A Vampyre Story

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A Vampyre Story tells the tale of a beautiful gifted opera singer Mona De Lafitte, whose life is brought to an abrupt end by a vampire baron named Shrowdy Von Kiefer. Henceforth, she is doomed to a miserable existence as a creature of the night in Von Kiefer's gloomy castle in Draxsylvania. Confronted with her seemingly hopeless fate, she decides to run away and try to fulfil her dream of singing at the Paris Opera. Accompanied by her mischievous bat Froderick, Mona must face a number of challenges in her odyssey and learn not only to accept her vampire nature, but also to use the abilities she has acquired to her advantage.


A Vampyre Story review

Things are looking up for comic adventure fans, as Autumn Moon delivers a solid (though flawed) debut with the promise of more to come.


2008 Aggie Awards

The best of the best adventures from 2008 have all been recognized, as the inaugural three-day Aggie Awards event is now complete.

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Bill Tiller - A Vampyre Story interview

Insight and incisors abound, as the acclaimed LucasArts veteran tells us why his hot new vampire adventure won't suck.

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A Vampyre Story first look archived preview

Autumn Moon's long awaited comic adventure was on display at GC, and Marek stuck his neck out to grab an early look.

Wolfgang Kierdorf of Bad Brain interview

We pick the brains of Bad Brain's CEO in this world's first interview. He talks to us about A Vampyre Story, I-Jet and The Orgastic Four.

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3 Dec
A Vampyre Story wings its way onto store shelves
Autumn Moon's long-awaited comic adventure now available
19 Nov
A Vampyre Story bursts out of GamersGate
Early release of comic adventure offered exclusively at download portal
17 Nov
A Vampyre Story serves up first taste in playable demo
Sampler for highly-anticipated comic adventure now available for download
31 Oct
A Vampyre Story serves up new trailer treat
Cinematic Halloween teaser released as full game nears completion
23 Aug
Trailer caravan rolls out of Games Convention in Leipzig
A Vampyre Story, Culpa Innata II, Alter Ego videos now available
19 Jun
A Vampyre Story sinks teeth into North America
TAC to publish Autumn Moon's comic adventure this October
21 Sep
Bite-sized video served up for A Vampyre Story
Cinematic teaser from GC 2007 is now available
21 Aug
Official website for A Vampyre Story launches
Gamers can sink their teeth into the revamped site
22 Feb
A Vampyre Story comes into Focus
Publisher announced for UK, France, and Benelux countries
7 Jul
Publisher revealed for A Vampyre Story
Crimson Cow announced as worldwide publisher
30 Jun
A Vampyre Story resurrected
Comic adventure finds a new worldwide publisher
17 Aug
Vampyre Story development continues
Recent update shows new screenshots, some nibbles on the publisher front, and more
9 Apr
Bad Brain, Autumn Moon part company
New publisher sought for A Vampyre Story
1 Apr
New Vampyre Story character revealed
Exclusive first look at the "the Wolfwoman"


A Vampyre Story

Aug 31, 2012

A Vampyre Story

Aug 31, 2012

Game Information
Platform PC
Perspective Third-Person
Control Point-and-click
Gameplay Quest
Genre Comedy, Fantasy
Theme -
Graphic Style Comic cartoon
Presentation -
Action (Compulsory) -
Red Flags -
Media CD, DVD, Internet download

Product Details

System Requirements
Minimum requirements

Windows XP / Windows Vista
1.6 GHz CPU
512 MB RAM
256 MB video card GeForce FX-generation or ATI Radeon 9500 DirectX 9.0 compatible
DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card (also onboard)
3 GB hard disk space


Windows XP / Windows Vista
512 MB RAM
512 MB video card GeForce 6 or ATI Radeon 9800 DirectX 9.0 compatible
DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card (also onboard)
5 GB hard disk space

United Kingdom November 1 2008 Ascaron
United States November 1 2008 The Adventure Company
Digital November 19 2008 Crimson Cow

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