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Sol705 campaign

Poltergeist Treasure discovered on Windows and Linux

The word “poltergeist” probably brings to mind TV static, diminutive psychics, and secret suburban burial sites. What it probably doesn’t bring to mind is an absurdist point-and-click fantasy adventure. But set aside what you think you know about ghost stories, as the latter is exactly what we’re getting in Stand Off Software’s newly-released Poltergeist Treasure.

Poltergeist Treasure stars the “brave knight” Sir Typhil of Creulor, who is on a quest to “bring a unicorn to the castle and be crowned king” when he becomes “trapped in a haunted forest by a malevolent ghost.” In order to escape, he’ll now need to do some traditional puzzle-solving and some not-so-traditional top-down stealth maneuvering past the obstacles in his path.

If the premise for the larger adventure sounds familiar, that’s because Poltergeist Treasure is set in the same universe as the developer’s previous release, Unicorn Dungeon. The new game shares the same 3D art style and traditional point-and-click sensibilities (except for the stealth parts), in which players will explore the “magical land of Artovya” while talking to various characters, picking up everything that isn’t nailed down, and trying it on everything even if it is nailed down. Despite its shared setting, however, this is meant to be a standalone story that doesn’t require familiarity with its predecessor to enjoy.

Stealthily (there’s that word again) launched for Windows and Linux, Poltergeist Treasure can be downloaded on Steam, itch.io and Game Jolt.

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