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Amanita Design developing Creaks

Normally a well-oiled machine developing creaks is a sign of wear and tear, but context matters when the machine is Amanita Design and the Creaks in question refer to the name of their next adventure. 

Amanita is keeping the "surreal" story behind Creaks secret for now, but then plot has never really been the primary focus of the acclaimed indie Czech developer behind modern classics like Samorost, Machinarium and Botanicula. What we do know, however, is that Creaks represents the studio's first departure from a point-and-click control scheme, so get ready for a little keyboard and gameplay manipulation this time around. Rest assured, however, that Amanita has confirmed to Adventure Gamers that the gameplay is still "very much" puzzle-based. 

One look at the first screenshots and trailer are proof that the new game will once again feature the gorgeous graphics we've come to expect – the sketch-style artwork, somewhat muted palette, and more technologically-oriented nature of the settings seen so far most closely resembing Machinarium. And once more, the action will be accompanied by an impressive instrumental score, here supplied by Scottish composer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Acheson, aka Hidden Orchestra. 

While neither specific platforms nor launch date have yet been revealed, Creaks will be appearing on PC and consoles sometime in 2019. 

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