The Low Road review

This comic point-and-click 1970s spy adventure oozes style and hits plenty of high points you won't see coming along the way.

PC Mac Aug 18, 2017

Four Last Things review

Joe Richardson's collage-based absurdist Renaissance adventure is funny, clever and – we must confess – a thoroughly guilty pleasure.

PC Aug 16, 2017

Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth: Book One – From the Ashes review

Daedalic's impressive adaptation of the epic historical novel goes from strength to strength, raising anticipation for the two parts remaining.

PC Mac PS Xbox Aug 14, 2017

RiME review

Blending exploration, puzzle-solving and light action, this island excursion proves that platforming adventures are far from washed up.

PC PS Xbox Switch Aug 11, 2017

Lydia review

This surreal, hard-hitting interactive story about childhood trauma is light on gameplay but as emotionally dark as you can probably bear.

PC Mac Aug 9, 2017

Tacoma review

Though its gameplay is largely weightless, Fullbright's new character-driven sci-fi adventure is a compelling tale set far from home.

PC Mac Linux Xbox Aug 7, 2017

Empathy: Path of Whispers review

This surreal 3D adventure may start to feel repetitive, but is worth seeing through for its relatable characters and thought-provoking story.

PC Aug 4, 2017


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Earthworms - Steam trailer

Aug 19, 2017

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier announcement trailer

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Aug 18, 2017


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A post-apocalyptic adventure from the creators of STASIS.


Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

A three-part prequel to the popular paranormal teen drama.
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Telling Lies

An all-new narrative game that expands upon the unique format of Her Story.


The Poisoned Pawn: A Tex Murphy Adventure


The Journey Down: Chapter Three



A dark urban fantasy by Dave Gilbert, creator of the Blackwell series.


State of Mind


The Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follett’s)

A Daedalic adventure based on Ken Follett's Kingsbridge novel of the same name.


Detroit: Become Human

A new game from the developers of Heavy Rain.


Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony


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Latest Adventure News
19 Aug
Earthworms inching towards fall release

First details dug up for hand-painted surrealist sci-fi adventure coming in November.

18 Aug
Planet of the Apes aims to conquer videogame frontier

Cinematic narrative-driven movie tie-in announced for PC and consoles.

18 Aug
Get to know Unknown Fate better in new trailer

Surreal first-person 3D adventure due on PC, consoles and VR later this year.

17 Aug
Epitasis needs final Kickstarter push to continue development

Demo available for independent 3D sci-fi exploration puzzle game for PC and consoles.

17 Aug
Please Knock on My Door to arrive next month

New trailer heralds September 7th release of experimental depression-themed adventure.

17 Aug
Technobabylon plugged into iOS

Sci-fi adventure from James Dearden and Wadjet Eye available now on the App Store.


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Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two: Episode 2 – Giant Consequences

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August 15 2017 Digital


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August 15 2017 Digital


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