Strong Bad muscles in on PlayStation Network and Macs

Five-episode series coming to PS3 on December 21st

For all the people that weren't cool or attractive enough to play Strong Bad's episodic adventure series on PC or Wii, soon you'll have another chance, as Telltale has announced its plans to release Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People for PlayStation 3 and Mac.

The five-episode season of SBCG4AP first debuted in 2008, introducing the wisecracking Strong Bad and the rest of the gang from the popular web cartoon. In his surly travels to spread his awesomeness, the diminutive boxing glove- and wrestling mask-wearing anti-hero must contend with such things as a battle of the bands, forming his own nation, and zapping in and out of 8-bit arcade games from the ultra-incredible Videlectrix, not to mention the smothering advances (cough) of the lovely Marzipan.

SBCG4AP is set to launch on the PlayStation Network on December 21, following shortly after in Europe. A Mac version of the series will also be available soon, though no specific date has yet been announced. For more information about the series, check out Telltale's official website or see where it all began at Homestar Runner.

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