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Stars - 30

Rating by FearlessAdventurer posted on May 2, 2024 | edit | delete


Old school point & click adventure with a decent amount of amusing scenes and absurd solutions. But very short, it feels more like an prologue. Took me under 5 hours, without the sidequests (which are mostly not overly interesting fetch-quests) it should be even beatable in around 3 hours.
I might check out the sequel, if it ever comes out (the first episode is from 2021), but it doesn’t have high priority.

Should have played it on PC, though. The controls via gamepad are okay but not very smooth. Also, add an option for changing the subtitles language goddamn! I’m forced to look at the mediocre German texts all the time while I’d prefer the original texts…

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Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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