RHEM 4 unlocks way into North America

When it comes to RHEM, it takes a long time to make much progress, even for the game itself. After a few months, however, Knut Müller’s RHEM 4: The Golden Fragments has now found its way to North American retailers.

Previously released throughout Europe, the North American release of RHEM 4 is being published by WHA 2 Entertainment, a new company founded by Howard Horowitz, the man behind the now-defunct Got Game Entertainment. In this fourth installment, players return to the sprawling mechanical world of RHEM to solve another slew of challenging puzzles in a previously unexplored area, this time in search of four golden fragments that may just lead the way to escape.

The North American retail version of RHEM 4 is selling for the budget price of $19.99 USD. For full details about the game, check out our recent review and head over to the official website, where demos for both PC and Mac are available to download.

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