Remastered Broken Sword: Smoking Mirror closer than it appears

Upgraded version coming to Apple iDevices soon; PC and Mac versions to follow

If at first you do succeed... why not keep it going? Following the successful update of Broken Sword: Director's Cut across a variety of platforms, Revolution is back at it with the announcement of Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror - Remastered.

According to a web post by Charles Cecil, the upgraded version of the 1997 original will include such features as "fully animated facial expressions, enhanced graphics throughout, high quality music as well as a context-sensitive hint system, and diary." The game will also come with a digital comic from acclaimed cartoonist Dave Gibbons, and include "Dropbox integration" that allows for cross-platform saved games. The latter could be important, as the game will be launching on the Apple iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch at first, but will be coming to PC and Mac early next year as well.

The Smoking Mirror continues the popular story of George Stobbart and Nico Collard. This time around, Nico finds herself caught in the clutches of a drug cartel, and George must resume his globetrotting adventures to free her. Unfortunately, the deadliest challenge of all awaits them in the jungles of Central Africa, as the prophesied return of an ancient Mayan god, Tezcatlipoca, may just prove to be the end of all mankind.

No specific release details have yet been announced for the iDevice launch of The Smoking Mirror, but it's expected to be available soon.

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