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Samorost 2 now available as shareware

Amanita Design, the Czech developers of the online Flash games (and Adventure Gamers cult favourites) Samorost and Quest for the Rest, are back at it with their latest release, Samorost 2.

Unlike the earlier games, Samorost 2 is a commercial endeavour, offering only the first chapter for free. To unlock the second chapter and receive the entire game as a 24 MB download, you can order it from the website for $9.90 (U.S.). The download is available for both PC and Macs.

Samorost 2 sees our familiar hooded protagonist once again roaming imaginative foreign worlds and solving unique puzzles. This time, his mission is to rescue his dog, who has been captured by aliens. Set to enchanting music and using an intuitive point & click interface, the Samorost titles are extremely accessible to even novice gamers, and the games provide a refreshing change of pace from typical adventure fare.

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