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In 2018, indie German developer Manuel Schenk brought us the quirky little comic adventure Nelson and the Magic Cauldron. Now Schenk hopes to bring Nelson back for brand new adventure, subtitled The Journey, though once again he's going to need a little Kickstarter magic to make it happen.



Most adventure games rely on brains over brawn, but indie French developer Ernestine's newly released isometric puzzler An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF will require a whole lot of both: you supply the intelligence, and the titular hero will provide the muscle. 



The older one gets, the more one is inclined to look back at a lifetime of experiences – both the good times and the bad, with all the baggage that entails. Such an inward reflection will be getting a very outward expression in indie two-man German developer Third Shift's upcoming narrative-driven adventure, Forever Ago. 



Nancy Drew has more than thirty adventure games to her credit and Carol Reed fifteen, but Marcella Moon seems determined to make up ground in a hurry. Just a few short months after the amateur sleuth's first case in Secret on the Hill, the young journalist will be off to solve another crime in Saboteurs on the River. 



Sci-fi nerds, rejoice! Retro-styled adventure game fans, too, as the forces of both are strong in indie developer Tibba Games' upcoming Stellar Mess.



Many sci-fi adventures point to machines as the inevitable downfall of humanity. But in indie developer Sea Monster Media's upcoming sci-fi comic adventure Dexter Stardust, one lone robot may just might hold the secret to our survival – with a little help from a most unlikely human hero, that is. 



There's something inherently scary about the dark, but in horror games there are more figurative types of darkness that can be just as frightening, if not more so. You'll need to deal with both kinds of terrors in the newly released debut installment of indie developer Lexip Games' Dark Room trilogy.



It seems there's a common belief that the surest sign of intelligent life on other planets is whether they leave us a treasure trove of puzzles to solve once we get there. Fortunately for adventure fans, this is true once again in indie developer Antler Interactive's newly released Krystopia: Nova's Journey.



Stranga Games has previously graced us with two self-funded adventures, Just Ignore Them and My Big Sister, but the solo indie developer's next game is going to take a little financial help to become reality.



Shooting wild creatures is a common staple in videogames, but a much more peaceful kind of shooting is required in indie developer Banana Bird Studios's upcoming "magic wildlife photography game" called Beasts of Maravilla Island, which is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. 



Normally you'd think of churches as places of sanctuary (well, pre-pandemic, anyway), but the opposite will be true in indie developer Audvyr Studio's upcoming thriller, The Fold: Ingression.



Adventure games take players to many exotic locations around the world, but few have seen us visit the Republic of Indonesia. We'll soon have that chance, however, with the upcoming arrival of Mojiken Studio's A Space for the Unbound.



Most INSIDE-style adventures send players on a journey across strange and disturbing environments, but rarely venture do they too far from the surface. Not so with Indonesian developer Khayalan Arts' upcoming SAMUDRA, which is setting its sights much deeper than that. 



A few different games of late have starred foxes as protagonists, but only one is of the humanoid-shaped, nine-tailed variety: SMS Technologies' upcoming third-person puzzle adventure, Pastel: Blind Karma.



Successfully getting through an adventure game often involves thinking outside the box. Not so in OGUREC APPS' MechCube: Escape, a point-and-click sci-fi adventure in which you must literally think inside the box. 

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