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December 2010



Debut episode now available for download on PC and Mac

Back to the Future is finally here. Or back again... or returning from the past, or something like that. (Hard to keep these time continuum references straight.) Either way, we can all agree that It's About Time! Which just so happens to be the name of the debut episode released today from Telltale.

The new five-part series reunites gamers with Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and the time-travelling DeLorean made famous in the movie trilogy of the late '80s. In this opening episode, set six months after the events of the final film, the DeLorean mysteriously reappears in Hill Valley, and "Marty must go back in time and recruit aid from a resistant teenage Emmett Brown, or else the space-time continuum will be forever unraveled." Great Scott!

It's About Time is currently available for PC and Mac only as part of a full-season purchase from Telltale's website. The game will also be coming to the PlayStation Network and iPad early in the new year.



Shadows of the Vashta Nerada now available for free download in UK for PC and Mac

Dr. Seuss' characters aren't the only Christmas Whos on display this year, as the BBC has just announced the early UK release of Shadows of the Vashta Nerada, the fourth and final downloadable episode of the first season of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games.

Shadows of the Vashta Nerada picks up immediately after the cliffhanger ending of Episode 3, as the Doctor and Amy "materialise just south of London (and about a 1000 miles to the left) inside an aquatic sea-bed colony called Poseidon". With the episode taking place entirely underwater, the pair face their most terrifying foe yet, in the form of a 50-foot alien shark.

Originally slated for a Christmas day release, the new episode is available now for both PC and Mac free of charge from for UK residents. The rest of the world will need to keep waiting until its commercial release on Direct2Drive for a cost of $4.95. While no specific date has been confirmed, the delay isn't expected to be as long as it was for the first three episodes.

For more details about the series, or to download the game for those in the UK, head on over to the official website.



Lace Mamba Global to release Collector's Edition DVD

Ever wondered where Monkey Island is exactly? It'll soon be in the UK and other parts of Europe, as Lace Mamba Global today announced plans to release a DVD "Collector's Edition" of Tales of Monkey Island in March.

The celebrated five-part episodic adventure from Telltale marked the welcome (and long overdue) resurrection of the acclaimed Monkey Island franchise, reuniting gamers with the lovable-but-hopelessly-inept Guybrush Threepwood, his long-suffering wife Elaine, and the sometimes-undead pirate LeChuck. This time around, Guybrush mistakenly unleashes a pox that afflicts all pirates, and now he's got to begin a seafaring adventure (both above and below water level) to find the one artifact that can reverse it.

While no details were yet announced about the extras included in the Collector's Edition, the publisher is promising "great Monkey Island memorabilia items", along with the full season of episodes on disc. Tales of Monkey Island is currently scheduled for release on March 25, 2011 in the UK and various other European territories, along with New Zealand and Australia.



New video unveiled for upcoming son-of-Satan horror game

It can't be a good omen when your birthday is 6/6/66. And if your name is Luci-something, you don't stand a chance. Today Lace Mamba Global released a teaser that explores those two unfortunate circumstances in its upcoming horror game Lucius.

It all started so well, as Lucius was raised from a babe in a luxurious home by his wealthy parents, further spoiled by servants, a family butcher, and a private tutor. But on the eve of his sixth birthday, Lucious learns in a dream of his real father: the Devil. Now it's up to the boy to become an earthly agent of evil, and "equipped with supernatural powers, Lucius starts off to a blood-flooding tour of horror through his house, using hell's powers of telekinesis and mind control to orchestrate deadly accidents that will minimize the population of the manor one by one by one..."

The stylish black-and-white teaser shows none of the grisly events that await, but rather takes us back to that first night of innocence, the night of Lucius' birth. Little did they know then what they will a mere six years later.

Lucius is currently scheduled for release in the UK next June.



Classic series ported to iOS platforms today; Broken Sword later joins the party

There's plenty of diverse adventure today for iDevice gamers, as Cyan World's Riven has launched for iPhone and iPod Touch, while Telltale's first episode of Tales of Monkey Island is now available for iPad.

Riven, the acclaimed sequel to Myst, sends players back to the world of magical linking books, this time to help rescue Atrus' wife Catherine from the clutches of his maniacal father Gehn. With a host of challenging puzzles organically integrated into its stunning environments, Riven is still widely considered to be a masterpiece of game design more than a decade after its launch. Originally released on five CDs, the iOS port has been condensed considerably, but the iPhone/iPod Touch version still weighs in at a staggering 1 GB. You can find Riven at the App Store for $5.99.

If you prefer your adventures with a little more comedy and lot less puzzling, you may be more interested in today's release of Launch of the Screaming Narwhal for the iPad. In the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island, hapless hero Guybrush Threepwood unwittingly (is there any other way?) releases the pox of LeChuck on the pirate population, and must now seek out a mystical sponge to undo the curse. First he'll need to get off Flotsam Island, where the wind mysteriously always blows inward, preventing any ship from escaping. This episode retails for $6.99, and is available now from iTunes.


It's triple the iOS pleasure today, as it turns out, as The 7th Guest has also been released today. Trilobyte's classic puzzler, originally released in 1993, sends players into the mansion of Henry Stauf, a master toymaker and designer of ingenious puzzles. The house has long stood abandoned, ever since six guests disappeared in a night of horror. Now it's your turn to try to survive Stauf's madhouse of horror, solving brainteasers and watching FMV flashbacks of that fateful night along the way. The 7th Guest is selling for $2.99 for both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.

Update #2:

It's feast or famine! Joining the parade of classic adventure ports is Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror - Remastered. As reported last week, this updated version of Revolution's 1997 original includes enhancements such as fully animated facial expressions, improved graphics and music, a context-sensitive hint system, and a diary, along with a digital comic from cartoonist Dave Gibbons and "Dropbox integration" that allows for cross-platform saved games. Available for both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad, the game is retailing now at the App Store for $6.99.



Trial console sampler now available in UK and other parts of Europe

If you like kicking back on the couch with your adventures, you may finally be able to take Jane Jensen's Gray Matter for an Xbox 360 trial, as a demo for Jane Jensen's highly-anticipated adventure has been released in Europe.

A report from Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson announced that the demo is available for download today in Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France and United Kingdom. North American console gamers will have to keep waiting (possibly for a long time, given the game's complete lack of North American publishing agreement for any platform), but if you somehow missed it the first time around, an English demo for PC was released a few weeks back at the official website.

The Xbox 360 release of Gray Matter, as well as the UK release of the PC version, is currently scheduled for release on February 25th.



Solomon's Secret on track for first quarter 2011

It'll soon be time for a little more spelunking, so Iceberg Interactive has just released the first trailer for the upcoming Adam's Venture: Episode 2 - Solomon's Secret.

Picking up after the events of The Search for the Lost Garden, the second installment finds Adam and his girlfriend Evelyn in 1920s Jerusalem, where they soon become caught up in a search for the ancient lost treasure of King Solomon.

As with the first episode, Solomon's Secret is built using the Unreal 3 engine, offering players the ability to freely roam the cavernous environments. You'll need it, too, as Adam must run, jump, climb, and crouch his way through the many environmental obstacles, along with using his wits to solve the cryptic puzzles in his path.

Adam's Venture: Episode 2 - Solomon's Secret is currently scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2011. For more details about the game and its production, check out the the official website in the meantime.



Iceberg Interactive now shipping Tomb of Zojir to retailers

It's better late than never for horror fans in the UK, as Iceberg Interactive announced today that Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of Zojir is now shipping to retailers in anticipation of its December 17th launch date.

Originally released independently by WRF Studios in July of last year, Tomb of Zojir is the lastest installment of the long-running horror series. This time around, players arrive at the Isle of the Dead, where legend tells of a great treasure awaiting in the temple of Emperor Zojir. But the stories also speak of ghosts and other undead creatures haunting the island, ready to feed on unsuspecting visitors, so you'll need to "use your experience in the dark arts and science to uncover the true origin of the last half of darkness."

For more details about Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of Zojir, be sure to check out our review of the game and pop over to the official website.



Upgraded version coming to Apple iDevices soon; PC and Mac versions to follow

If at first you do succeed... why not keep it going? Following the successful update of Broken Sword: Director's Cut across a variety of platforms, Revolution is back at it with the announcement of Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror - Remastered.

According to a web post by Charles Cecil, the upgraded version of the 1997 original will include such features as "fully animated facial expressions, enhanced graphics throughout, high quality music as well as a context-sensitive hint system, and diary." The game will also come with a digital comic from acclaimed cartoonist Dave Gibbons, and include "Dropbox integration" that allows for cross-platform saved games. The latter could be important, as the game will be launching on the Apple iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch at first, but will be coming to PC and Mac early next year as well.

The Smoking Mirror continues the popular story of George Stobbart and Nico Collard. This time around, Nico finds herself caught in the clutches of a drug cartel, and George must resume his globetrotting adventures to free her. Unfortunately, the deadliest challenge of all awaits them in the jungles of Central Africa, as the prophesied return of an ancient Mayan god, Tezcatlipoca, may just prove to be the end of all mankind.

No specific release details have yet been announced for the iDevice launch of The Smoking Mirror, but it's expected to be available soon.



Five-episode series coming to PS3 on December 21st

For all the people that weren't cool or attractive enough to play Strong Bad's episodic adventure series on PC or Wii, soon you'll have another chance, as Telltale has announced its plans to release Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People for PlayStation 3 and Mac.

The five-episode season of SBCG4AP first debuted in 2008, introducing the wisecracking Strong Bad and the rest of the gang from the popular web cartoon. In his surly travels to spread his awesomeness, the diminutive boxing glove- and wrestling mask-wearing anti-hero must contend with such things as a battle of the bands, forming his own nation, and zapping in and out of 8-bit arcade games from the ultra-incredible Videlectrix, not to mention the smothering advances (cough) of the lovely Marzipan.

SBCG4AP is set to launch on the PlayStation Network on December 21, following shortly after in Europe. A Mac version of the series will also be available soon, though no specific date has yet been announced. For more information about the series, check out Telltale's official website or see where it all began at Homestar Runner.



New trailer accompanies details of boxed version coming to UK

If you've been going a little crazy waiting for release details about Edna & Harvey: The Breakout, there's good news today, as Lace Mamba Global has released some details about the boxed version of the upcoming comic adventure.

Edna is a teenaged girl locked away in a mental institution, but she insists she's perfectly sane, and her talking stuffed rabbit Harvey backs this claim all the way. With no memory of her past but a rebellious spirit and an overwhelming desire to learn the truth, Edna plots a new attempt to escape. But to do that, she'll need to outsmart the diverse collection of whackos in the asylum with her, not to mention the dim-witted guards and the evil Doctor Marcel himself.

The boxed version of Edna & Harvey: The Breakout will be packaged in the UK as a special "Collector's Edition" that comes with the soundtrack on a music CD and an A2 artwork poster, priced at £19.99. Better yet, the release date has been pushed up a month, now targeting January 21st, 2011 as its anticipated launch date.



Video offers first live glimpse at upcoming sci-fi mystery

It's been a long trip, but Prominence is finally nearing its destination, and today marks the first live glimpse of the upcoming sci-fi mystery in a new trailer.

In Prominence, the Letarri have launched a mission to colonize a distant planet, but something has gone terribly wrong. You'll awaken aboard a hi-tech facility of some kind, alone and unsure what has happened or even who you are. Only by exploring can you piece together "an evolving mystery that is revealed by physical clues, audio recordings, data archives, and a damaged central computer system in need of repairs."

The video offers a first-hand look at the facility, highlighting the panoramic, first-person presentation that will carry you through the adventure. Where you go and what you do will have an impact on the outcome as well, as Prominence promises a branching storyline and multiple endings.

Following several years in development, Prominence is now on course for a release some time in 2011. For more details in the meantime, beam on over to the official website.



First in-game footage on display; release schedule revealed in new video

If the in-game footage displayed in the new Back to the Future trailer is any indication, it looks like we'll be in for quite a ride – literally.

With the season launch mere weeks away, Telltale has at last pulled the curtain off its newest episodic series, offering a first-hand look (and listen) at Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and even Huey Lewis. Picking up a few months after the third movie left off, Marty learns that Doc is in trouble and only he can save him, with a little help from the time-travelling DeLorean.

Titles and details about the five-part season schedule are also revealed in this video. The first episode, entitled It's About Time, will release some time in December while the next three launch monthly beginning in February, with an as-yet-unscheduled finale to follow.

For full details about Back to the Future, charge on over to the official website, though be careful not to hit 88mph on the way.



Challenging puzzle-adventure now available for both PC and Mac

When it comes to RHEM, it takes a long time to make much progress, even for the game itself. After a few months, however, Knut Müller’s RHEM 4: The Golden Fragments has now found its way to North American retailers.

Previously released throughout Europe, the North American release of RHEM 4 is being published by WHA 2 Entertainment, a new company founded by Howard Horowitz, the man behind the now-defunct Got Game Entertainment. In this fourth installment, players return to the sprawling mechanical world of RHEM to solve another slew of challenging puzzles in a previously unexplored area, this time in search of four golden fragments that may just lead the way to escape.

The North American retail version of RHEM 4 is selling for the budget price of $19.99 USD. For full details about the game, check out our recent review and head over to the official website, where demos for both PC and Mac are available to download.

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