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The Next BIG Thing releases right on cue

Fans of madcap adventures will be thrilled to know that The Next BIG Thing, the new game from Runaway developer Pendulo Studios, is now available both in retail stores and through digital distribution.

Set in an off-kilter version of classic Hollywood, The Next BIG Thing explores a world where man and monster rub shoulders and share time on the silver screen. The game casts players as reluctant partners Dan Murray and Liz Allaire, journalists who soon discover the less glamorous side of Tinseltown as they begin to investigate an office break-in of lizard-skinned movie mogul William FitzRandolph.

The game takes inspiration from Pendulo's 1997 Spanish release of Hollywood Monsters and carries on the developer's tradition of hand-drawn animation, snappy dialogue, and light-hearted adventure. For our take on the results , check out our review of the game.

If this world of monsters and movies sounds like it deserves time in your spotlight, you don't have to wait. The PC version of The Next BIG Thing is out today on European retail shelves and worldwide through online distributors such The Adventure Shop. The Mac version is due out later this year.

Note: Adventure Gamers is an Adventure Shop affiliate

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It’s a shame that the download versions all seem to be £30 when the DVD is available for less than half that price!

Apr 21, 2011
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