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April 2011



Fourth episode now available for download on PC and Mac

It's time again for Back to the Future, as Telltale today released the fourth episode of the series, Double Visions, for PC and Mac.

After their exploits in 1930s Hill Valley, Doc and Marty have returned to 1986, but it's a much different version than the one they left. In fact, Doc himself is much different than his original self, now imposing law and order under totalitarian rule as First Citizen Brown, along with his domineering wife. Having finally gained an audience with Doc at the end of episode three in order to convince him of his altered reality, now Marty must fight to escape an imposed recruitment into the "Citizen Plus" program and reclaim the town and timeline from those who would oppose a return to normal.

As has been the case with each episode to date, Double Visions is currently available only as part of a full Back to the Future season purchase directly from Telltale or at other participating digital distributors.



First episode of raunchy detective series now out for PC and Mac

If you're a fan of the lewd, crude, and rude but don't own an iPhone, take heart because Telltale Games has brought the first episode of Straandlooper’s comedic adventure series, Hector: Badge of Carnage, to PC and Mac today.

Originally released for iPhone and iPod Touch last year, the series centers on bumbling bobby Hector's attempts at booze-fueled policing in the city of Clapper's Wreake, the most crime-ridden hole in all of Great Britain. The first episode, We Negotiate with Terrorists, pits the sodden protagonist against a terrorist who refuses to release his hostages until a list of altruistic demands are met. When Hector is the only cop able to talk with him, it falls on his rounded shoulders to clean up the town as the terrorist asks or risk the lives of his fellow officers.

The new release is not simply a port of the iPhone original, as the game now features enhanced graphics and new hint and save-game systems. This enhanced version of We Negotiate with Terrorists is available today for download on PC and Mac from Telltale’s website for $9.99, and is expected soon on iPad at the App Store.

The next two episodes, Senseless Acts of Justice and Beyond Reasonable Doom, are scheduled for release later this year. If you're unsure whether to book this series or let it off with a warning, you can check out our review of the game’s original iPhone release.



Samorost-styled lite puzzler and playable demo now available

Adventures are coming in all shapes and sizes these days. The same week we get The Next BIG Thing, we're also treated to Colibri Games' The Tiny Bang Story, now available through select digital distributors.

A combination of Samorost-style puzzling and casual item collection, this wordless Russian adventure tells the tale of a planet broken literally into pieces after being hit by an asteroid. Over the course of five chapters, players must explore its colourful remaining locations for the scattered planetary puzzles pieces, along with tools and parts to sove the many puzzling obstacles encountered along the way.

While retail versions of the game are expected soon, for now The Tiny Bang Story is available only through portals such as The Adventure Shop, Steam and GamersGate. If you'd like to try before you buy, an 85 MB demo is available for download from the developer's website.

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Latest title from Runaway developer now available for PC

Fans of madcap adventures will be thrilled to know that The Next BIG Thing, the new game from Runaway developer Pendulo Studios, is now available both in retail stores and through digital distribution.

Set in an off-kilter version of classic Hollywood, The Next BIG Thing explores a world where man and monster rub shoulders and share time on the silver screen. The game casts players as reluctant partners Dan Murray and Liz Allaire, journalists who soon discover the less glamorous side of Tinseltown as they begin to investigate an office break-in of lizard-skinned movie mogul William FitzRandolph.

The game takes inspiration from Pendulo's 1997 Spanish release of Hollywood Monsters and carries on the developer's tradition of hand-drawn animation, snappy dialogue, and light-hearted adventure. For our take on the results , check out our review of the game.

If this world of monsters and movies sounds like it deserves time in your spotlight, you don't have to wait. The PC version of The Next BIG Thing is out today on European retail shelves and worldwide through online distributors such The Adventure Shop. The Mac version is due out later this year.

Note: Adventure Gamers is an Adventure Shop affiliate



New episodic series now in production for release later this year

Telltale Games continues to snap up new properties, and this time it comes with an ocean view, as the studio has recently announced a partnership with NBCUniversal to create a Law & Order: LA adventure series.

It's been a long time since gamers last got to split time between the streets and the courtroom for some Law & Order-style justice. Unlike Legacy Interactive's earlier games, however, Telltale's series isn't based on the long-running New York-based television program, but the first-year show set in Los Angeles, starring Alfred Molina as Detective Ricardo Morales and Terrence Howard as Deputy District Attorney Joe Dekker.

According to a blog post on Telltale, Law & Order: LA will be episodic and is due to launch sometime later this year. An official website has been established already, though there is no additional information available at this point.



Highly-anticipated genre-blending sequel welcomes you back, for science

As she threatened over the end titles of the original, the maniacal software known as GlaDOS is very much still alive and prepared to roll out a whole slew of new brain-bending puzzles in today's release of Portal 2.

While not a traditional adventure game, puzzle fans enjoyed the original Portal’s reliance on spatial intelligence and strategic use of strange devices over twitchy fingers and wired reflexes to escape the danger-laden maze that is GlaDOS's home, Aperture Science. This latest venture once again sees involuntary subject Chell thrust into the testing facility, though both the facility and the tools at Chell's disposal have gone through some changes. While she still sports the portal gun that rips holes in space and gives the franchise its name, she will also make use of a variety of gels, beams, and other bizarre tech as she navigates the inner sanctum of Aperture Science's laboratory, which is now overrun by environmental hazards and turrets gone amok.

Chell is also equipped with new footwear called the “Longfall Boot” that prevents her from falling on her face as she jumps from precarious ledge to shifting platform in an attempt to make it back to the world outside. Video-based evidence of this technology in action is the spotlight of this latest trailer, featuring the voice of J.K. Simmons, one of the many well-known actors lending his talents to the game.

Along with a more robust single-player campaign, Portal 2 introduces co-operative play into the series as players can buddy up online as a pair of slapstick robots, ATLAS and P-Body, engaging in their own run through Aperture’s deadly test chambers. Whether alone or with friends, if four-dimensional thinking, sardonic wit, and the masochistic tendencies of errant programs sound good, you can pick up the game today for PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.



New trailer, website unveiled for launch of gritty PS3 exclusive

PlayStation 3 gamers get a double dose of adventure today. Along with today's release of Portal 2, Lexis Numérique's Red Johnson's Chronicles is also launching today on the PlayStation Network.

The new game from the developers of In Memoriam/MISSING and Experience112/The Experiment casts players in the titular role of Red Johnson, a private eye in Metropolis City, the "capital of crime". The most hated man in town has been killed, so the murderer could be anybody. In weeding down the suspects, players must "explore, analyze, interrogate and solve puzzles in order to find out the truth and solve the case". And when push comes to shove, perhaps do a little butt-kicking, too.

The new trailer demonstrates Red's winning ways with some of the game's colourful characters, like Sonia the "unstylish redheaded escort"; Raoul, a "violent drunk who pretends to be king of the bums"; and a "black plague" mobster named Carlos. The video also shows off several of the game's seedy environments, both sepia-toned and in black-and-white, highlighting the means to interact with Red's surroundings.

Exclusive to the PlayStation 3 for now, Red Johnson's Chronicles is available today for PlayStation Plus subscribers for $6.50, and will be available to all PlayStation Network members on May 3rd for $12.99.

For more information about Red Johnson's Chronicles, check out our recent preview of the game and pop over to the official website.



Playable sampler heralds the upcoming release of Pendulo's comic adventure

It's not quite as big as it's gonna get, but for fans anticipating The Next BIG Thing, today's demo release of Pendulo's comic adventure is the next BEST thing.

The Next BIG Thing is set in a 1940s-era Hollywood filled with monsters, but MKO Pictures is planning to get out of the horror business, leaving journalists Liz Allaire and Dan Murray to answer such questions as what would happen if the monsters were "now forced to play in kids' movies, romantic comedies or even musicals? And what would happen if, at the end, they decided to rebel?"

The demo kicks off right at the start of the game, with Liz seeking entrance to the office of William FitzRandolph after spotting a monster breaking in only a few moments earlier. It won't be an easy task, however, as she'll first need to overcome a hungry venus flytrap, watchful guardian robots, and Dan's utter disdain and complete lack of cooperation. Weighing in at just under 800 MB, the demo can be downloaded directly from the game's official website.

The final version of The Next BIG Thing is due next week.



Enhanced sequel offers new graphics and multi-platform save utility

After making the rounds on various iOS devices late last year, the remastered version of Revolution’s classic Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror has come home to the PC market.

Originally released fourteen years ago, the game continues the story of lawyer-turned-adventurer George Stobbart and investigative reporter Nico Collard, the heroes from the original Broken Sword. This time, the duo are trekking through the Central American jungles when they run afoul of a villainous drug cartel and the possible resurrection of an ancient Mayan god.

The remastered version of the game boasts enhanced graphics and animation, as well as an interactive digital comic by acclaimed illustrator Dave Gibbons. It also features a Dropbox-based save utility that allows you to recall your saved game file from any device on which you've installed the game.

Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror – Remastered is currently limited in distribution to places such as DotEmu and Gamersgate, but with its remastered predecessor widely available, the sequel could hit more outlets in the future.



Video shows first live glimpse of of Konami's Nintendo 3DS puzzler

It may be in plain ol' 2D, but Konami has released the first teaser for its upcoming Nintendo 3DS puzzler Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights.

Set in the 19th century, Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights stars the titular archaeologist who seeks "living treasures" in the mazelike Paris underground. Along with his assistant Sophie, Lautrec is now after relics once belonging to Louis the XIV, but to find them he'll have to utilize "maps, instinct, and his razor-sharp mind" to overcome the many puzzling obstacles in his path.

The trailer highlights the game's bright, cartoony art style and introduces the key characters in the story, including the two protagonists and the mysterious Knights of the Iron Mask, though we're still waiting for a first glimpse of how the game will capitalize on the platform's unique 3D possibilities.

There is no firm launch date set for the game yet, but Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights is currently targeting a summer release.



First episode free for two weeks on the PlayStation Network

Fans of light-hearted adventure games will get a special treat this spring as Relentless Software is offering the first episode of its family-friendly mystery series Blue Toad Murder Files for free on the PlayStation Network.

The six-part series casts players as an investigator attempting to solve a variety of crimes in the small English village of Little Riddle. The first episode, Little Riddle's Deadly Dilemma, kicks off the series with the murder of the local mayor and has players continue from there, interviewing witnesses and solving puzzles that yield useful clues until they have enough information to finger a suspect. The game supports up to four players in co-operative play and can be played using the standard controller or the new Move peripheral.

The first episode will be free in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand from April 13th to the 27th and in North America from April 19th to May 3rd. If you enjoy your time in Little Riddle, you can pick up the remaining five episodes for £7.19 or $9.99.

We reviewed Blue Toad Murder Files in episode 1-3 and 4-6 installments last year, but now you can draw your own conclusions without risk.



Downloadable and North American boxed versions available today; UK to follow soon

Normally it's not healthy to spend days on end looking into a mirror, but it's okay if it's Black Mirror III. And now you can, as the game has been released for download today, while the boxed version has also begun shipping in North America.

Darren Michaels, the protagonist of the previous game, returns in the third and final installment of the dark mystery series, but his back is against the wall from the start this time, as he's arrested on suspicion of arson and murder. Once released on bail posted by an anonymous benefactor, he not only needs to find evidence to clear himself from blame, he must also investigate the tragic history of the Gordon family curse in an effort to put an end to it once and for all.

Subtitled Final Fear in North America, Black Mirror III is in stock now at retailers for $19.99, while downloads are also available from participating portals like The Adventure Shop (where it's currently being bundled with Black Mirror II at no extra cost). The UK version, subtitled The Final Chapter, is due to begin shipping on April 22nd.

Adventure Gamers' review of Black Mirror III will be posted soon, but in the meantime, be sure to check out our recent /articles/view/18535]hands-on preview.

Note: Adventure Gamers is an Adventure Shop affiliate.



Iceberg set to release Future Games’ dark thriller next month

The latest Future Games thriller may be past news for North American gamers, but Iceberg Interactive has now signed a deal to bring the murder mystery Alter Ego to UK shelves and beyond next month.

Developed by the folks behind the original Black Mirror, Alter Ego centers around the disappearance of accused murderer Sir William Lewis after his death in the late 19th century, followed by a series of gruesome murders. The game casts players as two wildly-different protagonists: petty thief Timothy Moor and Detective Sergeant Briscol, newly arrived in the English town of Plymouth on his first assignment.

Alter Ego saw its North American release last summer, but this will be the first time gamers in the UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia will have to chance to pick up a boxed copy of the game. Australia and New Zealand are also part of the deal, along with Greece, Benelux, and several unnamed territories.

We reviewed Alter Ego when it came out last year and found it to be an engaging puzzle-light game. If you're a gamer in the UK or down under who has been waiting to get your hands on a hard copy of the game, you can do so when it comes out May 20th.



Premium and Collector's Edition full-season bundles now available at retailers

Flotsam Island, Jerkbait Islands... Britain? Tales of Monkey Island has sure taken a roundabout route in its sea travels, but Telltale's five-episode season has at last made its way to UK shores with today's release from Lace Mamba Global.

Originally released in downloadable, episodic form in 2009, Tales of Monkey Island represented the surprising revival of a beloved LucasArts franchise long written off as dead. The series sees the welcome return of bumbling pirate Guybrush Threepwood, his longsuffering wife Elaine, and the sometimes-dead pirate LeChuck, along with numerous other familiar faces. This time around, Guybrush unwittingly unleashes the voodoo pox of LeChuck on all pirates in the area, and to reverse the curse, he needs to track down a fabled sea sponge. Shouldn't be too hard, except for that cutthroat pirate-hunter on his trail, a diabolical French physician, a giant hungry manatee, and some serious legal troubles.

The UK release of Tales of Monkey Island comes in two versions. The Premium Edition includes a few extra goodies like concept art and wallpapers, while the Collector's Edition comes in a snazzy "genuine pirates' treasure chest" box and includes a cloth map of the Gulf of Melange, a voodoo card, a drink coaster from Club 41 (one of the locations in the game), a piece of eight (non-redeemable), and a Trial of the Century badge. Naturally, the extras cost more, as this version is retailing for £20 more than its Premium counterpart.

If you've missed out on the Tales of Monkey Island so far, now's your chance to find out why it earned our coveted Aggie Award as the Best Adventure of 2009.

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