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Cineris Somnia awakens on PC

Dreams can be beautiful, fascinating, baffling, even disturbing – sometimes all at once. You can now experience one such dream firsthand (without even being asleep) in Nayuta Studio's newly-released Cineris Somnia.

While plot details are scarce, Cineris Somnia puts players in the role of a young woman having a picnic with her mother and younger sister on the seashore. After waking from a nap, however, she finds herself alone on the beach. Looking around, "all that remain are her sister’s yellow bucket and the sand castle they had just made together." Now, "blinded by the dazzling sunlight, the young girl takes her first step on a strange, mysterious journey" that promises to incorporate a variety of locations and characters, including the mature, sanitorium-bound Charlotte; the active Marie, who "whimsically runs around the dark depths of the forest, wearing her pajamas and a cape;" and the lonely, self-loathing Ophelia. And then there's "the Tall Man", a mysterious figure with "black clothes, blue hair, and golden eyes." 

Cineris Somnia is a 3D adventure featuring a distinctive Japanese art style and promising "a beautifully strange and mesmerizing world" to explore. Players will be able to move about freely, using a map to help orient themselves, following the "many hints" that will indicate "what to check and where to go." An in-game guidance feature can reveal "your current destination or purpose at any given time," though you are encouraged to take your time as "you may even make some new and interesting discoveries by stopping at different places along the way." An autosave will record your progress, though it is also – rather ominously – recommended to save often in between.

If you're up for a surreal journey into the unknown, the opportunity is already upon you, as Cineris Somnia is now available on Steam for Windows PC.

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