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Stories of 19th century Russian nuns might not seem like the most natural fit for a videogame, but the story of an expelled nun in an alternate 19th century Russia looks to be far more compelling, as we'll find out in a couple years in Odd-Meter's INDIKA.



In 2018, Charm Games took players to a unique fantasy world somewhere between the real one and the afterlife. Next the indie Canadian developer is going back to the well but in a much darker and different location in the upcoming Trial by Teng – A Twilight Path Adventure.



ZAAM might sound like an action bubble in a Batman comic, but really it's the title of a newly released psychological horror game by indie developer Alon Zubin.



It's a big leap from unicorns, hidden treasure and leprechauns to outer space, extraterrestrials and computer hacking, but that's exactly what indie developer Stand Off Software has in mind for Sir Typhil, the star of three previous fantasy games who will find himself a lot farther from home in the upcoming Alien Function.



Indiana who? Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. won't be the only mid-20th-century, fedora-wearing rogue-ish adventurer in video games for much longer, as indie developer Iskonsko Studio will be introducing one of their own next year in their debut release Trouble Hunter Chronicles: The Stolen Creed.



Although the Soviet Union dissolved nearly three decades ago, its influence lives on through new works of art and entertainment. Continuing in the well-mined vein of post-collapse grimness is the upcoming first-person horror-adventure Last Days of Lazarus, currently in production by one-man developer Darkania Works, aka George Remus, writer and artist for 2018’s Gray Dawn.



The coming-of-age story is one of the world’s most recognizable themes, though most take on a much different form than the upcoming Sable, by London-based Shedworks, in which the eponymous protagonist must undergo her “gliding,” a rite of passage similar to a vision quest, using her hoverbike for transport across the planet’s desert landscapes.



Where once there was bustling activity, now there is only silence. No, we're not talking about our once-thriving city streets during this unprecedented period of stay-at-home isolation, but rather the scenic locale in Lapso, an upcoming exploratory adventure from Tenerife-based indie developer islaOliva Games.



Most sci-fi adventure games are about mankind trying to learn more about alien worlds in order to survive. Indie developer Tom Kaleta's upcoming EBE, however, is about an alien lifeform who's trying to learn more about us, though survival is still an ongoing concern.



School can be a horror story even without any otherworldly presence, but all the more so when one is haunted by supernatural entities, as is the case in indie Polish developer Artur Łączkowski's upcoming Death of Rose. 



Most hotels aren't seeing much business of late, but the same can't be said of Hotel Sowls, the namesake setting of indie two-man developer Studio Sott's surreal black-and-white mystery adventure. 



Say this about Leisure Suit Larry: he sure is persistent. No amount of rejections, snubs, or lonely lights will keep him from pursuing a life of love (or at least lust). Not even a sudden leap forward into the modern world was able to slow him down, as everyone's favourite sex-starved loveable loser is returning this fall in Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twice.



Establishing contact with an alien race and saving the world is child's play when compared to the real challenges of teenagers: surviving high school. We can now be reminded of that fact in rather amusing terms in indie developer Space Indie Studios' newly released point-and-click sci-fi adventure, Sol 705.



In 2018, indie German developer Manuel Schenk brought us the quirky little comic adventure Nelson and the Magic Cauldron. Now Schenk hopes to bring Nelson back for brand new adventure, subtitled The Journey, though once again he's going to need a little Kickstarter magic to make it happen.



Most adventure games rely on brains over brawn, but indie French developer Ernestine's newly released isometric puzzler An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF will require a whole lot of both: you supply the intelligence, and the titular hero will provide the muscle. 

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