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Latest Adventure Games News page 1.9

October 2018


The fear of artificial intelligence is that someday machines will be able to control humans, but at least for a while longer we still have the ability to take over our machines. And we'll need to just that in No Code's upcoming sci-fi thriller Observation, as the fate of an orbiting space station hangs in the balance and it'll be up to a disembodied A.I. to resolve the problem remotely – with a little hands-on help from the player, of course. 



Kickstarter may not be the financial bonanza it once promised to be, but it's still a boon for indie developers like Dystopia Interactive, whose surreal first-person mystery 103 recently received enough crowdfunding support to continue towards its year-end launch target. 



The word “poltergeist” probably brings to mind TV static, diminutive psychics, and secret suburban burial sites. What it probably doesn’t bring to mind is an absurdist point-and-click fantasy adventure. But set aside what you think you know about ghost stories, as the latter is exactly what we’re getting in Stand Off Software’s newly-released Poltergeist Treasure.



Dreams can be beautiful, fascinating, baffling, even disturbing – sometimes all at once. You can now experience one such dream firsthand (without even being asleep) in Nayuta Studio's newly-released Cineris Somnia.



Normally a well-oiled machine developing creaks is a sign of wear and tear, but context matters when the machine is Amanita Design and the Creaks in question refer to the name of their next adventure. 



Harvester of Dreams has been a long time coming. Starting out as German indie Christian Waadt's personal project a decade ago, it has been in active development since 2012. Episode 1, now on Steam Early Access, introduces the point-and-click steampunk adventure promising puzzles, some action sequences, and a mix of dream and reality.  



Indie developer Greg Lobanov believes in the healing power of song. In fact, that is the very premise behind his newly-released musical side-scrolling adventure Wandersong.



Not every tale needs to be epic. Some of the best works of fiction have come from short stories rather than full-length works, and the tighter, more focused narrative works to their advantage. Indie developer Viperante is hoping the same is true of its aptly-named Short Story Series, which is set to debut later this month.



Ironically for a franchise named Nick Bounty, the "comedic spoof on classic film noir detective movies" hasn't been bountiful at all so far, as indie developer Pinhead Games released the first two series installments absolutely free. Now the titular detective is back for an all-new case, but this time it's going to cost us. 



Last year Charm Games gave us FORM, an abstract virtual reality puzzler set largely in a world of darkness filled with mechanical devices. For their next act, the indie developer has turned on the lights for more a more fantastical adventure, the newly-released Twilight Path. 

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