Samorost 2

Find yourself in a surreal, exotic and sometimes funny world as you help the little gnome in the funny white suit rescue his faithful dog kidnapped by aliens.

Shareware game. First chapter available as online Flash adventure, with complete version available for purchase.

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What our readers think of Samorost 2

Posted by thorn969 on Apr 30, 2017

Pretty... far too short

So... yes... this game is like Machinarium. But much shorter and more simple. Almost all the puzzles are just pixel hunts, because essentially all you need to do is hit the few hotspots in the right order. I got trapped in one level and had to... Read the review »

Posted by Antrax on Jan 2, 2014

Only if you love Machinarium

There's a genre of games, led by Machinarium, where the interface is frustratingly simple, mindless repetition and pixel hunting are considered legitimate challenge and complete lack of guidance is excused by pretty visuals. If you're into that,... Read the review »

Game Information

Platform Mac, PC, Linux
Perspective Third-Person
Control Point-and-click
Gameplay Quest
Genre Science Fiction
Theme Supernatural
Graphic Style Illustrated realism
Presentation 2D or 2.5D
Action (Compulsory) Timed events
Red Flags -
Media Internet download

Product Details

System Requirements
Windows 98/2000/XP
800MHz processor