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Wandersong finds way onto Windows, Mac and Switch

Indie developer Greg Lobanov believes in the healing power of song. In fact, that is the very premise behind his newly-released musical side-scrolling adventure Wandersong.

The game puts players in control of a common bard, traveling the world and singing to earn his daily bread. However, the little musician’s story takes a turn when he runs afoul of the goddess Eva, who, eons ago, used the power of song to put the universe into motion, and is now about to sing a brand new song that will wipe out all life in existence and begin the universe anew. In order to stop this from happening, our bard must embark on a music-filled quest to find the pieces of the wondrous Earthsong, said to have the power to preserve the planet.

Wandersong’s art style is a very distinct, colorful one resembling cardboard-cutout figures and backgrounds, making it a good match for the humorous, light-hearted tone the game seems to be going for. Gameplay is based around the bard’s ability to sing at different levels of pitch, visually represented on-screen by a multi-colored wheel, with each section of the wheel corresponding to a different note. Manipulating the bard’s singing lets the player magically guide the movement of objects during some platforming challenges, help keep him safe against a howling windstorm, and even fend off enemies in a kind of musical rhythm minigame, among some of the obstacles he’ll face.

You can download Wandersong now for Windows, Mac and Nintendo Switch, or visit the official website to learn more about the game.

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