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Just Ignore Them - Steam Giveaway contest

Win one of the 25 free Steam keys for the retro-styled, story-driven horror adventure.

Read contest Jun 30, 2017

2018 Aggie Awards – Readers’ Choice poll

What do snobby critics know anyway?! Time to put your ballot where your mouth is to decide the people's prize winners once again.

Read more Feb 11, 2019

2018 Aggie Award Nominees

With awards season in full swing, find out which finalists will compete for this year's Aggies – this time with video!

Read more Feb 8, 2019

An FMV Christmas 2018: Season’s Greetings

Do you see what we see? It's more than 25 top developers personally wishing the adventure community a very happy holidays on film.

Read more Dec 24, 2018

The Lion’s Song review

There’s little gameplay of note, but this beautiful four-part historical drama provides an intriguing look beneath the surface of pre-WWI Vienna.

Read the review » Oct 9, 2018

Adventure Gamers is hiring! announcement

It's time to expand to meet the needs of an ever-growing genre community. Find out how YOU (where "you" means everyone) can help!

Read announcement Aug 17, 2018

Summer Gaming Giveaway! contest

To celebrate the #SummerGaming Sale over at GOG, we're giving away 50 free copies of great adventure games!

Read contest Jun 15, 2018

The Sinking City with Frogwares’ Sergey Oganesyan preview

A hands-on first look plus a chat with the developer opens up with a flood of new details about the upcoming Lovecraftian action-adventure.

Read preview May 4, 2018

Following Freeware: February/March 2018 releases

From mountain peaks to coral caves, we've identified the best new indie adventures of the past two months.

Read more Apr 30, 2018

Following Freeware: December 2017/January 2018 releases

Cheapskates rejoice! It's two months' worth of top free indie adventures anxiously awaiting word to get out.

Read more Feb 27, 2018

The Aggie Awards - The Best Adventure Games of 2017

FINAL DAY: Our three-day event draws to a close, but not before handing out some silverware and the year’s top awards!

Read more Feb 21, 2018

2017 Aggie Awards – Readers’ Choice poll

The voting booth is open! Make your voice heard for the top adventure games of the past calendar year.

Read more Feb 12, 2018

2017 Aggie Award Nominees

The Aggies are nearly upon us! Find out which games survived the first cut and made the final round of five.

Read more Feb 9, 2018

Please support Adventure Gamers on Patreon! announcement

AG launches its own crowdfunding initiative, so find out how you can be involved, and get great benefits to boot!

Read announcement Feb 5, 2018

Following Freeware: November 2017 releases

In the spirit of giving, we offer up a light but intense to-do list of top indie adventures for when the weather drops below zero.

Read more Dec 28, 2017

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