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We get lots of old Victorian mansions and other haunted houses in horror games, but there are many cultures with their own legends and superstitions that are far less regularly explored. One new game taking players to a much different but no less terrifying environment is Ikai, a first-person thriller coming to PC next year.



What happens after you die? Is there an afterlife? Perhaps even a plane of existence somewhere between life and death? These are some of the thought-provoking questions being explored in Aza Game Studio's upcoming psychological horror adventure, Deep Rest. 



When you find yourself lost in a surreal world filled with puzzles, the only way out is to keep moving forward. At least, that's very much the case with the suitably titled Ever Forward, an upcoming 3D platforming adventure from Pathea Games, creators of the acclaimed sandbox RPG My Time at Portia.  



It may well be that the only thing to fear is fear itself...but where horror games are concerned, sometimes those fears are really, really scary! That's what indie developer Savage Howl is counting on for their upcoming release of A letter to you!, which is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. 



The relative dearth of Nancy Drew games of late has left a void for plucky amateur detective adventures. Almost ready to step into that role next is Marcella Moon, the headline star of solo developer Renee Hyde's upcoming Secret on the Hill. 



Conjoined twins are siblings physically connected to each other but having their own idenities and personalities. But what if a set of twins were so conjoined that they each shared half of the exact same body? Sound implausible? Not so, says indie developer Fractalcatz Games, who have recently released the debut installment of their three-part psychological mystery adventure, Related.



The Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson we've come to know and love are distinguished middle-aged gentlemen with years of experience under their belts. But how did such an impressive legacy begin? Next year we'll get a glimpse of part of that answer, as Frogwares today unveiled a prequel adventure in their long-running series, called Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. 



The mystery of the lost colony on Roanoke Island has endured for over 430 years, but it may take just one more to finally discover what happened in indie developer Madcraft Studios' upcoming point-and-click adventure, Crowalt: Traces of the Lost Colony.



Now more than ever, escapist fantasies are a common coping mechanism for the everyday doldrums and nagging anxieties we experience. But what if we actually got our wish and left everything and everyone we knew behind for a life of stress-free relaxation, but found that this fresh start didn't turn out to be all that we imagined it would be? This is the premise of The Life of Frederick Sommer, a short first-person adventure due out early next year from New Zealand-based developer Zakary Kinnaird and his studio The Appreciative Minimalist. 



Comics and movies tend to paint superheroes in a rather glorified light, with epic battles against the forces of nefarious villains. Even their personal conflicts tend to be spectacular! But behind the scenes, surely superheroes experience the same everyday hassles and frustrations as the rest of us, and it's these particular kinds of issues you'll need to help them navigate in the recently released Sudd City Adventures. 



What would you get if you blended a satirical exploration of Lovecraft-style Eldritch Horror lore with a Firewatch-style adventure? Well, the result would probably be a lot like the newly released first-person mystery, Old Gods Rising.



At their current rates, a civilian ticket to outer space starts at a quarter million dollars and rises rapidly from there. Or you could just fork over a mere $20 (or more) to support the Kickstarter campaign for Infinitum: The Discovery to make it all the way to another world next year, albeit only virtually.



The early 3D days of the original PlayStation console are long gone but clearly not forgotten, as evidenced by the recent release of indie developer Snot Bubbles Productions' highly unusual new adventure, Boreal Tales.



The changes in store for the world’s climate, both now and in the decades and centuries to come, will present unique and very real problems for future generations to deal with. Dublin-based indie studio Rewrite Games is is looking to tap into this increasingly relatable theme with their upcoming puzzle-adventure, Ourea.



The words "lost civilization filled with esoteric technology" probably bring Myst and its ilk immediately to mind, but solo indie developer Kirill Poletaev's newly released Phantom Path takes that concept in a much different direction. 

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