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Divine Intervention in gaming: A Divine Guide To Puzzle Solving

The independent gaming scene is welcoming a new addition to its ranks with the release of A Divine Guide To Puzzle Solving by Nementic Games. This small indie studio has made a strong debut with its first title, receiving over 50 reviews and a "very positive" rating on Steam within just a few days.

A Divine Guide To Puzzle Solving is a first-person puzzle adventure, drawing style comparisons to popular titles such as Portal and The Talos Principle. Players embark on a mystical journey, taking on the role of a mere mortal selected by the enigmatic puzzle deity Tobla. As a divine puzzle tester, players will face a series of logical challenges designed by Tobla. The Swap Beam, a unique ability that allows players to swap the positions of objects in the game world, is the key to conquering these trials.

The narrative is intriguing, with hints of humor and mystery. The studio shares a quote from the game: "*How many mortals does it take to populate Mars? Trick question: They are all dead before it could even happen.*—The Mighty Tobla." This oddball deity sets the tone for what players can expect from the game. If players can successfully navigate through Tobla's trials, they might find a way back home.

Despite being a self-published title with a modest budget, A Divine Guide To Puzzle Solving has already made waves in the gaming community. It's a testament to the creativity and innovation found in indie game development. For those interested in checking out this divine puzzler, it's available now on Steam.

WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD A Divine Guide To Puzzle Solving

A Divine Guide To Puzzle Solving is available at:

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