture on the wall (Captain’s cabin) and find the matches to get the deer figurine
  25. Go outside > put the 2 crystals in the slots > pull the lever to enter the library
  26. Take the coin
  27. Use the dagger on the map and take the fish figurine
  28. go to the top of the tree
  29. Pedestals: left – bird figurine, middle – fish figurine, right – deer figurine
  30. take the gake key and open the gate with it

Chapter 5 – Underground Lift

  1. Open the lid and take the statue head
  2. Select torch 3 times to get the Torch
  3. Go to underground descent and use the boat hook on the sack, then take the lever and the sack
  4. Put the lever in the slot, pull the two levers and get the tar
  5. Use the tar in the pot then the torch in it to get a torch
  6. Put the torch on the holder (underground descent) and zoom into the hoop, play it and get dynamite
  7. Take the spade and also an Emerald
  8. take the handle (underground lake) and go to the demon statue
  9. Remove the broken handle and use the handle there, but select it twice to get a Pick
  10. Use the spade on the rubble, select the tapestry and get the wooden cog
  11. take a sapphire (dagger on rope), then read the book
  12. Get out, use the pick on the wall and get a coin
  13. Go to underground lake, use dynamite & torch in the hole
  14. Put the wooden cog on the winch and go to the hanging bridges (right)
  15. Take the corkscrew and go to the ship
  16. Use the corkscreew on the cork and get the torn page
  17. use sack on the powder and get the gun powder
  18. put the torn page on the book and assemble the pages
  19. go to Hanging bridges, and put a coin in each base
  20. Place the statues acording to the clues in your journal
  21. Remove the cover and take the statue head
  22. Find the key
  23. zoom the alcove and get a hop, play it and get a sapphire
  24. Go to the lift and take: Broom, emerald and stone horn
  25. use key on padlock, remove it and get inside
  26. Use broom on cobwebs to get the diagram
  27. Go to underground lake and place the stone horn on the helmet to get a sapphire
  28. Take an emerald
  29. Put the 4 sapphires in the slots, and the the 4 emerands in the slots too
  30. select the runes (1 to 10)
  31. read the note and take the green octagon
  32. remove the cloth (Uri’s cottage) and put the red, purple, gold and green octagon in the slots
  33. Puzzle solution: Place the octagons in their matching slots
  34. get the solvent and also the continent figurine
  35. Go to captain’s cabin: Continent figurine on the globe, then take the cross shaped key
  36. In the library: Solvent on the stain and select the diagram
  37. In the bank at the cliffs use the cross shaped key on the lock and get the magnet
  38. GO to the cottage (water) and use the magnet to get the star medallion
  39. At the lift: Examine the pedestal and select the heads in order
  40. Go to the library and place the star medallion in the slot to get an orb
  41. Put the orb on the pedestal (underground lake shore
  42. Talk to the spirit and take the cog
  43. Lift: Put the cog on the panel and connect all the cogs, select the door and continue

Chapter 6 – Dark Lord’s Castle

  1. Take a bas relief piece
  2. Take the shovel and the coins
  3. use the shovel on the snow to get a hammer, then put the hammer in the statue’s hands
  4. Get the statue head
  5. send the owl and get the valve
  6. Use the zoom in the tent (once opened) and get a hop, play it and get the Oven Mitt
  7. Caves: Put the 3 statue heads and restore the statues
  8. Take the mosaic pieces
  9. Demon statue: Place the mosaic pieces on the mosaic and complete the image
  10. read the note & take the buttons
  11. Outside the castle: Put the diagram and also the buttons on the door and solve the puzzle
  12. get the key (select anywhere)
  13. Take the bas relief piece with the owl
  14. get the sword with the oven mitt
  15. take the fire symbol, open the curtain and get into the corridors
  16. Get a bas relief piece (push in both swords)
  17. Use the key (lock)
  18. Select the symbol and get a clue
  19. Dirigible (exit): sword on the ice, take the object in ice and select the clue
  20. corridors: Examine the door and solve the puzzle (duplicate the position acording to your journal
  21. Upstairs: Talk to the alchemist
  22. Dagger on cheese to get a piece of cheese
  23. Take the symbol (move the hide)
  24. Open the door, zoom in and get a hop, play it and get the pincers
  25. Put the object you found in the ice on the fire, use the pincers and get the statuette
  26. Place the statuette on the bedpost, take the pieces and read the note
  27. Put the piece of cheese on the hole and get the rat
  28. Place the pieces on the mosaic and solve the puzzle by switching the pieces
  29. Take the propeller blade and another symbol
  30. viewing point: Take the coal and the blanck piece of paper
  31. Dirigible (exit): Rat on the leopard
  32. Take the air symbol and the valve
  33. Remove top propeller and put the propeller blade there, then select the airship
  34. Assemble the burner, place the items (outlines)
  35. Take the symbol and the cups
  36. Corridors: Place the symbols in their corresponding slots
  37. Zoom (alcove), assemble the castle and take the earth symbol
  38. Lift: Black piece of paper and coal on the board, then take the dining set diagram
  39. Captain’s cabin: Put the cups and dining set diagram on shelves and solve the puzzle (arrange the cups)
  40. Take the book and go to the library
  41. Put the book on the shelf and complete the image
  42. Take the water symbol and go to Viewing point
  43. Use the telescope
  44. Put the fire, air, earth and water symbols in their slots, then take the needle and select the diagram (clue)
  45. Put the 2 valves on the stems, but rotate to set the gauges (clue)
  46. Gauges solution: left – 20:40, middle – 12:00, right – 14:10
  47. Dirigible (exit): needle on the hole > select airship > turn the valve > select airship

Chapter 7 – Alchemist’s Tower

  1. Use the owl and get the ramrod
  2. Take the cannon ball and the mallet
  3. Mallet on wheel to take it, also take the rune
  4. Place gunpowder, cannon ball and ramrod in the cannon
  5. Wheel on the axle and use the mallet there
  6. Push the cannon twice
  7. Read the note, take the rune and the bas relief piece
  8. Staircase: take the bas relief piece and the rune
  9. Viewing point: 3 runes in their corresponding slots
  10. Connect the pipes
  11. Turn the dragon heads (facing the owl) and get the glass owl
  12. Path to the castle. Glass owl on the pillar
  13. Select the runes (clue)
  14. Tower hall: Examine the door & select the correct runes
  15. Talk to the alchemist and take bas relief piece, rails and flask
  16. Read the recipe and zoom the alcove to get a hop, play it and get the dried night shade berries
  17. Underground descent: remove the cover and place the rails on the chest, then solve the puzzle
  18. Take the bas relief piece and also the circle segment
  19. Tower hall: Circle segment on the look, then line up the pieces
  20. Greenhouse: Use owl and get sun figurine
  21. Observatory: Put the sun figurine in the middle and take the tablet piece
  22. Dwarf’s room: Put the tablet piece on the tablet
  23. Fleurs de lis in order
  24. Taje the bas relief piece and also the glove
  25. Greenhouse: get the trowel (move the leaves)
  26. Trowel on the dirt, also use the glove and get the mandrake root
  27. Take the key and go to the alchemist laboratory
  28. Key on the look, then take the recipe, the dropper and also the pyramid
  29. Observatory: Put the pyramid on the pedestal, drag the planets to their locations and take the crown
  30. Tower hall: crown on the statue
  31. Indoor patio: Take the lens and the 7 rosebuds
  32. Flask on water to get a flask of water
  33. take the pearl (move the oyster and use the dagger), the mosaic piece and also the bas relief piece
  34. Zoom (gazebo) to get a hop, play it and get the scale dish
  35. greenhouse: dropper in the plant to get a pitcher plant nectar
  36. Dagger on the vines and mosaic piece on the disk, then arrange the discs to solve the puzzle
  37. Take the bas relief piece and also the flute
  38. Flute on the snake, then get the copper powder and also the snake scales
  39. Observatory: Scale dish on the scale, then coins on the scale
  40. Move four coins from left to right scale and place the lens on top
  41. Flask of water on the beam to get lunar tears
  42. Throne room: 10 bas relief pieces on the bas relief to get dragon’s blood
  43. Alchemist’s laboratory: Take the aconite and zoom (mantle)
  44. Dried nightshade berries in the beaker
  45. Mandrake root on the board, use the dagger and select it
  46. 7 rosebuds and also aconite in the mortar, then select the pestle
  47. Pitcher plant nectar in the beaker, then select the mortar
  48. Take the life potion and go to the underground lake shore

Chapter 8 – Magic Potions

  1. Get the living stone: Give the life potion to the mountain spirit
  2. Alchemist laboratory: Zoom table and place the recipe there
  3. Dragon’s blood & also copper powder > Bowl
  4. Snake scales in the mortar, use pestle and select it
  5. Pearl in the mortar, use pestle and select it
  6. Pestle on bowl, put there the living stone and also the lunar tears, use the pestle and get the antiphilosopher’s powder
  7. Demon statue: antiphilosopher’s powder on demon

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